- Christian Testimony - May 2018
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 I met my husband Chris on  

Beth and Chris hit it off right away and are now happily married

Chris was in Texas and I in Spokane WA. Both of us being in our 40's and busy working, single parents of teenagers, we had become tired of the dating scene, bringing us to Christian Cafe. Other relationship seeking Christian Cafe members started to talk with me but God clearly laid Chris on my heart. We hit it off, and had hours, months of conversations leading me to fly out to Texas to meet in person. God led Chris to propose to me, and we got married on Galviston Island Oct. 8th 2016.

We just purchased a new home in Idaho and are increasingly happy. We've been through trials and joys together and are growing in Christ every day. My husband is a true gift from God. Thank you Christian Cafe!

Beth-hissweetsong939 {Washington} & Chris-armoredblvr135 {Texas} May 2018

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 I met Emily on and we just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on the 3rd of this month.  

An excited Glen marrying his sweetheart Emily on their wedding day!

Three "Cafe Babies" for Emily and Glen!

Glen with his beautiful wife Emily, married 10 years!

God used you to help me find Emily and I wanted to reach out and say thank you.

Glen and Emily May 2018

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 You accomplished your mission :)  

I am getting married on October 20 to someone I met through, so thank you very much!!!

Nancy-nancymichelle357 {Illinois} May 2018

 I wish I would have found you guys sooner!!!  

You guys are WAY BETTER THAN [another singles site]!!! All [another singles site] is after is the almighty dollar. They have lost any real Christian based matching capabilities or even care. You can't connect with people there like you can on!

You guys are still the best Christian Dating site out there now!!!

Kaleb-kalebspicer179 {Ohio} May 2018

 Please cancel my membership I don't need it anymore!  

I found my love and I appreciate your help, thanks.

Pagasa-hope2188 {Ontario} May 2018

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