Christian Testimony - January 2002

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 Please remove my profile from your site!  

Former single Christians gaze into each other's eyes while sitting and holding hands

Don't Lisa and Dowe look great together!

I got married to a wonderful man from! God is so good, and He definitely works in mysterious ways.

I never thought that I would meet my husband through the internet, but how else could God introduce a girl from Little Rock to a guy from Los Angeles?!

Ephesians 3:20-21: "Now unto Him that is able to do EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY ABOVE all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen."

Lisa {Arkansas} and Dowe {California} January 2002

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 He read my profile and messaged me. From then on I was hooked!  

A very happy White Christian man smiles and holds on tight to his smiling new bride

Could the smiles on Nicole and Bruce's faces be any bigger!!

My husband and I wanted to write and say thank you for being the median through which we met. Both he and I were members on earlier last year.

We messaged back and forth, talked on the phone a few weeks later and eventually we went on a date......a date that turned out to be over five hours long because of the drive he had to make. We continued dating and became engaged in September 2001. Our wedding was on December 28, 2001.

This has all been orchestrated by God. As I sit here with my husband just a few steps away sleeping I thank God for His impeccable and perfectly orchestrated timing. If even one thing might have been different I might never have met the most wonderful man in the world.

I pray that God continues to bless your site. I pray that your ministry continues to grow and impact the lives of others. Thank you.

Nicole & Bruce January 2002

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 Since meeting, our prayers have been answered and exceeded and we look forward to even more blessed times in the future!  

A pretty redheaded Christian woman takes a selfie while out skiing with her date

A wonderful ski date isn't too cold for Rick and Roxanne!

After fielding our share of emails from many amazing people around the country, we found each other in the same city and hit if off immediately!

Thank you for the help and God bless you.

Rick & Roxanne January 2002

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 It is with a happy heart and a blessing from God that I ask you to cancel my membership.  

I have met that special someone on and we are very happy together and pray for Him to guide and direct us.

This is a wonderful format to bring Christians together and I have met many wonderful people. Keep it going...this is a blessing for uniting Christians.

Jana January 2002

 I have been having so much fun corresponding with new people!! is a great site for a beginner such as myself!!

Margo January 2002 is really great and I only wish there were so many other Christians that would check it out !! rocks, especially since there is so many questions to answer.

Michael January 2002

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Already a member? Sign in here. functions better than any other I have ever used.  

I will continue to tell others how good and refreshing it is.

David January 2002

 I really express my profound appreciation for the good assistance I received so far from  

I was really blessed and I have met my better half and we are planning on getting married in a very short time to come.

A. January 2002

 She is someone that I have been praying to God about for years.  

Thanks to I met a wonderful girl in California. She and I have been communicating since October 2001 and I finally met her over the Christmas Break.

I flew down to see her. We had such an awesome time that we both think that we may at some time in the next year get married.

She is coming to visit here (Edmonton, AB) in March. I have never met anyone like her.

Once again thank you for setting up this site for people like me who can't seem to find the right person. I have met lots of others that I still keep in contact with from all over the world including Brazil, Columbia, the US and the UK.

Tony {Alberta} January 2002

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Already a member? Sign in here. is by far the best one I have ever seen.  

It offers many tools that give us the opportunities to get to know someone well, if they are honest, of course!

anonymous January 2002

 I am getting married to a wonderful man I met through  

Thanks so much!

Wendie January 2002

 I have met a wonderful Christian woman on  

We plan to marry next year.

Mario January 2002

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 Thank you for all the great times that I have had while on  

I have no other reason for leaving this site--but simply put that I have found someone very special from this site and we have decided to become exclusive in order to get to know one another more intimately.

Without, I would not have met this special someone. Thank you again--so very much. :)

anonymous January 2002

 Two months into being a member of I met the most wonderful God loving man I have ever met.  

He lived in San Diego and I lived in Portland, OR. To make a long story short, within six months we were married.

We are both in our twenties and neither one of us joined looking for someone else. We have been married a year and a half now and have never been happier.

Our families get along so well, and as a total Daddy's girl myself, my father absolutely loves my husband.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for having this site available and being a way that God could use you guys to help me and my husband find a way to each other.

It was a bizarre way to meet, but I wouldn't have changed any part of it. I found my knight in shining armor. Thank you so much!.

Danielle {Oregon} January 2002

 Thank you for the birthday wishes, for some reason it was very special to me to hear from you.  

My husband died 15 months ago and my birthday was always special for me, but since losing him I was not sure about it- though you may send this out as a general note to all I just wanted to let you know what a difference it made in one person's life.

