Christian Testimony - September 2007

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 Neither of us was supposed to be home on the evening of Saturday, September 30, 2006.  

A former single Christian from California smiles with eyes closed as her new husband leans in to kiss her

No distance could keep Fred and Ceci apart :)

We saw each other' s names in the Cafe, sweetmusic278, Ceci, from California and kansasguy492, me, from Kansas.

Ceci sent me a Cafe Quick Message, inviting me to meet her in the Cafe General Chat room. We chatted with each other that first night for over an hour.

I still remember how much we both laughed that night, a music teacher from San Diego and a pastor from Kansas. "Let's meet for coffee tomorrow. Are we going to meet in San Diego or Kansas?" Ceci jokingly asked. "No, we can meet half way between, in Colorado Springs" I said. She responded, "Yeah right!".

Little did Ceci realize I was already thinking about how I could meet her there in Colorado or all the way in California. She intrigued me and I hadn't laughed that much in years.

"Wasn't this a case of too long a distance?", she questioned, ready to settle for us just being pen pals. "Absolutely not" I said, encouraging her that long distance relationships really can work. The next day, Sunday, October 1st, 2006 we talked on the phone for the first time.

The entire next week, we talked on the phone. We planned for me to fly to San Diego to meet for the first time on October 19th. By the end of the week, we had moved up the first meeting date to October 12th.

Ceci was continuing to question how this long distance dating could really work, doubting how anything could really develop with someone over 1500 miles away. Forget the one hour by car, I was three-and-a-half hours away by plane (Not including a two hour drive to the airport).

But I was persistent, somehow believing and hoping that my actions would show her that it can work. For the next two-and-a-half months I flew to San Diego almost every weekend.

Then beginning at Christmas she started flying to Kansas as well. Since she had a major fear of flying, I flew to San Diego and then flew back to Kansas with her and her daughter to help her overcome that fear.

We continued traveling back and forth between Kansas and San Diego for the next four months. Over 1500 miles! Then, I moved to Sacramento, California to take the reins of a church as their pastor in mid-April 2007, thus becoming californiaguy492.

We continued to fly back and forth, all the while making plans for sweetmusic278 and her daughter to move to Sacramento at the end of her school year in June. They moved to Sacramento on July 1st, 2007 and we were married in a small, but beautiful ceremony on Saturday, July 14, 2007 at the church where I serve as pastor.

sweetmusic278 and kansasguy492 are proof that works. We are also proof that long distance relationships can work when the persons are committed to making them work.

We have made some great friends along the way in the Cafe Chat Rooms, especially CJ and Laffy who have prayed for us all along the way. There were numerous other friends made along the way as well, mostly people from the Cafe Chat Rooms.

Thank you for making it possible. God is great and amazing.

Fred-kansasguy492/californiaguy492 {Kansas} & Ceci-sweetmusic278 {California} September 2007

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 Getting ready to celebrate our first wedding anniversary!  

Newly married senior Christians stand side by side at the altar

Leslie nearly quit but persevered and is now married to John!

A happy couple walks hand in hand down the aisle

John and Leslie about to embark in wedded bliss

Senior Christians stand hand in hand and cheek to cheek

John and Leslie were a match made in heaven

Lots of laughs for a couple standing on stairs ready to celebrate their anniversary

God made John and Leslie for each other!

John: We give God all the honor and glory, but was the instrument He used to cause our lives to join on the same path.

And it is something that neither of us could have done on our own. If I had searched the world over, I would not have found what I found in Leslie (angelmist560).

This is a match truly made in heaven!

We started corresponding on in May 2004 and met for the first time in person in September of that year. Once we had started to talk to each other on the phone that beautiful May day in 2004, not a day went by without us talking to each other.

Then on July 7, 2005, I got down on one knee and asked Leslie to marry me. Of course, I had already known what the answer would be, since it was a foregone conclusion that God had made us for each other and confirmed it many times in different ways.

