Christian Testimony - July 2018

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 Thanks to ChristianCafe I met my wife last year and we got married two weeks ago.  

Beautiful Christian couple walk down the aisle with husband gazing at his wife

What a beautiful couple!

Hip hip hooray - the bride and groom are toasting outdoors as they hold hands and look very relaxed

Happy cheers from the wedding party

Christian couple singing praises at their wedding

Nadia and Scoggan singing praises to God

Christian couple meets in Switzerland and hold hands as they walk into beautiful countryside

Scoggan and Nadia enjoying beautiful Switzerland

Traditional wedding for African Christian who holds his White wife in blue dress as they both smile

Scoggan and Nadia enjoying their traditional Zambian wedding

Nadia and I met on ChristianCafe a week after both signing up. We started talking and after a few days we said ... "if this is going to go somewhere why don't we pray about it and see how things go."

We were not dating yet. After praying about it we decided to become friends online. Then we were both like: "why don't we meet?"

I am currently in the United States studying to become a Pastor though I am originally from Zambia. Nadia is a primary school teacher from Switzerland. Two weeks after meeting online, we decided to meet in person and see how things would go. So I had to travel to Switzerland to go and meet Nadia. A week before I travelled we were just chatting about how things are done in Africa and in some places when a guy gives a lady an engagement ring she gives him a wrist watch.

A week before we met in person I bought an engagement ring after praying about it and at the same time Nadia bought me a wrist watch. Remember that at this time we were not even dating and had not yet met in person.

I travelled to Europe and on the same day when I got there after meeting in person we decided to date.

A week later I proposed to Nadia and she said Yes. I gave her the ring when we got home and she surprised me with a wrist watch she'd bought a week before we met.

Nadia and I had two weddings: We had a Zambian traditional wedding in Zambia and a church wedding in Switzerland.

It's amazing how God has used ChristianCafe to bring us together. We are both excited and happy to spend the rest of our lives together and doing God's will together.

Share our story because we believe that God has really used ChristianCafe for us to meet.

Scoggan-libingi276 {Michigan} and Nadia-freeasabird904 {Switzerland} July 2018

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 Bravo and carry on.  

I just want to say that I like your concept and your format.

Barbara-bwoodring447 {Texas} July 2018

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