- Christian Testimony - December 2016
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 8 years & 6 kids  

Hannah and Andrew with their 6 "Cafe Babies"

When there were just 5: Under the arch Hannah and Andrew were married

Andrew and I met over 9 years ago on your website. He was a member for 6 months and I had just popped on. I winked at him, and we met soon after. From that day on we began dating (long distance). We were married within 9 months and now have 6 kiddos...there's a set of twins ;-)

Hannah-hannahbelletx315 {Texas} & Andrew-filmknurd768 {Texas} December 2016

 Married for over 12 years  

Rachael, proud wife and mother of 5 "Cafe Babies"!

I met my husband on Christian Cafe back in November 2003. We first met face to face on New Year's Eve 2003, saw each other a further 3 times before marrying in September 2004. 12 years and 5 children later we still thank God for using to bring us together.

Rachael December 2016
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 Married in Sep 2016!  

Peter and his wife were married last September

Holy Matrimony ! Found the love God has for me! Thanks ChristianCafe !

Peter-peter7493 {Ohio} December 2016


I have been connected to someone and are happy that we met each other. Thank you Christian Cafe

Jean-bluejean480 {Kentucky} December 2016

 Your site is waaaaay better than [another site]  

So thank you for creating a Christian site.

Laurel-laurel492 {Colorado} December 2016

 I met my fiance on your site.  

Maria-maria9003 {California} December 2016
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