On August 12, 2006, we married and now, in wedded bliss, are about to celebrate our first anniversary. Praise be to Jesus!

Leslie: I can't thank you enough for allowing me to use your site to find this wonderful husband of mine.

I hadn't thought about Internet dating until a minister came to our church and spoke about putting feet to your prayers. If you want a job, you will go out and apply.

I prayed about this and then a friend from work told me about I joined and was online two years and close to quitting when along came John.

After writing back and forth for several months I agreed to meet him in person.

We were married on August 12, 2006 and tomorrow is our first anniversary. I thank God every day for being so faithful to His Word.

"Delight yourself also in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

Thank you! Love to all in Christ.

John-mrjrutherford487 {Indiana} & Leslie-angelmist560 September 2007

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 When Mike arrived here, it just confirmed everything we had been feeling.  

Exhausted bride rests in her husband's arms as he caresses her arm

Pastor Mike and Pastor Paula married 07/07/07

Dear Just wanted to say thank you for your service.

We met in February 2007 after Mike did a specific search and found me!

The really cool thing was, he was searching for a widow with a child. Being a little boy once himself who lost his daddy to cancer, then watching his stepdad come in and take his mom and older brother and himself under his wing, he always knew that one day he would do the same.

Both our profiles were specific to wanting to find somebody else who was in the ministry who they could stand with, who had the same vision and passion for ministry.

Well he being an ordained pastor and musician, and me being a worship pastor it couldn't have fitted better. After just 2 weeks of phone conversations Mike decided a trip from Seattle to FAR east coast Canada, was a must.

He booked his tickets and arrived 3 weeks later. Within that 3 weeks of more talking before he arrived, we knew, this was It. We had prayed before even deciding to meet, to make sure this was okay to pursue.

My folks felt the Holy Spirit's confirmation and my 9 year old son also felt confirmed in his heart, that this was his new dad.

A proposal took place and plans were set into motion. After a 10 day visit Mike returned to plan a big move from West coast to East. By the end of April I flew west to meet his family and friends, help pack his truck, and we did a cross country trip back to the east coast to start our lives & ministry.

We were Married 07/07/07. An appointed time, this is the year of harvest and the open door. My son and I have prayed for this moment for 6 years, and Mike has been standing and waiting for us, divine appointed. God can use all things!

Never back down from what you know God has promised you.

Mike (Washington) and Paula (New Brunswick) September 2007

 We're sharing our happiness and at the same time saying Thank You to!  

An American husband hugs his new Philippines wife after marrying

Kathryn with her love, Earl

Wedding party flank newlyweds who stand under joined hearts

The wedding party

Newlyweds burst out laughing while trying to pose in front of their Wedding cake

Kathryn and John, beaming with joy

Last minutes of singleness for this Christian woman who smiles as she heads into church

Kathryn can't contain her excitement at being married!

A sleeping baby body in his carseat

"Cafe Baby" Christopher James!

Sleeping baby tries to cover his eyes

Isn't he just precious!

I'm grateful to GOD because He made it possible for my husband and me to meet even it was impossible at one time, but He proved to us how great He is.

We married October 2, 2006 and we have now the greatest gift GOD gave as, our son Christopher James. James was born June 14, 2007 with a Caesarean operation. All the pain was gone when finally we saw our Baby smile and cry.

I'm thankful to, where I found my husband in 2 weeks. We chatted and in due time he came here to the Philippines.

Thank you for the service. To anyone who wants a fairy tale come true, just be patient. The time will come when GOD gives you a partner you deserve.

Kathryn-lovelykate580 {Philippines} & Earl-earlleo826 {Indiana} September 2007

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 Our first meeting was so easy and comfortable because we had been talking all that time before we met.  

California Christian singles no more: they kiss after marrying

Sarah and Josh make it official!

No longer single Christians a tall couple stand facing together with love in their eyes

Sarah and Josh married on July 28 and honeymooned in Hawaii

Josh laughs with Sarah as he hugs her from behind and she laughs

Sarah waited on God and found tremendous peace...and Josh!

