- Christian Testimony - June 2017
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 Just got married!  

Susan with a smile ear to ear after marrying Steve

A joyous Susan and Steve on their wedding day

Family selfie!

Susan and Steve were engaged on Valentine's Day

What a beautiful couple!

Susan and Steve exchanging vows

The happy family

Steve and I had a beautiful wedding and honeymoon! And we're both moving into a new place together tomorrow!

Here are photos from our wedding!

Susan-itiswell382 {Minnesota} & Steve-singerguy947 {Minnesota} June 2017

[Editor's note: See February 2017 for their engagement post on Valentine's Day!]

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 He seems to be the man I was waiting for all my life.  

He is from Vancouver and I am from Italy. Thanks for Christian Cafe I have found the person God wanted for me and hidden far away so that I would never have met him without you.

Thank you deeply!

Elena-elenamaria684 {Italy} June 2017

 Please take me off the site!  

I have met my future wife here on Thanks!

Jimmy-jg962 {Florida} June 2017

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 The site is intuitive and affordable. Thanks!  

Jamie-thecalvinkid152 {New South Wales, Australia} June 2017

 My husband of 12 years, (June 16th), met on your site 12 1/2 years ago!  

Our marriage has been blessed more than we could have ever prayed for it to be.

Regina-marietulip586 {Hawaii} & Bill June 2017

 I wish to cancel my membership.  

Thank you very much for posting my profile on Praise God He is good! I have found someone special, a kind and godly man. Thank you and God bless you.

Jane-khjaneglory159 {Malaysia} June 2017

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 Met my match on your site!  

Thank you so much!

Danielle-yellowsail814 {Nova Scotia} & Steven June 2017

 Thank you for providing such a great site to meet other Christians and all the services that are so helpful.  

I would like to remove my profile because I'm currently dating my beautiful and amazing fiancee whom I met here on the cafe over a year ago.

Manuel-mano304 {Florida} June 2017

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