We've created this page to assist you in using Please read through the information we've provided below.

Some account options for you:

  1. If you would like to have your profile removed, please see your account removal options.
  2. If you want to change your account renewal status, please see your renewal status page.

Renewal system treats your membership as a subscription. It operates the same way as any subscription based-service, such as your Internet connection company, daily newspaper, phone or cable service, gym membership, magazine order, other subscription websites, etc. Your subscription is valid until you cancel your account or the recurring billing. The advantage to a subscription service is that you have continuous, uninterrupted access to the service. In our case you do not need to worry about missing an important message from someone who is interested.

Where has informed me of the renewal policy?

As we are a Christian company, we want to be more than above-board with our members. Some websites hide information about their renewal policy, usually buried somewhere in their membership agreement. We have provided you with renewal information in a number of places so that no one could say we did not make it clear enough to them. (Of course, we can tell you about it only so many times, but we can't force you to read what we have written!)

  1. Your renewal policy is listed in detail in your membership agreement.
  2. On your Membership page, right below the pricing (in larger font than the pricing, so that it really stands out). You cannot proceed with your payment, unless you click a link below the note which says:

    By continuing you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Membership and understand that your credit card will be charged each billing period until you decide to cancel.

  3. In the "Thank you" letter you received in your Cafe mailbox after your initial payment was processed.
  4. On the help page: under the section called Membership, where it says Does have automatic renewals for payments?

Ok, so I wasn't paying attention, even though you told me in lots of places! What are my options?

You have several options:

  1. You may cancel at any time, however, we do not give partial refunds. We recommend that if you do want to cancel, you do so when your current time is up. Show me my account removal options.
  2. Remain on the renewal system. This ensures continuous, uninterrupted access to the service. You never need to worry about missing an important message from a possible romance partner. You are also guaranteed that your membership rate will never go up.
  3. Control your own renewal for when your current time is up. please see your renewal status page to change your renewal status.

Will I lose access to the Cafe if I decide to cancel my auto-renewal?

Not at all :) Our goal is to make your time on as enjoyable an experience as possible. If you wish to remain a member, but want to control your own renewals, that's not a problem. If you decide you'd like to change the renewal status back to auto-renewal to ensure you don't run out of time, that's no problem, either.

Contacting us

If your concern has not been addressed by the above, please use our contacts form and choose 'Billing, Membership, Cancellation' as the subject.