Josh and I, both single, met on in October 2006. We wrote Cafe mails, then moved to Cafe Quick Messages, then to phone calls. We talked on the phone and wrote messages every day for a month, then we finally met in person.

God opened doors for me with a job in Josh's hometown. I prayed about it, felt the peace of the Holy Spirit and took a step out in faith and accepted the job. Everything in my life changed, and God blessed us so much!

On April 7, 2007, Josh took me to the lake where we first met, read me a passage from Matthew and then asked me to marry him! I said Yes! We got married on July 28, 2007, it was such a special day, it was just so wonderful! We flew to Maui the next day to honeymoon.

The peace you get from waiting on God's timing for a mate is a wonderful thing. Sometimes you have to meet the wrong person first. But you will know without a doubt that you have met the person the Lord has for you, when you feel that peace that only comes from Him.

Pray. Wait on the Lord. Find fulfillment in HIM alone because no man or woman can give you that, and you'll waste your time if you actually think you can find someone who can.

Know God's love and your love for Him first, then you'll be able to recognize it in each other. And what worked for us was our desire to know each other as brother and sister in Christ, not as potential "dates".

Let the Lord guide you through every step. Go into the relationship marriage minded, knowing you're not "feeling out" the person, but really knowing them as another child of God.

He will totally take care of the rest.

Sarah-candiedyam386 {California} & Josh-twentyx291 {California} September 2007

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 Still In Love.  

A very happy woman sits while her man stands behind her and lovingly holds her

Beverly and Victor, still very much in love, 8 years later :)

Just wanted to let you guys know that our love via is still strong almost 8 years later. (Sept 23, 1999, we celebrated 8 years this month!) Victor and Beverly are STILL deeply in LOVE!

Victor & I were both new to the Internet, and new to online dating. So we played it safe and signed up as 'friends'. We met online March 1999 & were married September 1999. I dropped everything & moved to Michigan, to be with my TRUE LOVE!

Our marriage is NOT perfect, we have a blended family, and the stuff that goes with that, but I must say I couldn't have been blessed with a more wonderful & very loving partner. This is the second marriage for us both and this time we put GOD first, & He has worked a MIRACLE! Since we found each other online, we work, pay our bills, just about EVERYTHING online. GOD IS TRULY BLESSING!

I say put your heart on the line, and someone will put theirs on the line too! Be Blessed & Keep the Faith, NEVER EVER GIVE UP, it happened for us, it will happen for you too!

Beverly {Florida} & Victor {Michigan} September 2007

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 It's almost one year since my wife and I have been married.  

Wonderfully happy Christian couple laugh at the table

Brad and Olga are very blessed and have a wonderful marriage!

Three years ago we met on Our relationship started off slowly and the Lord worked in each of our hearts over a two year period of courting. Even though we lived 50 miles apart and had other seemingly huge obstacles, we continued to listen to the sweet soft voice of our Father.

Today, we have a wonderful marriage and blended family, and are very blessed! It is very challenging to find a truly committed believer that heart seeks to please the Lord, but continue to trust in the Lord and He will direct your path.

Brad-brad4212 & Olga September 2007

 I have wanted to write and share our story of how the Lord used your site to bring Jeff and me together.  

Newlywed Christians smiles together outdoors under wreaths of beautiful flowers

Becki and Jeff married in 2005 and are expecting a "Cafe Baby" in 2008!

We started talking the first time in December 2003, but schedules kept us from getting to chat much and our relationship faded away until Jeff initiated contact again in late January 2004.

We began communicating regularly, and contact moved from to Instant Messaging to phone calls nightly by mid-March. Jeff lived in Georgia and I lived in Tennessee, about 2 1/2 hours apart.

He came to Tennessee to meet me on April 2, 2004 and we proceeded to see each other every weekend thereafter until our wedding on May 7, 2005.

