Christian Testimony - June 2021

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 Trusting God is sometimes the hardest thing to do.  

A handsome man stands proudly next to his beautiful new bride on their wedding day

The wait was worth it for Chanelle - she's now married!

Newlyweds pray together while holding hands at an indoor wedding during COVID

COVID didn't stop Chanelle from finding and marrying her special man :)

A radiant bride takes a selfie with her bridesmaids

Joy all around with bridesmaids and the beautiful bride, Chanelle

I judge no one who seeks any relationship on this dating site, however as for me I'm going to walk in crazy faith and trust in God.

I didn't pick my parents or the day I was born. I don't even decide the day I die. So I trusted God with my finding my mate.

Initially I thought to my self "maybe I'm doing something wrong, maybe I need to seek out friendships."

I came to realize God doesn't need my help. Sometimes we think we're ready but we're not. God knows the time He has a mate for us we just have to wait and trust Him.

I've waited 15 years for God to bring Mr. Right my way but I've met him and we are now married :)

Chanell-nelly233 {Maryland} June 2021

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 I am already in love with ChristianCafe.  

And frankly, in comparison with other Christian dating sites, ChristianCafe stands out as many of its members are somewhat honest about their Christian confession as opposed to other sites where even Muslims and Buddhists and other unbelievers dishonestly subscribe, pretending to be Christians until dating proper starts and the truth unveils itself.

Fidelis-oasiss616 {Washington State} June 2021

 I found a future wife on Christian Cafe 6 months ago and we're getting ready to set a date!  

I met Maria two years ago and let a beautiful friendship flourish.

She became my true best friend and I recently upped the ante and asked her if she would marry me. She replied with a solid "yes!"

I'm tentatively planning to visit her in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during the last week of July through the first week of August. Brazil has always been on my Bucket list so therefore, I can knock out two birds with one stone, with one bird being the prize of my life!

It was a long and arduous search, for many Christian singles live in complete utter fear of commitment. Fear is not part of God's plan and it prohibits and prevents faith and trust to flourish and abound within our lives.

I trusted God and unless things change radically in our country, I need to have my Bride-to-Be, here with me in Alaska as soon as possible.

Please pray for the both of us.

Don-alwayshere568 {Alaska} & Maria {Brazil} June 2021

 This has been a wonderful experience for me.  

I will be closing my account as Christian Cafe has allowed me to connect with an amazing Christian Man.

Thank you Christian Cafe for all you have done to ensure safety and provide wonderful Christian friends.

We met on Christian Cafe when he reached out to me. We began visiting over Christian Cafe through messaging.

Because things were going well, with so many similarities and agreements of faith, we decided to begin visiting on the phone, and then soon by FaceTime. As things continued to go well, we decided to meet in person.

The priority for both of us is and was our relationship with Christ. We began right from the beginning being in the Word together, praying together - before we even decided to meet in person.

It was important that God be in the center of this new friendship, and that has continued. Every aspect is taken to prayer - both individually - and together.

I am truly grateful for Christian Cafe, and look forward to sending more detailed information with photos. I also made some wonderful, Godly friends on Christian Cafe that I know I will have for a lifetime.

I think both Rich and I were enjoying Christian Cafe with respect to friendships, but also wanted to make a commitment to the relationship that indicated we were no longer seeking, and wished to avoid any additional temptation.

Not only has Christian Cafe provided me with great Godly friendships, but with a partner in Christ. We continue to be in prayer as the friendship/dating relationship grows about what God has next for our lives.

Any encouragement I can be I would welcome. And thank you Christian Cafe for such a great website with quality Godly people to enjoy!

Lisa-swyj531 {Oklahoma} & Rich-rlbrown238 {Montana} June 2021

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