Christian Testimony - June 2018

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 We are still madly in love. Many Thanks!  

Christian senior marries Indonesian bride who tenderly holds onto him in her white wedding dress

Gary found Rachel after expanding his search - look at him now!

Madly in love White man tenderly talks to his beautiful Asian bride who holds bridal bouquet

Gary and Rachel are still madly in love after marrying 6 months ago

Rachel and I met on Christian Cafe on May 26, 2017.

I found her after expanding my search from Saskatchewan to all Canada to North America to South America to Europe to Asia and finally to Indonesia, on the opposite side of the Earth.

I immediately liked her picture and loved her profile which said "I love Jesus, He's everything to me". It was love at first sight.

Moments later I saw a message on the screen. It was from her. We had found each other separately on the same day. It was intriguing.

We met in Jakarta in August, received approval from the family and Married on December 16, 2017 in Jakarta. Rachel came to Canada on May 4, 2018.

Gary-gharris523 {Saskatchewan} & Rachel-rachelyanti852 {Indonesia} June 2018

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 God gave me my husband!  

Wedded bliss for Interracial couple who are seated as bride holds blue bouquet of flowers

The happy couple on their wedding day!

Bridesmaids in blue flank bride in white and husbands in suit

The wedding party

Maid of Honour and Best Man pose with happy Christian couple

Ghuy with her Maid of Honour, Mikael and his Best Man

I thank God for which was used as an instrument for us to meet. All glory belongs to God.

Way back 2015 November I re-joined with a new profile and began chatting almost right away with Mikael. The first time I saw his profile I felt different and I told myself 'this is the kind of man that I'm looking for'. I was in Hong Kong at the time and we continuously emailed each other. Then in 2017 he flew to the Philippines to meet me in person and of course my family.

It was a very exciting meeting for both of us. After a year we decided to get married. We were married May 26, 2018.

This year, in March 2019, I'm about to go to Denmark to be with my loving husband. I'm really thankful to God for having met my husband through My husband and I thank you again.

Ghuy-mikaelghuy466 {Philippines} & Mikael-christlives177 {Denmark} June 2018

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 I found my husband on here 5 years ago and really appreciate!  

Monica-sunnyskies109 {Texas} June 2018

 It's a great job you guys are doing.  

Thank you for your great assistance. I would like to thank Christian Cafe that I finally met someone through from the Cafe!

Intan-bigheartsj557 {Indonesia} June 2018

 He is a gentleman beyond explanation.  

I am happy to report that I joined July 2017 and I met the love I was waiting for. We met with a "wink" from him in March 2018. Almost 3 months.

Sonia {New York} June 2018

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 Thank you for my wife.  

We met on ChristianCafe in March of 2015 with me living in Florida and her living in Germany. We met in person in May of 2015 and after spending some time together, we got married December 3, 2015 while on vacation together in South Carolina.

Thank you for introducing me to the woman who became my wife on December 3, 2015.

David-bachelor919 {Florida} & Margarita {Germany} June 2018

 I have found someone through Christian Cafe.  

We are looking to the Lord for direction of how He would want us to go and continue. Thank you so much for being there so I could find this person I have come to truly appreciate and love. We leave this relationship to the Lord and His will.

David-mackiesdad769 {Washington} June 2018

 I am very impressed with the site and the design of it.  

Well done!!

Yolande-yolande305 {South Africa} June 2018

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Thank you for your service/ministry to us Christ followers who look for a marriage partner online. Gary and I met through Christian Cafe last April, met face-to-face the end of May last year and were married on Oct 21. Glory to God, who used Christian Cafe to bring us together.

Linda-lovelylinda826 {Georgia} & Gary-garyaa325 {Tennessee} June 2018

 I'm really thankful that the Lord has put Raquel in my life and I'm thankful for Christian Cafe.  

David: I joined Christian Cafe about three weeks ago and did a three month subscription. The beautiful thing is I met Raquel on Christian Cafe I think the second day of my subscription and we have been talking since then and I'm going to see her this weekend so I committed to her that I would remove my profile.

Raquel: I met David after a few days of buying a 3 month subscription and we are going to see each other this weekend! I want to ask you to remove my profile from Christian Cafe because I am totally committed to him. Thank you for everything.

David-davy191 {Alabama} & Raquel-raquel503 {Mexico} June 2018

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