Christian Testimony - May 2016

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 God does operate miracles!!  

Older Christian single standing with his arm around a smiling woman

Terry and his wife celebrate their 1st anniversary this May!!

I met my wife on in 2014. We are celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary this May. Thank you!

Terry-manofgod243 {Ontario} May 2016

 Having been on this site a few times as a member had been unsuccessful.  

Rianne and Graham, the happy couple

Beautiful woman in dress sneaks a hug from a man in a suit

A very happy woman with curly hair

Rianne beaming with joy

Graham looking sharp!

Handsome man in cowboy hat

A beautiful bouquet with white hydrangea flowers in an office

The bouquet Graham sent to Rianne for their coffee date

However, last year I met Shooter440 on the cafe just in the nick of time! It has been divine orchestration in our relationship. We are in love and are joyous of how has been a vessel.

What a blessing you are Christian Cafe!

We met in the UK at my relatives, for our first date. Shooter440 and his mom will be visiting Trinidad & Tobago in June to meet my family.

I am absolutely excited and overwhelmed! Never did Graham and I expect to find each other and to fall in love at first sight!

I pray that Christian Cafe has longevity, increase and be blessed in abundance with its cup overflowing with countless members and fantastic, awesome great testimonies and praise.

I pray too, that this Christian site bring Christian singles together to be yoked, have long lasting, meaningful relationships that are well pleasing to our KING JESUS! Amen.

Rianne-brideofjesus538 {Trinidad & Tobago} & Graham-shooter440 {Alberta} May 2016
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 I met my perfect match through your site.  

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!

William-billk991 {Indiana} May 2016

 I'm very impressed with the new layout of  

Much easier to read, searches are faster, and overall, more appealing. You've done a wonderful job!

friendsfirst879 {Wisconsin} May 2016

 I am nowadays married to a wonderful man I actually met on  

Kaisa-bluebell523 {Finland} May 2016

 Your new design is beautiful. Thank you for upgrading the site.  

We are truly blessed!

Joyce-joyce917 {Malaysia} May 2016

 I like the new design. It is clearer and easier to navigate.  

Lois-firecracker958 {Pennsylvania} May 2016

 Please remove my profile completely as I met someone.  

Yes, I met him on your site ! You made our lives change !! Thank you so much.

Keiko-gil781 {New York} May 2016
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