Help: Membership

What is the difference between a Free Trial Member and a Paying Member?

A Free Trial Member enjoys many benefits free of charge for the duration of the Free Trial: browse as many profiles as you wish, correspond with those who interest you, log in as often as you like, add as many favorites as you wish to your Favorites List, see who's viewed you, run searches and save your criteria for future, receive emailed matches based on your saved search criteria, post up to 3 photos on your profile, make changes to your profile, update your photos and/or change the descriptions of your photos, post and read prayers, read relationship articles, see who's online while you are, and use the forums. All this so long as there is time left in your account.

Exceptions to Free Trial privileges:

  • a Free Trial Member is not permitted to send personal email addresses or any other contact information (phone numbers, chat messenger IDs, web links, etc) to anyone on the Cafe.
  • a Free Trial Member can send 50 mail messages per day whereas a paid member can send up to 400 mail messages per day.

Please note that no member (Free Trial or Paying Member) may post their email address anywhere on their profile. Paying Members are encouraged to send personal email addresses or other contact information through their Mailboxes. is a member-supported service. If you enjoy our service then we encourage you to convert your trial account to a full membership at any point during your free trial. You will then continue to enjoy the benefits of for the length of your subscription. Please see your Membership Page for details.

What are the membership rates and payment options?

Members receive 10 free days for logging a profile (7 days for joining plus 3 more days for posting your photo) plus 5 days per referral. If you decide to become a paying member, you will receive all days remaining, in addition to the time for which you pay.

Membership Rates (in US dollars):

For less than the price of a night at the theatre, you'll receive Unlimited access for 6 months!!
Only $109.97 (75% savings!)

For less than the price of a romantic date on a river cruise you'll receive Unlimited access for 3 months!!
Only $69.97 (69% savings!)

For less than the price of a movie date you'll receive Unlimited access for 1 month!!
Only $44.97 (40% savings!)

For less than the price of a bowling date you'll receive Unlimited access for 2 weeks!!
Only $34.97

You have 4 Payment Options:

  1. Credit/debit card;
  2. PayPal;
  3. Money order payable to;
  4. Payment by Western Union.

For more information and to make your payment, please see to your Membership Page.

Is my credit/debit card number secure?

Any payments you make online at are secure. In fact all information is encrypted from the time you enter your Membership section.

Why isn't this site free?

In short, it is simply not possible to run a quality site and consistently attract new members without charging fees.

We offer an excellent free trial allowing members a try-before-you-buy service, an ideal we believe fits in well with the Christian market, who expect an upfront and honest service. Consider what you're getting for a membership on our site: for the equivalent of less than 45c per day, you can have a full year's access to our service, allowing you to develop your relationship in a safe and healthy manner. Most people spend far more than that on a cup of coffee and yet when it's done, there's no return. Our testimonials pages, on the other hand, speak to how valuable a membership with can be.

But isn't a Christian owned business? is owned by Christians, and while it's our intention to bring Christians together for romance and fellowship, it's not possible for us to survive without the support of paid memberships. We are a Christian business and need to feed our families while we work at providing a service to our members. Consider other Christians who work for pay: farmers charge for the food they grow and sell, even though God is the one who ultimately blesses the farmer's work; likewise, Christian doctors charge for the work they do, although God is the ultimate healer. There are many other professions in which Christians are paid, and deserve to be. We doubt that you work for free - we don't either and neither do our suppliers, including Christian sites on which we advertise. We appreciate the support our paying members provide and will continue to work hard to provide a quality site.

If I pay before my Free Trial is finished will I lose my remaining Free Time?

When you make a payment we add the paid time to your existing time. You will continue to receive all Free days left on your account. See your membership page to sign up for more time.

How do I get more free time?

In addition to the 7 days we give you for creating a profile you can receive even 3 more days when you post photos to your profile.

You can also receive free time for referring a friend.

My credit/debit card is valid but it is being declined. Why?

A declined payment attempt indicates your credit/debit card company (or bank) is refusing to authorize the purchase. Sometimes this is a safety precaution on your behalf. Your card is probably fine but you need to contact your card company and let them know you want to make an internet purchase, in US dollars. Ask them to ensure any security blocks are lifted and then try again to make your payment.

How can I increase my savings and reduce the membership cost?

By purchasing a longer term membership, you can significantly reduce your costs - by up to 75%!

Compare the prices for 2 weeks' access: $34.97

Purchase a 1 month membership and save yourself 40%

Purchase a 3 month membership and save yourself 69%

Purchase a 6 month membership and save yourself 75%

See your membership page to make your online payment now and provide yourself with the best option to make those special connections.

How does the the renewal system work for payments? works on a subscription based system. All subscriptions are automatically renewed on the final day of the subscription term until you cancel recurring billing. A 'month' is defined as 30 days; a year is 365 days. If you do not wish to be renewed by please change your renewal status.

How do I remove or delete my profile?

There are two possibilities for removing your profile from the Cafe:

  1. Have your profile deleted. That is, permanently removed.
  2. Have your profile archived. This means your profile will be removed from view but it can be retrieved at a later date. No one will see your account and you won't be able to use it until you login to your account again to reactivate it. Your profile answers, any photos and any time you had left in your account will be retrieved for you when you reactivate. However all mail you've sent to others or have received from others will be deleted permanently from your mailbox and the mailboxes of those with whom you've corresponded. Additionally, all favorites entries will be deleted from your account when it is archived. Print out or save messages if you wish to keep them, prior to archiving your account.

You can also write to us and ask us to remove your profile. Please specify when you would like it removed and if you'd like it deleted or archived.