Christian Testimony - June 2016

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 When Awkward Dating Profile Photos Turn into Happily Ever After  

Cat sitting on toilet and looking up

One of Chad's profile photos!

Man pushes woman quickly in wheelchair as she screams in laughter

Dashing Chad captured Laura's heart

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. 8 years ago last month I was perusing profiles on One particular profile picture stood out to me of Chad's cat. Now to be fair, there were two photos on his profile that were of his actual face, but the one of a cat drinking out of toilet, a look of no regret on its face, definitely piqued my interest and made me laugh so hard I had to get to know him further.

For the next month we wrote back and forth. I came to find out that the man who posted the funny picture of his cat shamelessly drinking out of the toilet on his profile page was also an amazing writer, with an even zanier, quick wit. He was kind, generous and really funny. I was hooked. I'd even wake up at 6:00am on a SATURDAY to chat with him in real time.

6AM...ON A SATURDAY!! If that doesn't say TRUE LOVE, I don't know what does! :-)

And so our first date-in person-commenced a month later....which led to more dates.

Fast forward 5 years, including almost 3 long distance, and we stood up in fancy clothes, before God, and our friends and family and vowed to support and love each other under one roof till death parts us. Almost 3 years in and I am forever grateful that I clicked on that profile picture.

So dear reader, if you are contemplating doing the online dating thing-I know, it can be pretty intimidating-set standards and keep them high, but also keep an open mind. I promise you'll be glad you did.

Laura-lesmisky936 {Kentucky} & Chad-jesusfreak {Indiana} June 2016

 What a good work the Lord does!  

Cute baby in hat laughs while sitting in with his parents

Ken, Kasia and their "Cafe baby" :)

Six years ago my wife and I were in separate countries. My wife is from Poland and she came all away to Texas to meet me. We eventually were married and have a five-year-old son. brought us together. Thank you.

Ken-wessstar411 {Texas} & Kasia {Poland} June 2016
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 I came on initially in September of 2015, stayed a few weeks but I canceled.  

I kept on praying. Christian Cafe invited me back. One offer in particular caught my eye and I felt a feeling to try again. So I signed up again, which was a blessing. On January 19 I met my fiance on We talked on the phone, texted, video chatted, and agreed to meet each other. I am from the USA and he lives in South Africa. On May 20, 2016 after 14hrs I landed in South Africa and we had a wonderful time.

I thank God for Christian Cafe. Sometimes we have to trust God in how He brings our blessings because we can miss it, just like the lepers who said 'if we sit here they die'. God had plans for them but faith brought them through. Trust the process God is bringing you through right now.

Yvette-ywalker656 {New York} & John-peters334 {South Africa} June 2016

 Successful match!  

I wanted to let you all know that I've been happily married to my wife for 13+ years.

We met on in late 2001 and were married a year later. Funny thing about our meeting, which speaks of God's involvement: I had just signed-up for a free trial, and my wife was just about to leave Christian Cafe for good--there was literally about a five minute overlap. She invited me to write her, and that's when our correspondence began. We spoke by phone New Year's Eve for the first time; met on Valentine's Day, and were married a year later.

What I most remember about the profile questions was the one about my relationship to God--that you had the option, "it defines who I am." It was that question, along with the clarifying question--"what relationship are you looking for?". I remember debating whether to list two or three categories of relationship, when it became crystal clear to me: I was looking to marry. And so I checked only that box.

I wanted to offer this response to my experience, now over 14 years in the past, to let you know how much my wife and I appreciated finding each other through

Ralph-disneysteve616 {California} June 2016

 We met and married in 2013!  

Greg-greg126 {Washington} & dc239 {Washington} June 2016

 I just wanted to commend your complete operation for the quick actions you take with scammers.  

I do not know how you do it but you remove false profiles so quickly, you are really on the job. Thank you for the integrity of the website, I know it must take a giant effort to accomplish these things.

I prefer the new site design because it is so much easier to read. There will always be people who complain who don't take the time to inventory the many things that go right but I have and thank you for them.

Stephania-Atara442 {California} June 2016

 I met my wife on over 12 years ago.  

None of the other women really got my attention until my future wife asked me the right opening question, "Do you like the Atalanta Braves?"

Somehow I just knew that she was special and she only lived less than one hundred miles away. She had told me that her subscription was almost up, but I wrote her back anyway.

To my surprise, she wrote me back and said that she had renewed her subscription. From there we started corresponding, then we met in person.

In less than two years, we were married. We celebrated our tenth anniversary on August 27, 2015. Thanks I would recommend it to any single.

Ralph-agman552 {Georgia} & Barbara June 2016

 My husband and I met on Christian Cafe and we will be married for 11 years.  

We have 2 kids and we are blessed beyond measure. Thanks!

Rachel {Georgia} June 2016
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