We just found out that we are expecting our first child late April 2008. God is good and we are thankful for how He used your site to bring us together.

Becki-becki817 {Tennessee} & Jeff {Georgia} September 2007


A man tries to hurry his wife along, while she stands and smiles beautifully

Tim and Claudia trusted God and married on August 2, 2007

Just like you all to know that August 2, 2007 Claudia (Ursula) and I were married in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

We met and after 6 short weeks we trusted that it was God's will. Claudia was a Doctor from Bogota, Columbia. I am a Maintenance Technician from Toronto, Canada.

Thanks for your web site. Continue in His Grace.

Tim-tim1835 {Ontario} & Claudia-ursula165 {Colombia} September 2007

 WOW! Here I am, putting a testimonial on a little over a year after God brought me the one man that He had planned for me!  

Overjoyed Christian singles from Illinois stand arm in arm while laughing on the porch

Bruce is exactly who Tammi needed, and they're engaged!

I know it sounds cliche to say that, I felt that way before Bruce came into my life. Everyone says that God brought them the best man in the world and oh, how happy they are.

But I truly know what they meant now.

I was on the Cafe in 2001, two years after the Cafe began in 1999, but it was not God's timing for me.

I went back to the Cafe in October 2005, ending up as a sounding board for a brother in Christ until he proposed to his mate in March 2006! In April 2006 I had to sign back up and I thought: "OK, I will give it another 6 months".

So I paid up to October 2006 and continued on, leaving wink messages to guys who sounded like someone I would enjoy spending time with. Little did I know that God was about to bring a change to my life in a big way!

After keeping my searches narrowed to someone my age and martial status for months, I widened the listing on May 16th and browsed through the new profiles my searches brought up. I messaged a guy who lived in Southern Illinois, had 2 kids, and wrote very honest, straightforward answers. He wrote back and said that he would love to talk.

We talked one week in the Cafe, one week on Instant Messenger outside the Cafe, part of a week on the phone, then we jumped into meeting each other! Now, over a year later, we have faced some struggles (one being 4 hours apart and seeing each other only once a month), learned a few lessons, and most importantly, trusted Christ through it all as He drew us closer to Him and to each other.

I am ecstatic to say that we are now engaged and planning a February 9th wedding for next year!

Bruce is all I have ever wanted and exactly who I needed, though only God knew the extent. God knows us better than we could ever know ourselves, and over this year I have continued to be amazed at how God could put someone together that is so perfect for me!

No one is perfect on this earth but I believe that God can make 2 people match, fit together like 2 pieces in a puzzle, so much that though they have differences, their similarities make them a team towards making the whole picture come alive. That is what Bruce does for me and I do for him.

My advice to all of you still waiting on God's timing is this:

  1. Be true to yourself, who you are inside. NEVER try to be someone you are not just to look more appealing to the opposite sex, in personality or appearance. No one can carry on a false life forever and if God truly is in control, He will bring you to that person HE has for you without you pretending.
  2. God loves you with an everlasting love. Allow Him to give you the love you need to care for and cherish your mate. Human love is wonderful, powerful and exhilarating but we are incomplete; only God's love can make us complete and whole and only through His love can we fully love our mates.
  3. Even when you feel like it will never happen to you, everyone else has someone to love, hold, and cherish but it seems like He has forgotten about you, He has a bigger plan than you can even imagine. Though the wait is hard, yes, excruciatingly painful, God will use this time to grow you in His will for your life and if you let Him, He will use you in other people's lives in a mighty way.

So, don't give up. Take it from someone who felt like she had missed the boat somewhere along the way, He will never leave you and it will be all worth it in the end!

THANK YOU for being the constant example of what a Christian site should be.

Among all the imitations out there, you have stayed true to your mission, to provide a place where true believers can connect and where God can move! You guys are the best!

Tammi-oneinchrist252 {Illinois} & Bruce-lovetoloveu462 {Illinois} September 2007

 Anna was a gift from God and is my best friend.  

