Christian Testimony - July 2016

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 I never thought God would have me go to the other side of the world to find my beloved wife.  

Man sneaks a kiss while under an umbrella with a beautiful woman

Marco can't contain his joy at having found Deybi!

Smiling woman in crowded street leans into husband

Day by day, hand in hand

But in Isaiah God says: "My ways are higher than your ways". Deybi and I were in ChristianCafe during the summer of 2015. What a great surprise and joy to go to Indonesia in October 2015 to meet Deybi, her family and their Church.

On 3 October 2015 we were officially engaged in front of Deybi's church, family and friends as we exchanged fiance rings. On 16 January 2016 my beloved Deybi arrived in Italy from Indonesia and 5 March 2016 we married in an unforgettable day of love, peace and joy before the Lord Jesus, the Church, family and relatives, including Deybi's parents from Indonesia.

Now as you can see in the picture we live day by day, hand by hand with the help of the grace of God. And now our dream is to have a child. Thanks to God and ChristianCafe!

Marco-miki322 {Italy} & Deybi-deybiwj398 {Indonesia} July 2016

 My wife, Sarah, and I are among your success stories, and we wanted to share our story with you.  

John and Sarah beaming with joy on their wedding day

Texas Christian woman looks very pleased as she stands next to her New Mexico husband

A family seated in crowded chair and laughing together

With their 2 oldest

A beautiful mother holds her newborn while her husband laughs with his daughters

Parents and sisters welcome Lily in July 2016!

In 2008, I was living in New Mexico and she in Texas. I had been a paid member for over a year and was actively searching, but Sarah would check her messages only when you offered a free day or so. Nonetheless, God's hand was on us both.

When I decided to widen my search to neighboring states, hers was one of over 400 profiles that came up. I had learned by then that 90% of the time, first messages are never acknowledged, so I kept them brief. Even though she seemed far too good to be true, I wrote her anyway and was amazed when she wrote back!

We started slowly, emailing in October and November, then talking on the phone in December and January. At the end of that month, I flew out to meet her, and we never looked back.

We got engaged in June and were married the following January in 2010. We now have three kids, ages 4, 2, and a newborn this month!

We're tremendously thankful to the Lord for bringing us together, and we don't see how it could have happened without ChristianCafe!

I hope our story will encourage others to keep searching and never give up!

John-johnluvstruth128 {New Mexico} & Sarah {Texas} July 2016

  I am now a pastor's wife again after 7 years as a widow.  

A man laughs while his wife says her wedding vows

Daniel beams with joy as Maria Liza says her vows

Wife looks lovingly at husband who puts on her wedding ring

Daniel puts the ring on Maria Liza's finger

We met online last April 28, 2015 and Daniel went to Jakarta, Indonesia to meet me last December 2015.

I worked there as a teacher for eleven years and now I am here at Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Canada with him as his wife.

Thank you our Father in heaven for ChristianCafe. God bless this online cafe.

Here are some photos of our wedding June 30, 2016.

Maria Liza-lilializ878 {Indonesia} & Daniel-prototype704 {Nunavut, Canada} July 2016

[Editor's note: June 2015 for their first post]

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 Just to let you know the my Lord Savior has blessed me with the love of my life, whom i met in yes...Christian Cafe.  

Paul-mexikan184 {Colorado} July 2016

 I'm very happy to let you guys know that I have found the love of my life.  

Thank you and God bless you all.

Martha-happy7022 {Colombia} July 2016

 I met someone on about a year ago and we are going strong.  

He is an amazing man, a one in a million.

Cathie-rhodesian797 {Alberta} & Brian July 2016

 I met a wonderful man on your website.  

He is American and I am Canadian. We were married in Canada.

Deboran-areyousave626 {Ontario} James-col313 {New York} July 2016

 I wanted to thank Christian Cafe, I have found my true love on your site.  

We dated for 2 and half years and now just married. So happy to have found Christian Cafe a good clean dating site for singles.

Grace-skinnylatte908 {Ontario} July 2016

 We would like to thank you for being a channel of blessing to us.  

Stanley and I became friends using this site in May 2015 and we're now engaged. We'll have our wedding in the US.

Ely-ely118 {Singapore} & Stanley-staufferman762 {Pennsylvania} July 2016

 I met my wife on your website, on a free trial back in 2004.  

I joined the site on a whim and she had a paid membership already. We have been happily married since 2008. Thank you so much! She is my soul mate and I never would have found her, God works His ways though and used your site to connect us! And she is my dream still, so they can come true ;)

Brett-brokenfritos722 {Texas} & Beth July 2016
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