- Christian Testimony - August 2018
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 My wife and I are one of your success stories - we met on ChristianCafe and got married!  

We just want to extend our thanks and blessings to the work you do.

Neil-newcreation367 {New Mexico} August 2018

 I met my fiance on in July 2017. We are getting married in November this year!  

Thanks for helping me meeting the love of my life who is halfway across the globe!

Santy-aurora455 {Indonesia} & caleb971 {Minnesota} August 2018

 Please cancel my membership and remove my profile as I got married :)  

Martin-eightfreight983 {England} August 2018

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 I'm very impressed by 99% genuine people.  

Honestly! Another site I went on, about 12 months ago, was mostly scammers - without exaggeration.

You do a good job 'weeding' scammers.

Carolyn-carolyn995 {Australia} August 2018

 It is with Grateful thanks to you that I have met my future Husband.  

It was the first time he had ever joined any site and we met not long after he joined, We are both Elated and So Thankful to the Best site for Born Again Christians.

We plan to marry late Dec or January.

God Bless you wonderful people in helping us lonely people meet other Born Again Christians and have a new start after losing our partners.

May God Richly Bless your Wonderful Site Abundantly.

Judy-annatasia321 {New Zealand} August 2018

 Please remove my profile, seeing as I met a great girl on here :-)  

Kevin-krmalaska981 {Alaska} August 2018

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 I have finally found the Love of my life; I've never felt so happy!  

I have you guys to thank for this blessing other than JESUS who I prayed to very specifically for a soulmate who would love me for who I am! I was divorced in 2016 from the most emotionally and physically abusive 25 year mistake of a marriage!

I am gonna pray for Christian Cafe to continue to be a great ministry of putting people together who otherwise may not have met!

Debbie-debbie7492 {Indiana} August 2018

 Christian Cafe taught me God's view on relationships.  

Please continue the great work! Christian Cafe really does provide a safe place for Christians to foster healthy relationships with each other.

Domeneque-nickid483 {Virginia} August 2018

 I have met someone through ChristianCafe!  

Magaly-mss919 {Spain} August 2018

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 Thank you very much for this wonderful app. It was indeed a blessed experience.  

Emmarei-marei287 {Philippines} August 2018

 I found somebody really great on and we have been dating for 4 months now.  

Thank you very much for making that possible!

Julie-hope4038 {Ontario} August 2018

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