Conduct policy and abuse

Our Commitment to You

As a Christian site, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards. We expect our members to conduct themselves with Christian decency. Our goal is to make your time on an enjoyable experience. We will do our utmost to keep the site free from offensive or abusive profiles.

Our Expectation of You

We expect you to use common courtesy when writing to those who do not interest you, including those who annoy you. Given the thousands of members on, you may see or read from members you do not find appealing. Please be thoughtful in your responses to others. If you receive mail which angers you, please be careful in your response or simply do not respond at all. We have a "delete" option for letters like that. "Knee-jerk" reactions tend to make a bad situation worse.

If you do not wish to receive anymore mail from a member, simply browse his/her profile and click on the "Apply Mailblock" button to the right of his/her photo to prevent further correspondence.

What We Cannot Do

We cannot intervene in cases involving the following:

  • Anything which happens outside of the website. This is beyond our control; we cannot take action against anyone you choose to meet in person who does or says anything you find offensive. We can only deal with issues taking place on our website. We suggest you take your time getting to know someone over a period of weeks to see if their behaviour is consistent, if the relationship appears to be progressing, etc., BEFORE you provide personal details such as your email address or other contact information.
  • Personal differences. If you do not share the same opinions or do not like another member's approach to romance, please focus your energies on other members. Don't let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch.
  • Relationship disputes. If you find that a member did not portray him/herself accurately or was a disappointment to you, please realize that we cannot intervene in these situations. We want you to make the best of decisions in order to have a successful relationship, but we need you to recognize that not all relationships will work, even if you meet someone through We have some excellent articles in our blog, including ones on relationships.

What We Will Do

We will take immediate action against the following:

  • Foul, abusive, or language of a sexually crude nature in a profile or message to you, which you have forwarded to us.
  • Members who are sending SPAM, offering promotions or advertising a product, business, or website.
  • Scammers: Nigerian scammers, Russian scammers, "Love scammers", "Million Dollar scammers", "Charity scammers", "Money Order scammers" or others who ask for your money to help them for some "urgent" need - please see our scams page for more information on this internet problem.

Reporting abuse

If you have a situation involving anything that fits the criteria of the "What We Will Do" category, please choose the 'Reporting Member Abuse' option on our contacts form. If you receive any particularly offensive instant messages or mail messages we can look into the situation for you. Send us the username of the offending member, as well as the content of their message(s). For instant messages, take a screen shot of your instant message page, and then attach it to your report to us. If we have not already dealt with a scammer when we process your email, we will respond to let you know our decision.

Thank you for your efforts in helping keep a clean site!