Help: Miscellaneous FAQs

I referred a Friend but I did not receive credit. Why?

Ensure your friend listed your username when asked if s/he was referred by another member. Unless your specific username is typed in correctly when your friend joined, your account will not be credited. Make sure all referrals know there are no spaces in your username, e.g. john123 is correct; john 123 is not.

Our system credits you for each referral the day after your friend uses his/her account for the first time (e.g. sends mail, posts photos, etc.).

If you referred a friend and were not credited, please write to let us know. Let us know the username of your friend, as well as your own.

Why is there no Expiration Date on Profiles?

We don't list an expiry date on profiles for privacy reasons. Some members are less likely to write someone if they know their profile is recently expired. Members who are away or recently expired like to see whether someone will write them, and your message may entice them to return, so don't assume you've missed your chance to get to know someone interesting, if they haven't been online recently. If you send mail to members on we send them a notification message to their personal email right away, informing them that they have mail waiting. It doesn't cost you any more to send a letter to someone not recently active, so what do you have to lose?

Does Mail Get Deleted When a Profile is Removed?

When a profile is deleted from the site, all trace of that member's information is removed. This means that if you have any mail from this member or have sent mail to this member, it will also disappear from your mailbox. If you ask us to delete your profile, all of your mail will also disappear. Deleted mail cannot be retrieved.

If a member sends you a message but deletes it from his/her Sent Messages folder before you read it, it will be permanently deleted from your inbox, too. Please read more about this feature. Please save mail you want to keep.

If my Account Expires, what is the Advantage to Keeping my Profile Posted?

Every time another member writes you our system will send you an email alert, even if it's the same person writing again. You can then decide if you want to come back to read your Cafe mail.

Also, if you decide to come back, you won't need to re-enter your profile or re-submit your photos. All your mail will be stored for you, too. It's also free to keep an expired profile posted (for up to 180 days), so why not keep your options open?