Thanks again for remembering me esp. on this day. May God bless you and yours.

Kim January 2002

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 Because of your ministry, I have found my wife.  

It was amazing how God used to bring us together. We are going to be getting hitched sometime next year.

Thank you so much for it. I pray that God continues to bless you and prosper you as you bless others. Again, thanks and keep it up.

anonymous January 2002

 I have found someone from  

He found my profile and decided to get a hold of me. We are really serious and it's because of you, Thank you!

Michelle January 2002

 I would like to thank you for your wonderful website. has been a tremendous blessing to us all. I will wholeheartedly recommend your services to anyone who has need of them. Thanks again.

May God's riches truly be yours forever.

Ray January 2002

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 I met a wonderful man last Feb. on  

We have been seeing each other since then. I thank you so much for, for if it hadn't been for your site, I would have never known this fantastic person!!

I have been referring your site to anyone I feel would benefit from it. is a great way to meet other Christians.... and in my case..... it has changed my life in many ways (for the good)!

Once again, thanks..... and God bless.

Bobbi January 2002

 Thanks for making this fun. :)  

Also, I can't go to bed because it seems there are a lot of quality people using your service. Be blessed.

John January 2002 does a great job.  

I appreciate the apology for the server problem Sunday. But if that is the worst thing that happens to all of us, we will be in great shape.

It just made me appreciate your service even more. I just signed up for a year.

Randy January 2002

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 My best friend and I are getting married next week.  

We both wanted to do it but wanted to be sure of God's will. He had been visiting my area so we could spend the holidays together and we went to church last Sunday.

There was a visiting prophetess from out of town and she told us (as a couple) that our marriage is ordained of God. That we both have ministry gifts but they are to work together.

She told us other details which are precisely what we had together and singly heard from the Lord during our own prayer times. So it was confirmation. So that did it and next week we will be married. Thanks again. You guys are doing a real ministry.

Aneesa January 2002 is wonderful.  

Without it, I would never have met the man of my dreams.

We are in a serious relationship now and it seems like we are heading towards marriage. Should I become engaged I will definitely let y'all know. I truly appreciate your ministry and support that you have provided for us.

Thank you so much for providing this site. I've taken to recommending to all my single friends in the hope that they, too, can find their soul mate. We're proof that this method can work. Thanks So much!

Dawn January 2002

 Cancel my membership with  

I have found a wonderful lady to have a meaningful relationship with. Thank You for your assistance. You have a wonderful platform to meet people on.

Jeffrey January 2002

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 I'm sorry to say that I will be cancelling my account.  

However, I am not sorry to say that I have found my love! Because of, I have met my love, and we are now engaged!

Thank you sooo much, and I wish you all the best.. Thank you and God bless,

Dave January 2002

 Please remove my profile and photos from your site.  

I just got engaged to the love of my life. We met a few months ago at I pray that God will increase this awesome ministry that you have.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I have told many friends about

Kelly January 2002

 You people at are so generous and kind.  

Words cannot express how thankful I am for all of you! May God bless and keep you safe.

Deana January 2002

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 I've never really considered myself to be the sort of person that would peruse dating sites.  

I found last night and signed up, and to be honest, I've always hoped to meet my "husband-to-be" in person .

I have been so impressed with how operates that I just emailed the administrator of another "singles" site asking them how I can discontinue my membership with them~there's just no comparison~(and I'd thought they had a pretty decent site).

I love how allows for real-time receipt and retrieval of messages from other users, it's SO user friendly and fast~almost unbelievable!

I really dig the "New Mail" message alert and the way you can not only view the messages you've sent to others but also check the status and see if they've read them or not!

anonymous January 2002

 I just wanted to commend  

I have only been a member for about 1 month but am seeing the wonderful benefits of your staff's dedication to making "ChristianCafe" such a welcoming, comfortable place, not unlike a visit to a favorite, cozy coffee shop where one meets with good friends for an hour or two.

Your attention to detail i.e. Christmas decals, etc. is like new decor added to a familiar place. Your reminders to "take the initiative and write a few people", "revamp a profile to make it more personal" are excellent reminders to newcomers, the neat flashing "you've got mail" lights give us such anticipation!!

Your personal e-mails to people who have not visited the website for a week or so is such a nice gesture - so personal and caring - this is the stuff that makes people want to stay with "the club" and tell their friends.

I know I will!

Gina January 2002

 Just over two months ago, I never even would've thought about joining a dating service, Christian or otherwise.  

