Christian Testimony - August 2006

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 God likes us to push the doors, so keep pushing!  

Beautiful Christian couple from England smile cheek to cheek after marrying

Sarah didn't give up and found the love of her life, Greg

Well what can I say! After stumbling across your website by accident and chatting to a few guys along the way. I was about to say goodbye to for good when I met Greg on New Years Day 2004.

Greg and I instantly seemed to connect and after 2 weeks of constant talking on the phone we decided to meet up in London. The rest as they say is history. I moved to London from Derby, England in the April to be near Greg and by Christmas we were engaged. We got married February 18th, 2006.

May I say a big Thank You to the service you provide. I know that God has His hand on this ministry and Thank Him for bringing not only us two together when our paths may not have usually crossed, but many other success stories.

To anyone out there who is a skeptic or embarrassed about Internet dating, don't be! I was completely embarrassed but if I hadn't taken the plunge I might not be married to the most wonderful man God had in store for me.

Thank you!

Sarah-hello566 {England} & Greg {England} August 2006

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 We see God's fingerprints all over everything, how this couldn't be anything but Him.  

A woman puts her head on a very happy man's shoulder overlooking a lake

The happy couple shortly after their engagement

He read my profile the end of last summer (2005), then sent me a message with a comment on a book I mentioned reading. My message response was simply: "Why do you say that?" BUT that was the beginning of "us"! We started emailing a lot, then calling a lot. We met over Christmas (we lived over a thousand miles apart) and I got to meet his family. We both acknowledged that we were in love.

The following February we went to where my parents and family live in order for him to meet them. We got engaged!

We are getting married in a week and a half.

God brought us, two completely different people from very different parts of the country, to spend the rest of our lives serving Him together.

Kim-joyfulbell138 {Georgia} August 2006

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 God has brought us through many things but one thing we are most blessed with is the fact that we have each other.  

A seated couple look very relaxed and pleased on their wedding day

Don't Kenneth and Robbin look joyful!

Robbin I met in the Cafe in May 2004. On April 23, 2005 we were married at Immanuel Baptist Church on Galveston Island where we settled and attended.

Robbin is a Registered Nurse and I am a Semi-Retired Flight Medic.

God has sustained us through many trials and will continue to do so. In July 2005 I lost my Dad. He battled lung cancer for a short period, then he made his amends with God and said his goodbyes. In September 2005 Hurricane Rita came to town and tried to topple our lives. Our home was severely damaged and FEMA declared it uninhabitable.

We moved to North Padre Island where Robbin took a position at the local hospital, and I started working for a local ambulance service.

It is a true blessing that we met and got married. It is wonderful to have such a beautiful partner, caring sturdy and faithful through all the things we have been through in our short time being married.

I look back and see how blessed I am. We often pray for the folks at and all who had a hand in us meeting.

May God Bless Each and Everyone.

Kenneth {Texas} & Robbin {Texas} August 2006

 Married now!  

An interracial couple smile arm in arm on the beach

Jennifer and Pastor Joel are building their lives together as they preach to others

My husband Pastor Joel and I met on your website in 2002. Joel is from Nigeria and I am from the Seattle area. Currently we are pastoring a church in Cape Verde, West Africa and are building our lives together. We were married on February 19th, 2005 thanks to God, and to

What happened:

We kept in contact over the years and shared our ongoing life experiences. We were committed prayer and email partners. Each time I would have a prayer request or need some encouragement, I would email Pastor Joel. We always talked about the Lord's goodness, and our relationship did not start with any other foundation except Christ.

Well after 2 years, Joel was engaged to another woman and I was engaged to a different man. We prayed for each other and encouraged each other through this time. After some time, our relationship started to blossom and before I knew it, my current engagement had ended and so had Pastor Joel's. He contacted me and said that he couldn't lose me again.

He proposed to me and we were married February 2005!

Thanks to your website, people can connect divinely by God's hand. This site is truly anointed!


"Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest." John 4:35

Jennifer {Washington State} & Joel {Nigeria} August 2006

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 What a wonderful year it's been from that first message from Brian to Sophie back in June 2005.  

Christian singles from Ontario full of smiles as they marry

Brian and Sophie were happily married, in Ottawa, Ontario

Just as Sophie was thinking on terminating her membership, Brian read her profile and sent her a message. So ladies, before you cancel that membership, make sure you pray about it first, you never know, THE ONE for you could be one message away (smile).

What was the message to Sophie? Short and sweet: "Is Sarnia too far for you?" (That's Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.) Well Sophie went and checked out Brian's profile to discover that it looked as if they had lots in common. (OK, and she also thought he was very handsome, let's be honest here.) So her response to Brian? "Is Ottawa too far for you?" (Ottawa, Ontario.) This was the beginning of a wonderful friendship, which of course, turned into love.

In mid-July 2005 Brian flew to Ottawa to meet Sophie in person and to confirm if this was in fact God ordained, which after many, many (countless!) hours spent to get to know each other on the telephone, talking, praying, laughing, worshipping God together, etc, was confirmed shortly after Brian's arrival. Not only had Brian & Sophie met their best friend, but also found their soulmate and life partner on

The rest is history: a year to the day after first meeting on, they were married on June 24th 2006, before God, family and friends. Where did they marry? Well in Ottawa of course (guess it wasn't too far for Brian after all, as he had packed and moved from Sarnia to Ottawa back in the Fall of 2005).

This is our story and we owe it first to God, and then to you, Sydney and Verna of Thank you for helping the Lord to bring people together. Oh and yes, since the wedding, we also got pregnant (well Sophie actually did!). Yes, Praise be to God, He has blessed us with a miracle baby to come in 2007. Sophie will be 40 in a few months and has had some very serious medical problems over the years and was told that she had very slight to none chances of being able to conceive, but : WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. So we will have a little one to celebrate our first anniversary with, in 2007.

For those who are still waiting for their life partner, don't give up. God has heard your prayers and cries and He will bless you as He has with us; just be ready for more and beyond what you could ever expect.

God bless! Merci!

Brian {Ontario} & Sophie {Ontario} August 2006

 Thank you for helping us meet. We both had tried other sites before and they weren't all that great.  

A man's hand seems to come out of his fiancee's head as she laughs and holds flowers

Emily with flowers from Erik, the first day they met

One day I got an email from you folks and decided to try you out. Emily found you from just playing around on the Internet.

I was living in Maine about to move to California and just looking to meet a Christian out there, but first I got deployed to Turkey for the Air Force. While I was gone, Emily was just browsing through profiles about to give up.

She decided to look at one more and it was mine. She wrote to me but I didn't get her message until I got back from Turkey.

I saw that Emily was living in Arizona. I wrote her back even though I was looking for someone in California where I was moving to. When she wrote me back again I found out that she was moving to California too. We started writing to each other a lot, then talking on the phone, and we met in person in October 2005.

We started dating November 5, 2005. I took Emily to my family's cabin on Sebec Lake in Maine and proposed on July 5, 2006.

She said Yes! We will be getting married July 7, 2007.

We have definitely seen God's hand in all of this. Looking at our story it is unlikely we would have met without His help, and we almost didn't meet.

Thank you for your part in all of this. Here is a picture of us on our first meeting.

Erik-luckdragon695 {Maine} & Emily {Arizona} August 2006

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Already a member? Sign in here. is the best site I've been on for Christian singles.  

I love the ability to see who's viewed me, and when you mouse over, the picture enlarges (great touch). I like being able to see if my message has been read.

Many sites charge an outrageous fee for this capability, so I applaud you. The price for what you get is unparalleled.

Every other site I go to, I compare to yours. Nothing so far has it all except you guys.

Cindy {Texas} August 2006

 Great new design!  

What you provide is quite an extensive range of flexible functions, which is wonderful. Thank you very much.

