Christian Testimony - February 2022

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 I'm married to the love of my life.  

A beautiful Brazilian Christian bride smiles with her new husband

Could a couple look any happier!

A Christian groom kisses his beautiful new bride

Andrew sneaks a kiss!

A Christian couple kiss at sunset after marrying

Lorena returns Andrew's kiss

Newlywed Christians laugh before a kiss

Andrew and Lorena only have eyes for each other

Attractive Christian singles smile together while sitting in the grass

Loving every moment together!

A couple dance outside in the spring

Lorena can't stop smiling!

Christian singles meet in the spring and holds hands

Lorena has found her dream - Andrew!

A man holds the hand of a beautiful woman who dances in the grass

Don't they look so great together!

A single Christian man proposes near a stream while on bended knee

Romantic Andrew proposing

Newly engaged Christian woman shows off her ring near a stream

Lorena said yes!

We met each other last year on I'm Brazilian and he is American.

We dated eights months by Internet without seeing each other in person. Thank God, he came to Brazil!

On his first visit we got engaged and the second time in Brazil we married (January 18th, 2022).

My dream was to find a true Christian man, and I found it!

I love the ChristianCafe app, and honestly it is a good way to find a Christian person outside of Church.

God bless you!

Lorena-lorena286 {Brazil} & Andrew-andrew6584 {Virginia} February 2022

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 I have never been married before and I couldn't believe I could be headed to such a dreamed of marriage.  

Newly married Christians gave lovingly at their rings, hand in hand

A very happy Andrew and Andrea tell the world they're engaged!

I was on the site for 1 month when I decided to expand the possibilities and look for a man among the widowed and older.

I saw Andrew's profile and was very curious and delighted. So I wrote to him, and to my delight, he replied. Andrew could write in English, his native language, Spanish, his second language, or Portuguese, my native language, which he had also studied.

He sent a cute message quoting my favorite verse. We started talking every day, first through Christian Cafe, and then later went through email, then to video.

We spent 1 year chatting online due to the pandemic. Within a few months talking to him I was sure God brought Him to me.

We had time to discuss lots of things, to develop our relationship, to make assessments to get to know each other better.

Then it was time to meet in person in my country, Brazil.

Andrew came, we had a lovely 12 days together. He met my family, pastor, friends, etc. At the airport when he was going back, he hugged me tight and said: "I love you, Andrea."

It was amazing, I won't ever forget that day.

After this we started planning, talking and thinking about a wedding and our happily ever after.

In January 2022 Andrew came again to Brazil and made me the happiest lady when he proposed to me in a lovely setting in a Canadian garden in my state. I said "yes!" - I said "YES!".

Now we are finishing preparations for our big and lovely day in front of God, church, family and friends when we definitely will say YES to be married, in May 2022 in Brazil.

Thank you very much Christian Cafe. It required lots of patience and effort, BUT on the other hand, I feel that the time passed quickly, and God has been so gracious. I am grateful, no regrets.

I do believe Christian Cafe is a tool from God to many couples. I have shared my experience with many friends, they are now on Christian Cafe too :)

I pray many more people will find their loved one on Christian Cafe.

Andrea-andrea9723 {Brazil} & Andrew-barreav187 {Puerto Rico} February 2022

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 We just celebrated 20 years of marriage and we're still in love!  

Happily married Christians in church hold a granddaughter while laughing

This is what 20 years of success looks like!

My wife and I met on back on February 5, 2000. We were married on October 27, 2001.

And just to think, it all started on a chat on

Here is a picture of us with one of our granddaughters after our 20 year vow renewal on October 27, 2021.

Bob-bob472 {South Carolina} & Diane-diane724 {Illinois} February 2022

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 Happy Ending!!! Eternally Grateful for Christian Cafe!!!  

A Christian couple pose on their wedding day in front of a stone archway

Caroline found the love of her life - Ethan!

