Christian Testimony - July 2002

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 John & I were only 100 miles away from each other, but never would have found each other but for God leading us to  

Christians get married covered in leis

John and Janice married in a beautiful tropical wedding!

John & I met through our profiles on in February 2001.

Attached is a photo of our wedding on Friday, June 14, 2002. Thanks for providing this wonderful service.

Janice & John July 2002

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 I found by accident in March this year, and I found the man of my prayers :)  

Christian single man and woman cuddle together while seated

Keith is everything Keri wanted!

We started talking March 12th and we will be married at the end of this year.

He is everything I have ever asked God for in a mate and I have to give thanks and praise to him for putting us together. What's the chances of meeting each other without God's divine plan?

Thank you for being a part of God's work.

Keri & Keith July 2002

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 We met on in December 2001 and were married in March 2002.  

New Christian bride cuddles with her husband

Damon and Qing very happily married!

Thank you so much!

Qing & Damon July 2002

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 We want to add our thanks and recommendation to the long list of success stories that have come out of  

American Christian hugs his Filipina fiancee

Glenn knew he'd met the love of his life when he saw Nancy!

Nancy is Filipina and lives in Metro Manila; I live in Metro Portland, Oregon. I contacted her initially one year ago, in July 2001.

Through the Fall and Winter months the communication became more frequent and more serious. In April 2002, I traveled to Manila for a 3 week vacation. We met at the airport on Friday morning.

By that first Sunday afternoon I was asking the family leadership (in keeping with Filipino custom) for permission to marry her. We have a December wedding scheduled.

Thank you so much. And may God continue to bless your ministry.

Glenn {Oregon} & Nancy {Philippines} July 2002

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 Truly Christian Cafe is a wonderful place to meet special people.  

It takes time to weed through the ones that may not have the best intentions for friendship and a growing relationship.

I believe I have met that one special person and been getting to know them for over 9 months now. God works all things out for the good of those who love Him and have trusted Him as Saviour.

I am trusting God in this relationship. I don't believe I will be using in the future except maybe for a special announcement.

May God truly enrich those who meet on Christian Cafe and guide in each relationship. Thank you! God Bless!

anonymous July 2002

 Two people that met on got married on Saturday :)  

Thanks for your site that brought two incredible Christians to meet each other and start a new life together.

Sue July 2002

 I am finding intelligent, REAL men.  

They seem to be very responsible. I am enjoying!

I feel you have been very personable and customer service oriented. Nice to have!!

Julie July 2002

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 In February, I signed in for some free days, just to check out what was.  

I searched for nice girls to get in touch with... I sent one reply to a girl from Minneapolis, USA... and the actual day was the 14th of February... Valentine's day!!

Anyway, she replied to me the same day, and we started to correspond almost everyday.... and then, after a while, we started to call, and at the end of May, I went to Minneapolis to visit her.

It was amazing, and we both fell totally in love...She is coming to Norway in 3 weeks' time, and this fall, we will both be involved with Youth With A Mission in Brisbane, Australia!!

We have already started to talk about marriage, and I think it is a pretty good chance that we might get married in Minneapolis at the end of May 2003, and then in Norway in the beginning of June 2003.

Frank {Norway} July 2002

 Thank you so much!!  

I joined in Jan. 2002. I was a widow just coming up on one year having lost my husband. On Jan. 6th I wrote to a dairy farmer in Wausau WI. He too was a widower, and was also coming up on one year of widowhood.

It was a neat time as we corresponded and encouraged each other. Eventually we began to speak on the telephone, and then he, Ken came out here to San Diego to meet me. We had an awesome time, as I showed him all around the city.

What amazes me is that the Lord has given us such a love for each other, even after having both lost so much...the Lord does give you the ability to love again! My son and I flew out there in May, and since then it has continued back and forth.

We have decided that we love each other so much, and saying goodbye is so painful for us, we are getting married on July 14th, 2002!! We feel like teenagers in love all over again! My son and I will be relocating out to Wisconsin.

Thank you so! But more importantly thank you so much Jesus Christ our Savior!!

Sheila {California} & Ken {Wisconsin} July 2002

 He is wonderful and all I ever dreamed of and I feel utterly blessed.  

I just wanted to say thanks for your website, I have come and gone several times in the last couple of years and chatted with lots of fun people.

I have now met a fabulous guy through Christian Cafe and we have been dating in real life for just over 2 months and it is going brilliantly. Life is good and so is God!!

Tanya July 2002

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 Mission Accomplished!  

I met the most wonderful man on and we are getting married Oct. 6, 2002.

