Christian Testimony - May 2022

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 We chose Christian Cafe to meet that special person with those special qualities.  

Newly married Christian widows find their last love

Wonderfully happy Harry and his love Ilona

A Christian widower kisses his new bride after marrying at church

Harry makes it official!

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Triumphantly walking hand in hand!

A very happy bride beams with joy as her husband signs the Registry

Ilona can't contain her joy in the moment!

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Little moments mean everything to Ilona and Harry

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Hand in hand, side by side

A groom holds his bride's hand while walking in London

Harry and Ilona's values lined up perfectly

A handsome senior checks on his beautiful wife near a London phonebooth

Harry is overjoyed at meeting the love of his life!

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Ilona is so thankful to God for having met Harry

A smiling couple pose at Horseshoe Falls

Adventures together abound!


August 15th 2021 I was viewed by a person from Hungary by the name of Ilona.

I only knew she viewed my profile but left no message. And my thought was, "Hungary was to far away from Burlington, Canada", and I would just carry on with my search.

However I wanted to read the profile and proceeded to read it. Then I read it again. My thoughts was "still it's a great distance", and I was likely also not her interest perhaps for the same reason.

But her profile was so very good. Her goals, likes and dislikes were a match. She was also a widow and me a widower.

I was a widower at the time for 17 months. Covid lockdown started 2 days after my wife's funeral. So it was a double whammy of being alone and mostly cutoff from friends and even family, other than a driveway visit.

Ilona was a widow for 7 years and all but 1 of those 7 years was pre-Covid and still actively employed in her career. That made a huge difference for her in keeping herself and mind busy during those first years.

"Maybe I will write Ilona to give her compliments on her profile, and wish her the best in her search for her special man to be a last love." I did that and pushed the send button.

I think it was about 6 hours later a reply to me came back. It all picked up from there.

Ilona spoke mainly Hungarian and translated her letters for me into English. We wrote everyday, sometimes 2 or even 3 times per day until November 1 before my plane left to go overseas to meet her in person :) She was in the UK at that time with an unplanned extended visit to her daughter because of the Covid Lockdown.

The plane took off and I was on my way to see for the first time my new love, Ilona. To hug and to hold and everything beyond that was imagination.

Ilona came to London Heathrow with her 20 year old grandson. And there they were, and there I was...The moments of first greetings, a little nervous, a little tired as well from the flight through the night and no sleep.

4 days later we both traveled by air to Hungary to meet Ilona's other daughter. On the third day, we got engaged at their place. I had come across the Atlantic prepared with the ring and a request to Ilona, and asked both daughters, one in person and her second daughter in London via FaceTime messenger for permission to marry their mother. Permission granted along with their blessings!

At that time we did not know when this wedding would take place or even exactly where. We flew back to London the following day and while there celebrated our engagement again.

We did some touring of London and on the 13th, both of our suitcases were packed to go to Canada together. She stayed through Christmas and into January with a planned visit back to visit her daughters and grandchildren.

Ilona came back in the 4th week of February 2021 from London. It was at that point we discussed our wedding date and settled on April 28, 2022.

It was a small wedding we planned for about 28 people including family and close friends. All the arrangements were made. The church, the place for a reception and dinner, the honeymoon to Western Canada, and all the planning that goes into that as well communication.

There where challenges to get this far and the main one was our language difference and understanding each other. But we never gave up.

One cannot give up where there is love for each other. We still have that challenge but it is getting better and our love is getting stronger each day. We knew that when we engaged and still when we set the date. We know that now as well.

For both of us belief in God, Jesus and the Holy spirit was a must and an active life in a church community. For a happy marriage, God has to be the anchor in a marriage that will see us through the last season of our lives together.

It's best to be best friends. If you are not best friends, life can be tough. Stick with it and do not get discouraged. Pray together, Walk together, talk together, laugh together, cry together and worship together.

It's worth every second.


The Ocean separated our two countries. I'm sure I would never have met this amazing man without!

On that day, Aug. 15, 2021, I was about to close my four-month-old account.

However, I saw a photo of Harry and found him very likeable. I read the introductory writing, which was very much in line with my values. I didn't write anything to him.

I live in Hungary, He's in Canada, I knew the distance was huge, and I don't speak much English. I'm learning now, but everything seemed impossible then and I moved on without writing to Harry.

Thankfully, Harry wrote me, telling me he liked what he saw and read.

We first met in early November. He travelled to England, where I was temporarily staying with one of my daughters. Then we went to Hungary together, where he met my other daughter and my family.

On November 7, he asked for my hand from my children. After an amazing two weeks together, I travelled to Canada with him. We didn't know where we were going to live then. We have now decided we will have a common home in Canada.

We had a special wedding on April 28, 2022 and we are happier every day. I am thankful to God for showing us the way to each other and blessing me with a wonderful husband.

Thank you - it was wonderful to meet my future husband through your website.

Ilona-lona425 {Hungary} & Harry-lifecontinues448 {Ontario} May 2022

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 The site is great.  

The free trial allowed me to get comfortable with it. It is a lovely site in the way it works. has authenticity.

Sharlene-page371 {England} May 2022

 I found someone!  

Thank you for your help.

Robert-cally355 {Michigan} May 2022

 It was easy to join (and I saved $40!)  

Many years ago I spent a ton of time on Christian Cafe.

From what I have seen so far from being on at least five dating sites, I feel Christian Cafe gives me the best chance to meet the best Christians and the nicest people.

I've met more Christians on this site than any other.

John-john3708 {Maryland} May 2022

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 I like that there are Christian men from all over the world on here.  

Martine-mari693 {Florida} May 2022

 I have no need to be back.  

I am in a relationship right now with someone I met on your app.

He's a great guy!

Jessica-jessica5293 {British Columbia} May 2022 is a wonderful idea, with many seemingly sincere people accessing it.  

I believe there's a better class of people when Christian morals are involved in a dating site.

I love the concept of having true Christians as members.

Stephen-steviebear123 {Ontario} May 2022

10 Day Free Trial. Start today!
Already a member? Sign in here. is the one site where there are people who are dedicated Christians.  

That is so great!

Regina-pearlygates118 {Maryland} May 2022

 I have been on a couple of different sites in my 10 years of being a widow.  

Christian Cafe is one of the best for meeting some good people.

Lynn-uniquelyme509 {Alberta} May 2022

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