Ray hugs Anna who is seated and laughing

An ecstatic Ray receives a kiss from Anna

Anna kisses Ray who look overjoyed

Ray returns the kiss for Anna

I met Anna on your website and we went out on our first date on 9/23/06 and we were married on 2/11/07.

Thank You Christian Cafe! Your website helps a lot of people meet their future mate.

Ray-djradeeo840 & Anna September 2007

 Another success story!  

A wonderful Christian couple stand together in front of a cross, holding her wedding bouquet

Kate and Aaron couldn't be happier!

Exchanging vows in front of the minister

Kate's curiosity in trying led to meeting (and marrying) Aaron!

Kate laughing as she tries to cut the cake

Kate is the perfect mate for Aaron

Our story: Something that is becoming more commonplace in today's technologically advanced world is online dating. This is the story of how Aaron and I met online at

Kate's Story: I had received an email offer to try I decided to accept the offer out of curiosity. I searched locally, but decided I wouldn't look for someone who was out of my state because commuting would be too difficult. One day I opened my profile to see a Cafe message from another member.

Again, out of curiosity (since I tend to be nosey), I checked his profile. He was cute and seemed very nice, just my type! I replied to his message. This is where he can pick up the story.

Aaron's Story: My side of the story is almost the same as Kate's. I never thought it would be possible to meet someone online, but curiosity got the best of me and I had to try it.

After endless days of searching (more like a couple of hours, hehe) I found Kate's profile. She seemed like the perfect person for me! I had to be bold and at least try to get her to talk to me.

Well, what do you know! I received her reply seconds before my account expired (literally). We ended up chatting for hours everyday online, and then on the phone for hours, and then counting down every day until we finally met in person!

After seeing Kate for the first time, I knew she was the one I wanted to marry. Now here we are, the perfect couple. And that is our simple, yet sweet story of how we met.

Kate continues: God used the simple click of a mouse, in His perfect timing, to bring us together and we couldn't be happier.

We met on in August 2006, and we met in person for the first time in November 2006. Aaron proposed in February 2007, and on August 10, 2007 we were married in New York State.

Kate-proverbswoman419 {New York} & Aaron-aaronyod418 {Indiana} September 2007

 My Husband George and I met on in 2002.  

Kathy laughs as George can't believe his good fortune

Kathy and George full of joy on their wedding day

We were married in January 2005.

Since then we have introduced our single friends to your site, and two other couples have met and are now married also.

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity for Christians to meet other Christians. God Bless Your Organization!

Wishing you enough in Christ,

Kathy & George September 2007

 Met someone!  

Man tries to take a selfie with a woman leans over his shoulder and smiles

Jess met a wonderful man - Simon!

Just wanted to let you know that having been a member of, I have met a wonderful man.

I would like to thank you and encourage others to use your user friendly website.

Jess-jess655 {England} & Simon September 2007

 God's plan was definitely not my plan.  

Beautiful Christian couple from New York stand next to each other and smile ear to ear

Lisa had no idea God would use to bring Ken into her life. But look at them now!

I stumbled across in March, 2005 from an advertisement online. I was a newly saved Christian and made a vow that I would not let anyone into my life who did not put God first.

I started messaging with a member who lived in Ontario, New York, as I was living in Buffalo (1 1/2 hours apart). Ken and I exchanged messages for two days and decided that a telephone conversation would be more beneficial due to Ken's two-finger hen pecking.

Our first telephone conversation was a long-winded 6 hours. We then decided to meet the following day 1/2 way.

On my travels to meet Ken, I had a tire blowout which led to being towed back to Buffalo. Ken was very understanding and decided to come to Buffalo so we could still meet.

Having been through so many trials in my life I couldn't believe that God had sent to me such a godly man. In the following months we both grew in our walk with the Lord, together. Through retreats, one on one time alone, mentoring programs and Bible studies, we both knew God had his hand in our meeting.