We met on line in Aug.of 2001 but met him in person on Oct, 5, 2001. God has really blessed this and we are crazy about each other. But it goes deeper than that..we really connect on so many planes.

We have our challenges but so does everyone else. He really is a man of God besides lots of other things and that is so cool.

I wanted to thank you and also my fiance wants to thank you for Christian Cafe. I have another friend who got on line with Christian Cafe way before me and who met a guy in April of 2001 and got married in Aug. of 2001. That's what got me interested. Otherwise, I was way too skeptical.

So at times my fianc still says, "I can still see your picture on the web page and can't believe you're here in front of me"'s wild!

I was in FL and he was in SC. Guess who moved? :-) Yours truly and well worth it! Thanks for Christian Cafe...It's a good thing!

anonymous July 2002

 I recommend to my single friends with confidence.  

I want to thank you for being so easy to correspond with. All of you at seem to really try to make it the best site that you can.

Thanks for running such a great site.

anonymous July 2002

 Thank you for finding the love of my life.  

We were married on June 16th. Thank you for your services and I'm very happy with the woman that I have found.

Robert July 2002

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 I have met the 'right' person and am now engaged.  


Mara July 2002

 We would like to thank you for offering your services to lonely and searching Christians world-wide.  

Just under a year ago my wife and I met on and through site correspondence, private email, the post and phone we met twice over holiday periods and were wed May 11 in the back yard of our Pastor's house!

We are so happy and fulfilled - knowing that God has brought us together from opposite sides of the world (England & Canada) and has blessed our union.

God can and does use to complete His plan in people's lives; we are proof of it.

Al {United Kingdom} & Janette {Canada} July 2002

 He doesn't intend for any of us to be alone; sometimes we just have to sift through the sand to find our diamond in the rough.  

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful site!

One day a Spirit-filled lady wrote me to wish me a simple "Hi". We wrote for over a month, "just friends" nothing would ever come of it........LOL!

Well one thing led to another and soon we were sending instant messages to each other. We had so much in common it was unreal! Then we were talking on the phone, we liked the same music, I would start a sentence and she would finish it, I had to meet this wonderful lady!!!

I tried to tell her I was just an ordinary guy, Jesus thought I was worth a lot but I didn't feel that way. She kept insisting that I was more, she saw my picture and she liked the way I looked.

Saturday night I drove to Indiana to meet Anne, I didn't know what would happen - I was nervous and praying a lot. I felt that God told me clearly that she was the one just the night before but silly me I doubted God.

I called her from a gas station down the road from her house and she drove down to meet me. The moment she jumped out of the van smiling and ran into my arms I knew that God had sent her to me. It was Love at first sight !!!!

God really does care for each one of us and if we believe in Him and are patient then he will send us that person that we have been praying for. Be Blessed!

Jamie & Anne {Indiana} July 2002

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 I want to say thank you, this site is great.  

I was dealing with a nightmare of a divorce when I created my profile. Basically I just wanted to browse through the other profiles and see what was out there. I had been with my husband for more than 13 years.

The very first day I received mail from a gentleman. He is great. I'm hoping that he and I will have a long-lasting relationship, full of all the things that were missing in my marriage. Starting with God.

Again, Thank you and I'll keep you updated as to our progress.

anonymous July 2002 has been a wonderful tool to use to help find friendship and love.  

During the past year...I made many friends through Christian Cafe...learned and shared much with all those I did meet.

Experiences like that can never be replaced and I will treasure them in my heart forever. Little did I realize that I would meet the woman I had always prayed for...God has really blessed me.

Although we live thousands of miles apart...God does not have boundaries and through Him all things are truly possible.

Faith...Hope...Trust...Patience and Endurance are the keys to long-distance relationships; however they can and do work if you trust in the Lord. I thank God for all He has blessed me with and for directing me to Christian Cafe where I met the true love of my life........Blessings always.

What is faith? It is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see. Hebrews 11:1 (NLT)

Duane July 2002

 I recently through have met the most wonderful person who God has put in my life.  

I just want to take the time to thank the Lord for allowing me to meet him. Chuck plans on flying here to Portland to meet me and I am very excited about seeing him.

We will let you know how it this point..I'm really not worried because from what I have learned about him...he is truly a Gift from God.

Thanks Christian Cafe for having a site for Christians to meet and develop relationships that will last forever.

Debbie {Oregon} July 2002

 Thankful to God first but also a credit to, I have met, dated and proposed to a wonderful Godly woman.  

We are to be wed on 6/29/02. God bless you in your endeavors at and once again thanks!!

John July 2002

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