Using the site

Although is the largest Christian-owned singles site, we realize it is not perfect - although we're pretty close :) - and we strive to make your experience on the site the best it can be. If you have any questions about features, how to use the site, send mail, etc., please see your Help menu. We may have already answered your question.

A few things to note

  • Multiple Choice Questions: The multiple choice questions do not fully describe one person. They are meant to be a starting point to help match you with other members. The written section of your profile is meant to allow you to more fully describe yourself and your interests. You can tell others about your hobbies, your relationship with God, where you have travelled, your job, etc., in more detail than the multiple choice section allows. Please see write an appealing profile for some more great tips.
  • Your Profile: The best way to get others to notice you is to write to those you are interested in getting to know. That's what is all about :-) Also ensure you have completed your profile and that you post your photos - this really helps draw attention and indicates to members you are serious about searching for a mate.
    The more often you sign in, the more new people you introduce yourself to, the more mail you reply to, and the more active you are in the forums, the higher your chances of getting noticed and meeting others.
    It only takes one Special Someone!
  • Who's Viewed Me: The who's viewed me list is a record of members who have viewed you (not including those who wished to hide this option). Your who's viewed me page is an excellent place to find new contacts. If you don't wish to write to a member who viewed your profile, that's ok; simply move on to the next profile.

Contacting us

If you have any questions on issues we have not addressed in our Help menu please see our contacts form.