A year and a half later, without my knowledge, Ken took my daughter looking for an engagement ring. The sales person tried to sell Ken many beautiful rings with lots of diamonds.

Ken said, "I want a single solitaire. This ring represents my heart and I'm giving my heart as a whole, not in many pieces." I was surprised on Christmas Day with a beautiful ring and a lifetime of memories for "the hunt for the perfect ring."

Ken and I were baptized on Easter Sunday and on July 7th, 2007 we were married. It was truly a Holy Spirit filled wedding. We both had been married before so we incorporated our kids into our wedding ceremony, saying vows to each child, giving them a gift, lighting the unity candle and letting them know we are a Christ centered family from this day forward.

Our honeymoon consisted of travels to Colorado and San Diego, meeting new people and spending time with family.

Through constant prayer, obedience to the Lord and faith beyond measure we have been so richly blessed, not with material things but with true happiness.

Thanks and to the good Lord above.

Ken {New York} & Lisa {New York} September 2007

 To all members looking for love, this testimonial is evidence that the Internet can be a useful tool to find romance and marriage.  

A man hugs his elated wife from behind. Water in background

Randal isn't letting Carla go

Brazilian wedding dance for Canadian husband

Carla and Randal were married in Brazil

Canadian Christian single marries his Brazilian love

Carla found romance and marriage using Christian Cafe

Randal and I met in December 2006 and spent every day talking and growing in feelings. Me being from Brazil and Randal from Canada made things challenging, but with God's direction and answered prayer we were able to marry in June this year in Brazil.

Another miracle is on its way as we have learned that I am pregnant and will be expecting our son Noah to be born sometime around March.

We would like to extend our thanks to for providing an easy-to-use website that can connect Christians to one another. But most of all God makes everything possible.

Carla-ternura405 {Brazil, State of Santa Catarina} & Randal-bigred549 {Ontario} September 2007

 Great work, please remove my profile.  

As of July 21st I am now a married man thanks to!

Many thanks.

Antony-itguy341 {England} September 2007

 I have met my husband Brad through  

With the blessing of our Father, Jesus Christ, we got married 9/2/2006. Brad is a wonderful husband, father, provider, and above all a beautiful Christian man. He is more than what I could have asked for and continues to be even more beautiful as time goes on. is the best! Continue your excellent work. May our Father continue to bless your organization.

Olga-oalarid272 September 2007

  I got married, thanks to!  

Evelyn-anasam424 September 2007

 When we first met we didn't take it too seriously because there was such a great distance between us. Well God did take it seriously!  

Almost two years ago I met a wonderful godly man in Florida. I was from California. God arranged everything.

I was able to take off several weeks of work within a 6 month period (paid) so my new friend could come and visit. He was in the fire department and had lots of time off (paid) that he had saved up, so he was able to come and see me.

Our traveling across the country for 6 months miraculously paid off, we were engaged at 6 months and married in the 9th month. I sold my home and moved to Florida.

We are so happy together, happier than we have ever been in our entire lives. Everyday we share together is such a blessing from the Lord.

Shelly-royalblood945 {California} September 2007

 I met my soulmate here at the Cafe in 2003 and were married and have been happily enjoying life.  

We lived 500 miles apart and we chatted and chatted so much that by the time we met in person we could almost finish each other's sentences!

Once we knew we would be together forevermore we put together a wedding. To personalize our wedding, we incorporated some very special colors, which were chosen carefully for the following reasons:

Red - to remind us of unconditional love from our families and for each other;
Fuchsia - to remind us of friendship;
Orange - to remind us of joy and excitement;
Yellow - to remind us of peace in the midst of chaos.

These four colors combine to represent a sunset which symbolized how, as the sun set on one part of our lives, it rose on another. As we said goodbye to our single lives, we looked forward to our new life together as husband and wife.

tooshy1980 September 2007

 I married a really great Christian man from!  

Yvonneda-bellelex449 September 2007

 I went on Christian Cafe in December and connected with a man from New Zealand.  