I'm glad I joined, though. The young lady I have met is an absolutely amazing person who is totally on fire for Christ. I probably couldn't have done it without you guys!

Chad January 2002

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 To all those using I can testify that it works.  

I want to thank for its service. I met a number of fine Christian women during my membership. Some lived close enough for me to meet and get to know. One has my full attention at this time.

Fred January 2002

 I have found the answer to all of my prayers, thanks to!  

We met shortly after becoming members (amazing,huh?) We instant messaged back and forth,and finally decided that I wanted to hear his voice.

We talked the first week for hours on end sometimes until 3 or 4 in the morning. After just a week, I knew that I had to meet him, and an opportunity came up for me to go visit relatives 20 miles from where he lives. I had to meet him!!!!!

We met at a restaurant. I was so nervous when he was running late (more than a hour) and I thought that he had backed out....then, here he a knight in shining armor (or a really cute guy driving a cute car!).

When we said hello----I knew that this would be the Man in the rest of my life! We had an incredible first weekend. God planned our time together so perfectly - If I told you all the details, you wouldn't believe them, it sounds like a fairy tale!

Anyhow, I have been traveling back and forth for almost a month now, and we are spending the holidays together..

Forever, we talk constantly about our marriage someday, we know that the Lord has made this relationship possible, we will just wait, and be patient, and wait for the Lord....He will make a way....

So, thank you,, for more than I have written here, but for being an instrument in God's mighty work. May He Bless you all and this service....

We will keep in touch, and send pics soon.

Selina & Miguel January 2002 is an awesome web site.  

I really like the work you do! I could spend hours and hours on the site... just cruising around and making friends! Compliments!!!

Eva January 2002

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 Thank you for all you did for us.  

Rob and I met on your website. We both had just about given up on meeting anyone. I am so thankful that a friend told me about

If it hadn't been for the website we would have never found each other.

We are planning to be married June 8, 2001. One year and four days to the day I sent him the first email asking him to take a look at my profile. The rest is history.

Thank you again so much. I am telling everyone I know about

Nissa & Rob January 2002

 Were it not for and the Lord above we would have never met and would not be so happy!  

My fiance and I met here on a few months ago and we will be married on December 23, 2001! Thank you so much for bringing us together!!

I am moving from California to Florida to be with him and I really am excited about my new life! My son (Sean), My fiance , & Myself will be very happy in our new life together! Thank you very much.

Charlina {California} January 2002

 Because of I am marrying Tony!  

We are to be married on August 17, 2002, and are so grateful that God used your service to bring us together.

Melissa January 2002

 It was August when my friend told me about  

She made my profile for me, and one day she just said "I need your photo, because you're gonna find nice Christian guys". I thought she was nuts!!

Well with faith we prayed for this & every morning I remember was so exiting to think about my mail and the possibility of finding a new profile of somebody special...but I decided to stop checking and the 9th day I recognized my mistake - not having faith, and I thought :all this was for only one reason - I need to find somebody who wants to love me.

And he was exactly there at the right moment (now my husband). And let me tell you something: Jesus Christ always works on time. I'll keep praying for your website.

My husband and I started to write every single day, and one day he just gave me his phone number (for me this was a tremendous shock. How could a Mexican single mother like me date a beautiful divorced American man?)

Now I know it is because of Grace & the love between us. We called each other every night but it was also a very hard time, because our friends at Church reminded us that this kind of "long-distance relationship "at the end doesn't work.

Then Andrew decided to fly in September 2001 to Puerto Vallarta (Mexico). I was living in Cuernavaca and I had difficulty getting time off work, but with this situation I really wasn't thinking clearly.

I only knew that my wish was coming true & I decided to pick up him at the airport. Believe me, the presence of the Lord was always in all our plans. When I hugged him I really knew this was the man (and Andrew said the same, praise the Lord).

We spent 5 wonderful days together in Cuernavaca. He came back to Santa Fe, NM to work and after that day, I never stopped praying and crying for him. I just knew I loved him so much!!

He suffered a lot too with this distance and finally in October he told me he would like me to fly and visit him to get to know each other better and see if we really wanted to continue our relationship more seriously.

Of course this was a big**step of faith, because I needed to leave my sweet daughter with my mom (my daughter is 2 years old ) but I just decided to take the risk and trust God.

It is totally different when God has our lives in his hands and I'm sure He is using anyone reading this and blessing you with

We were married November 21st. Now I'm so blessed in a new country with more opportunities and a better life for my daughter, all this is just because of my prayers to the Lord. Bless because for me it was a miracle.

Carol {Mexico} & Andrew {New Mexico} January 2002

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