A man in sunglasses poses next to his beautiful wife in a sundress

Extremely Happily Married :)

After years of searching with no success, Ethan and Caroline met online on Christian Cafe in the beginning of the pandemic of 2020.

We actually found we had mutual contacts as well as endless mutual interests, especially a deep love and devotion to the Lord.

We connected immediately and it was so easy with Christian Cafe.

When we met in person for the first time, we both knew God was at work and we would be married.

We have been married for one year now and we are extremely happy!

I cannot thank you enough, Christian Cafe, for bringing me the love of my life! I am so grateful to you and to God.

All you need is one "right one" and Christian Cafe has provided that for countless happy couples!!

Thanks again for all that you do and keep up the good work! I recommend you to all the singles I know.

Caroline-nashvillern327 {Tennessee} & Ethan {Cyprus} February 2022

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Already a member? Sign in here. grabbed my attention.  

It's getting tougher and tougher finding a love heart.

Of course, some people do it offline somewhere in the cafes or bars, while I got used to use dating services.

I chose because I liked the design and the navigation on their website.

It's much better than hyped tinder or something like that. I found here some interesting people who gained my attention and we started chatting.

They were pretty cute and friendly when they communicated with me. I hope we will be able to meet one day.

Big thanks to as it connects people from various countries around the world.

Pragan February 2022

 I had been out of the dating arena for nearly 18 years because that is how long I was with my wife.  

One year dating and nearly 17 years of a happy marriage.

Now that she is gone I realize that I may need to meet another sweet, kind, intelligent and beautiful woman.

I have had so many contacts that my confidence level has gone up through the sky. is the place to meet single, beautiful Christian ladies.

I believe if God has someone out there He will not waste time getting me to meet and know her.

Dwight-michiah403 {British Virgin Islands} February 2022

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 She was on the last week of her membership when we crossed paths and she was not going to renew.  

That was before I came along :)

To show how God answers prayer, I have been divorced for 5 years and, after several relationships that went nowhere, in November of last year I decided to do something that I should have done much earlier.

That was to ask God to allow me to fall in love one more time if it was His will, and boy did He answer my prayer quickly!

I signed up with Christian Cafe at the suggestion of a co-worker who had been a member a number of years ago and ended up finding a beautiful lady whom he married not too long after they met.

They have been together for about 12 years I believe.

I was hesitant to sign up but quickly realized that God was using Christian Cafe as the means to bring Sandra and me together.

Trying to spend time together can be interesting to work out as I live in North Carolina and she lives in Delaware (approximately a 4-hour drive from my home) but we have managed to get together quite a bit since we met in mid-November.

It has been what I would classify as a "whirlwind" relationship but it is apparent to us that God wants us together and we are happy to oblige Him!

Anyway, thanks again for providing the means for God to find me someone to spend the rest of my life with.

I believe in word-of-mouth advertising when I receive excellent service and I will definitely be mentioning my Christian Cafe experience to people for a long time to come!

Steve-hondok746 {North Carolina} & Sandra-searching278 {Delaware} February 2022 is very user friendly!  

I really like how easy this site is to navigate.

I enjoyed the thought provoking questions that introduce members as well!

Wendy-wendy9396 {Kentucky} February 2022

 You guys are great to work with - amazing in fact.  

And you are getting more folks in Ontario - yet that is likely a challenge for any app.

Your standards for wholeness and genuine relationship with God are higher than other apps I'd considered.

Patricia-patty514 {Ontario} February 2022

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 Your security & fraud dept. are way far superior to [another dating site].  

I deeply appreciate it.

Christena-comeflywme815 {Ohio} February 2022

 I am happy that you can send messages for free, and browse, and I am happy to pay and honour and the Lord.  

I mainly only want to find another Christian. is free to start and the price isn't all that bad, and less than some others.

And there are girls from the area and they seem not to be fakes or scammers, so that is good too!

Gary-barrybrebner234 {Ontario} February 2022

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