Christian Testimony - April 2022

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 We are so thankful for!  

A beautiful African Christian woman in Norway smiles in front of a smiling bearded Caucasian man

A beaming Sam and Per in beautiful Norway

Attractive interracial newlyweds smile at each other outdoors

Don't Sam and Per look wonderful together!

Newly married Christian couple walk together on the grass

Oceans apart, but meant to be together

My husband and I met on Christian Cafe in Feb 2020 and got married in July 2021.

He is Norwegian and I am South African. enabled us to meet and we thank God for orchestrating our union.

Sam-earthenrose299 {South Africa} & Per-perkap244 {Norway} April 2022

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 We are certain that God put us together.  

Mature Christian couple sitting a table with their grandson

Jeff and Sharon spending time with one of their many grand-blessings :)

I met my wife on Christian Cafe about 22 years ago and this October we will celebrate 21 years of marriage.

God has blessed us beyond belief.

I know we were meant to be together even though I lived in Oregon and my wife lived in Pennsylvania when we first met on

God has orchestrated a healing getting over first marriages that failed for each of us after 18 years. He has restored the years of the locusts.

I could probably write a book on God's goodness to us.

It all began with a free trial.

I'm attaching a recent picture of us with one of our 16 grandkids.

Jeff {Oregon} & Sharon {Pennsylvania} April 2022

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 I thank, because I found my great love in a Cafe Cristo.  

Newly married Christian couple laughing while showing off their wedding rings

Viviane and Phillip show proof they're married :)

Christian newlyweds hug and smile at the camera in front of wedding cake

Don't Viviane and Phillip make a great couple!

A bride and groom display their wedding rings in front of a wedding cake

What great rings from P & V!

A beautiful Christian woman laughs as she is hugged by a man wearing a COVID mask

Viviane and Phillip cozy up on vacation

A Christian couple laughs while cutting their wedding cake

Could their smiles be any bigger!!

I met my husband Phillip on in August 2020.

I am from Brazil and he is from the United States.

He came to meet me in February 2021. After a few months of dating, in October 2021 He asked me to marry him.

We were married on April 1, 2022.

My advice to singles is to look for profiles with real and similar intentions, similar values.

Give yourselves the opportunity to meet - discussion is key in this. Because from these, even distance will be a mere detail.

Viviane-viviane563 {Brazil} & Phillip {United States} April 2022

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 Someone turned up the heater and I woke up sweating, already awake in love I decided to tell a secret.  

A loving Christian couple laughing while posing together on a hike in the sunshine

Felipe and Kimberly enjoying life together

Youthful Christians playfully hugging in living room

One happy couple!

Christmas photo of Christian couple and their son in front of Christian tree

Felipe and Kimberly with their 1st "Cafe Baby"!

Family selfie in car

Road trip with 2 "Cafe Babies"!!

A couple kisses on a bridge while out for a hike with their 3 cute children

Thankful for their growing family

Family seated on a hay bale in front of pumpkins at a fall festival

One big happy family!!

When I met my wife, I was broke, I couldn't find love, and I also knew that I had to increase my possibilities, so I went ahead and decided to look for a person I could love for my whole life.

I met my wife on a website called ChristianCafe.

I set up the system to meet people only in the region where I lived, in the city of Boston. But it was my birthday, my wife saw that I was having a birthday, and decided to congratulate me, I saw that she lived in another state, so I did not respond.

Two more weeks later I decided it would be polite to say thank you.

This thank you turned into a "Hi", then "Have a good day", then "Sleep well", and to "I miss you", finally saying "I love you".

I came to ohio to meet her, I left a big city, where I didn't feel complete, I felt like I couldn't be that playboy anymore, but the country boy side never left me.

Ohio is a small town, a land of the Amish, a people who don't have cars, television, or energy, with a simple tradition.

I fell in love, I couldn't resist, I went back to Boston, I said my goodbyes and I went back to fulfill this journey. And I got married.

But everything was new to me, and I was still hurt because of my walk, I had to learn to respect, forgive, understand, finally I was still unhappy.

My wife one day told me that she loved me very much, that I was the greatest love she had, I told her that i couldn't marry her because of that, I told her that if she didn't love God more than I, I couldn't accept her as a wife, but she understood that God should comes first.

My wife had left a very sad marriage, where she had a child. When I married her, I became a father, it was hard, but I always wanted to be a father.

God's confirmation (I asked God to give me a sign that she was the right person for me, He told me 7, I looked in the bible and found, Romans 7, and Corinthians 7, where he talked about marriage, so I called her and I told her that I would welcome her as my wife).

A year later my sister called me saying that my wife Kimberly's name meant "from the royal meadow" I was very happy.

On February 16th I celebrated 9 years of marriage, we have 3 children, and the fourth on is in the manufacturing process. ;-)

When my wife told me that she wanted to have another child, I told her that she raised 3 children with a lot of love that if she wanted one more it would be ok with me, so God willing soon we will have one more.

Love is always looking for a FAITHFUL heart to change our life. The secret of a couple is God's faithfulness and presence.

My wife completes me, every day I want to go home to see her, every day I tell her that I love her, I play with her, we laugh and when we fight we always forgive, because marriage is for life. Unless for unfaithfulness.

The relationships I had before taught me that I had to change the way I was, I learned a lot, and I changed a lot.

God is good forever and forever God is good.

Kimberly-cnnamonswhrt876 {Ohio} & Filipe-filipe663 {Massachusetts} April 2022

[Editor's note: See February 2020 testimonial for their 7th anniversary submission]

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What is great are the very accurate and interesting questions which help other members get to know us better.

I love the forums!

They have very good customer service and the responses are very clear, kind, caring and accurate. They even try to help more than expected.

And I like that you can pay for someone else if you wish to.

But most of all, I like because it is Christian and there are nice real Christians on it.

Christie-christie681 {Belgium} April 2022

 I've met my love through Christian Cafe!  

I'm from Brazil.

Thank for your great site and the job you do.

Denise {Brazil} & Sam April 2022

 Very comprehensive site and allows me to cast my net to a wider audience. allowed me to further express myself than the other dating sites.

John-johnb726 {Kentucky} April 2022

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 I've enjoyed the forums.  

They're the reason I'm renewing my membership.

Catherine-cath462 {Alberta} April 2022

 Lance and I met on Christian Cafe last November and we have grown so close these last five months and so committed to each other.  

We decided to permanently delete our profiles because we are getting ready for the next step.

We Thank you very much for making the site available for Christian singles who desire to meet their true love and match.

We are so thankful to God for bringing us together through Christian Cafe, and we thank you for making the site available!

Diana-dianarose690 {Texas} & Lance April 2022

 After being in for almost two year...  

...I would love to thank God that I have found the love of my life in this site!

Norah-grace8344 {Kenya} April 2022

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 My cousins got married through  

One was from New York and another from Iowa and each got married after they met on here.

I like Christian cafe because of the high standards that are set on here.

Yvette-friendforlife960 {Michigan} April 2022

 I met my match through ChristianCafe last year, thank you!  

Laura-lberry607 {Colorado} April 2022

 I have spoken with several people about and they all agree.  

You are guided by God.

Lidiane-ligia696 {Brazil} April 2022

 Please delete my account.  

I found someone on the site and am very happy with our relationship!

Lonny-windowsales240 {Colorado} April 2022

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