- Christian Testimony - September 2018
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 I am so happy I joined when I did.  

A very happy Tracia found the love of her life!

I met someone very special. We are very happy and will be getting married soon.

Again, thank you!

Tracia-omnia850 {Jamaica} September 2018

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 There seemed to be no prospects in my church.  

Brenda met her Mr. Right, Brad

Brenda tried and married Brad!

I was skeptical to go any online dating sites. My niece was insistent of getting me online. I finally gave in and said YES.

We looked at several online dating sites, but they just didn't feel right. It seemed like a bit of a meet market to me. I didn't have peace, but then she pulled up Wow!

I loved the mission statement of and the integrity of the site ... well the rest is history, as I met my Mr. Right.

We are Happily Married !

We have since opened a Singles Ministry in our local church and now help singles all over the world prepare for marriage.

Brenda-christfirst555 {Ontario} & Brad-brad647 {Ontario} September 2018

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 I met my fiance on Christian Cafe last year!  

She is from Malaysia.

Brian-brian736 {South Carolina} & Ester {Malaysia} September 2018

 The membership I got is the greatest thing that has happened to me except when I gave my heart to Jesus Christ.  

I do very much like and it is truly the best Christian dating site in the world.

God is the best thing and the number one thing in my life and will always be I am totally sold out to God. God bless you as you continue to do the work God has called you to do.

My prayer is you continue to be the number one Christian dating site in the world.

Alvin-alvin192 {Ohio} September 2018

 You are all doing a great job of the site!  

I am always so impressed by the excellent customer service!

Denise-messgen501 {British Columbia} September 2018

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 I won't use any other site.  

You have the "real" Christians with no robots or anything else. A pure site... Love it!!!

Stephen-stephen431 {Mississippi} September 2018

 Within my first 10 days of my first free trial I met a girl on Christian Cafe and we have been dating now for almost a year.  

We're discussing marriage, and the whole experience has been wonderful. Thank you for your service.

Thomas-thomas8289 {Saskatchewan} September 2018

 Please cancel my membership - I found my wife to be!  

Thank you very much for starting Your site was truly a blessing.

Sergio-graceful267 {Quebec} September 2018

 Please cancel my membership! I have found a match!  

Rebecca-tibby619 {Georgia} September 2018

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