Help connects Christian singles in a virtual Cafe setting. With a free profile you can connect with other Christian singles free for 10 days (7 days plus an additional 3 days when you post your photo). If you were previously a member of and wish to join us again you will need to add money to, or reactivate, your account.

Creating Your Profile

We recommend using the latest version of Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, or Opera when creating a profile on

The steps to create your free profile are outlined below.

Section One - Vital Information

On the first few screens you will be asked to select or input the following information:

  • Username: Type in your desired profile name. We don't recommend you choose your full name, because your username will be visible to all. The maximum character length is 13 letters. No numbers, spaces or special characters are allowed. Our system will add three or four numbers to the end of your chosen profile name after you have completed the profile questionnaire (e.g. if you select the name "happy", our system might assign you "happy333" once you complete your profile).
  • Email Address: Type in your email address. Your email address must be valid in order to use our site fully and we will send a confirmation request to the email address you list. We do not sell your email address or place you on any outside mailing lists without your consent.
  • Confirm your Email Address: Re-type in your email address, to confirm you have it typed in correctly.
  • City: Type in your city. You can choose to hide this on your profile once it is complete, if you wish.
  • Country: Select your country. If your country is not listed in our list, select "Other Country" from the bottom of the list.
  • Zip/Postal Code: Type in your zip code (also known as postal code in many countries).
  • Gender: Select your gender.
  • Birth Date: Select the month, day and year you were born. You must be at least 18 years of age to join If you are not comfortable listing your exact birthday, it's ok to choose January 1. The important part is to ensure your age is listed correctly on your profile.
  • Referred (optional): If you were referred by a current member, please enter their username in this box. This way we can give extra free time to that member to thank them for referring you! Enter their full username, including numbers, without spaces. (e.g. chris456, NOT 'chris' or 'chris 456').
    If you were not referred, that's ok! Ignore this question and move on to the next one.
  • Promo Code (optional): If you have a promotion code please enter it. You do not need a promotion code to take advantage of the free 10 day trial (we give that to everyone!)
    If you don't have a promotional code, that's ok! Ignore this question and move on to the next one.
  • Membership agreement : You must accept the terms and conditions of if you wish to use our site. The full agreement is available for viewing via the 'terms and conditions' link on that screen.

Section Two - Multiple Choice

Following the vital information section are Multiple Choice questions. You must complete every multiple choice question (select one option from each drop down menu). If there isn't a response that suits, select the closest one. You will have more space to express yourself in the Short Answer section.

Obtain Username and Password

Once you have completed the multiple choice questions you will have successfully created your profile. Make note of your username and password for future logins.

Section Three - Short Answer

Section three contains a list of Short Answer questions. This is the best place to really express yourself. See tips on creating a more appealing profile for help with writing your answers. You can write as much or as little as you wish for each. Any question you leave blank will not be included in your profile. When you are finished be sure to click the button at the bottom of the page, to save your answers.

You can always edit what you've written at any time via your Profile link when you are logged into your account. You'll also want to add some quality photos so your profile so it gets attention! Read more online dating profile tips on our blog.

Previous Members

If you are a recent member of before, you cannot create a new profile, as multiple accounts are not permitted. You must sign up for more time in your existing account. If you have trouble accessing your account please send a message to [email protected] (include your old username and/or email address) if you would like to come back as a paying member.

Signing in

If you know your username and password but are having problems accessing your Cafe account, please review the sign instructions below.

If you have had more than one account with us in the past, be sure you are trying to access your current account and not a deleted one. If you have changed your username or password be sure to DELETE the old login information from your computer or phone. Then re-try logging in, using the new login.

Sign in instructions

To access your account at please ensure you correctly enter your username and password as per the tips below:

  • your username contains both letters and numbers
  • your password, unless you've changed it, contains both letters and numbers
  • your username and password do not contain spaces
  • enter all the letters and numbers, even if it looks like you've run out of space in the login boxes
  • your login is case-sensitive.
  • your email address is not your username or password
  • try copying and pasting your username and password from the Welcome email we sent you when you joined

Login example: for the username george123, the password might be george123456. It will not be 456 or 123456 or George123 (notice the incorrect capital letter).

Safety is a safe online environment to meet other single Christians. Things like having your own anonymous mailbox right on the Cafe help to keep your personal details private. That said, there are a number of things you should be aware of when meeting others online. Please spend a few moments and read Dating Safety Tips.


New members can try absolutely free for a trial period (7 days, plus 3 more days if a photo is posted). This includes email and IM privileges. You do not need to input a credit card to access the free trial, and you are under no obligation to pay for a membership once your trial period expires. If you wish to continue on as a member of after your trial, there are a range of membership options to choose from. The longer the membership you purchase the less it costs per day. See Membership Prices for more details.

Testimonials has successfully matched tens of thousands of Christian singles ranging from those living in the same city to those on the opposite ends of the world. Please read success stories from those who have met their soul mate on