Christian Testimony - January 2017

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 Ours was a match made in heaven  

New Zealand Christian man telling a joke while his hugging wife laughs

Kevin and Trish laughing on their wedding day

I met my wife on Christian Cafe on 26 August 2014. I had been on and off the site for a period and decided I would try one more time. Trish, who had been widowed previously, put it all in God's hands, believing He could connect her with the man He intended for her.

The first profile I saw when I returned to the site in August was Trish's. I was really impressed with her profile and made a note to contact her after checking my mailbox for new mail which had arrived the day before. My new message was from Trish :)

When we eventually had our first chat together we knew this was something special. We married on 14 Feb 2015 and had a wonderful honeymoon.

Sadly, Trish went to be with the Lord on 17 Jan 2017. She was so special ... a gift from the Lord. I wanted to thank you for bringing Trish into my life and offer an encouragement to all out there who are seeking God. Trish and I were both were firm believers in the power of prayer.

Kevin-fourtwoeight606 {New Zealand} & Trish-jetsmum103 {New Zealand} January 2017

 We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary!  

Nothing better than a nature walk for Renee, Paul and their children!

All smiles for Paul, Renee and their family

Thank you for being the tool which God used to bring Paul and I together. We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary last week.

It has been an amazing journey with many highs and many lows. But like most things in life, it's the hard times that make the good ones even better! God is so good! I had a daughter from my first marriage, and we have had two more children together.

As I reflect on the last 10 years I couldn't have dreamed this is where we would be. But I am so thankful for each day together.

Renee-coop154 {Ontario} and Paul-Ranger {Ontario} January 2017
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 We've been married for over 12 years now  

Alaskan man stands proudly next to his Asian wife in the Philippines

Shaun and Analiza married in 2004 in the Philippines

We initially met online through Christian Cafe in August of 2003. We corresponded for over a year, and married in the Philippines in October 2004. We married on October 29, 2004 in the Philippines and honeymooned on Boracay Island! We have been blessed, for these last twelve years!

Shaun-boracaysands864 {Alaska} & Analiza {Philippines} January 2017

 A marriage made in heaven.  

South African Christian single leans back and stares lovingly at a man who holds her hand

Ria and Johan were each other's best Christmas gift!

We just want to share our successful story with you. Johan and myself met on your site during June 2016 and got married on the 18th December 2016. A marriage made in heaven.

Thank you for your Godly inspiration in creating this site and helping single believers meet the person God has ordained for them. We will always be thankful to you in bringing us together.

We would like to encourage other single believers to make use of this wonderful service.

Ria-blueyes294 {South Africa} & Johan-thankfullguy732 {South Africa} January 2017

 I would like to congratulate on your amazing work.  

Through your website I have met my future husband. We are now engaged and making plans to get married in August 2017!! Thank you!

Patricia-brasil1971 {Florida} January 2017
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