He came to see me in Canada in April 2007, and I just met his family in New Zealand. We were engaged about a week ago.

So thank you very much. I won't need your services anymore!

Elaine-blest137 {Manitoba} September 2007

 Without, our meeting probably wouldn't have happened.  

I have met on your site a wonderful man named Bill, who lives in a town 3 hours away from my current hometown. Well, I just happen to have an old family house in Bill's town, that I visit frequently.

So, by the grace of God, we met in person 3 weeks ago. We also just spent most of this weekend together.

We don't know what God has planned, but we sure know our meeting was not "by chance". It has just been such a pleasure to enjoy someone's company as much as we have been doing in these past weeks.

Thanks for helping us get our paths together. WE believe that is what God wanted.

Jeanne-godsgiftforu867 {Illinois} September 2007

 Happily Married!  

My fantastic husband and I met on your site in March 2005, met in person in June 2005, and married in March 2006. My husband has been trained as a pastor and is about to take his first church.

When we met online, we realized we had attended the same Christian college and knew many of the same people, but God obviously did not allow us to connect at that time.

Instead of starting with that "spark" we all want in a relationship, we made sure we were on the same page doctrinally and practically and wanted the same things in our lives.

When we did meet in person, God did give us that "spark" we wanted, and we were free to follow our hearts since we already knew we agreed on the important things.

Thank you, for providing a place where single Christian people can search for and find people with whom to minister and share their lives!

Tammy-becomingaruby701 {Wisconsin} September 2007

 My husband and I met on in May 2006.  

In October 2006 we got married! We want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet.

My husband and I are still happily married and to my surprise, some weeks ago I met a brother in the Lord also from Dordrecht, the Netherlands, who also found his wife on!

Anneke-joy282 {Netherlands} September 2007

 I would like you to remove my profile.  

I met a very nice man from my church. I have a very big church.

Guess how I met him? Through!

Liz-uberfrau697 {Illinois} September 2007

 The woman of my dreams.  

In October 2006 I subscribed to your service, totally NOT expecting anything, but more to just satisfy myself that I have looked, and that I was OK with being single for the rest of my life.

I wrote on my bio that I wanted pen pals, so that I would not be under any pressure, and so that no one would think I was looking for marriage.

Well, God in His infinite Mercy and Grace brought a woman to me, through the correspondence that ensued, and I am delighted to say that we are getting married at the end of September. We both marvel at the compatibility that we've found in each other, most especially beginning with our faith. We attend the same church, and my fiancee has found so many new friends that she is ecstatic.

We both thank God every day for His bringing us together from an entire world of possibilities. We credit for being the vessel that He used to accomplish His will. Thank you to all the staff at for the mission that you so faithfully perform. Everyone out there has to believe, that since our God is NO respecter of persons, what He has accomplished in our lives, He can do for anyone willing to trust in Him, for the mate that He has determined. Grace and Peace to all, in the name of Jesus.

Forrest-forrestgump496 {Massachusetts} & Danielle-godsgirl141 {Massachusetts} September 2007

[Editor's note: See December 2007 for their wedding photo!]

  Lord willing, I will not be needing your site again.  

I found someone very special on

It is a great site. The software you have is better than the much bigger sites you hear about on TV etc.

Mark-markherman362 {Illinois} September 2007

 I met my wife on Christian Cafe three years ago and, being happily married since.  

Thank you once again for helping me meet the love of my life.

Jason-beethoven271 {Maryland} & Margaret-mblaufox856 {New York} September 2007

[Editor's note: See April 2006 and June 2007 for a wedding photo!]

 I am no longer single! I met a wonderful man on this site.  

I would recommend for anyone wanting to meet a companion.

Ingrid-eveningstar742 {Alberta} September 2007

 I have met the most wonderful Christian man through  

We are planning on getting married next year.

Gwenda-blueiiis466 {New Zealand} September 2007

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