It is always very difficult to balance competing requirements of table relationship design, queries, sorting, efficiency, and ease of use of the user interface. It is obvious you put a lot of thought, work, and prayer into the entire system.

Rohan-flyhieagle664 {United Kingdom} August 2006

 It is only by God's hand that we hooked up.  

I met Jay a month ago (July 2006) in the Cafe and we have talked on the phone every day since! Jay lives in South Carolina and I live in Virginia. We still do not know how we found each other because we were both looking for people in our own State.

We met in person a few days ago when Jay flew up. It was as if we had known each other all our lives! We praise God for bringing us together and we are trusting in HIM to guide us in our relationship. Daily confirmations remind us that we are being obedient to HIS will.

I want to thank for providing a way where single Christians can meet other single Christians in a safe environment.

Helena-hiswillbedone539 {Virginia} & Jay [No username given] {South Carolina} August 2006

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 Dear, I would like to express my intense gratitude to you.  

I have found the man of my dreams in the Cafe. Just as I was ready to give up hope on finding the Lord's true choice for me, Joey appeared in a search.

The Lord has answered both our prayers and we are blissfully happy to have finally found each other.

I would highly recommend this site to any single person out there looking for their soul mate. I have found mine. Praise you Jesus!

Karen-singerartist170 & Joey-claypoet918 August 2006

 Found Someone!  

I will not be going on the site anymore. I met someone.

For a time we weren't ready but now it seems like we are going to hit it on.

Susan August 2006

 We met through about two years ago, and we are delighted to say that just the 1st of July of 2006 we both married and are living in Spain.  

Richard is from Norway and I am from Spain.

In the wedding celebration we made mention of our acquaintance through this special website and we had good laughter and great memories arising before our families and friends.

We both would like to thank you for this opportunity of a Christian site where Christians can meet online and learn about each other before taking an important step to meet in person, then stay in touch in spite of living in different countries.

We encourage other Christians to focus on the Lord as they enjoy to meet other people as we did, and prudently waiting in Him to see our desires of a mate come true.

With love in the Lord,

Monica-monica510 {Spain} & Richard {Norway} August 2006

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 I found my true love on Christian Cafe.  

Thank you so much. Your Christian singles Cafe led me to the man who will soon become my husband. He and I are perfect for each other, in belief and life styles, even to the way we think.

God is so good. This site is truly blessed and anointed by God. May God Bless you and keep you close to His heart always.

Mary-Pauleyanna720 {California} August 2006

 It's About Time! This time last year I was at a place of endless struggle inwardly, relationally and ministerially.  

Nevertheless refusing to cast away my confidence (which has great reward), among other things I refused to bury my dreams beneath my past disappointments, and dared to launch out into the deep seeking true love.

Today, a year later, I am getting married. The God of all mercy never gave up on me. The Lord of love continues to believe in us and love us through life's challenges. He is faithful to whosoever will believe. A year later I can say believing is receiving! Paul and I are nearly ready for the big day of our wedding September 3rd. God has amazingly gone before us every step of the way.

Planning a wedding is usually quite demanding but particularly when it is done in less than 4 months, and within a tight budget. One of my toughest challenges was finding a hairstylist to come to the wedding location to get me and the three bridesmaids ready. Everyone wanted to be paid astronomical prices, they weren't available for a Sunday wedding, or they were away for the long weekend.

Finally (long story!) I located a hairdresser whose pricing was a third of everyone else's and she was available, but would she actually come to the house on the day as verbally promised, after telling me she wanted to cancel?

Lo and behold, she showed up on time, was very sweet and had two contracts in hand! She told me she was sorry if she had worried me and apologized for trying to cancel. She asked me how Paul and I met. I told her we met on She said "No way! You are a Christian too?!" I replied Yes and we started chatting about all sorts of stuff from there and really bonded, not to mention she's a great hairstylist! When she left I called all the girls to share what God had brought me!

Time and time again when I feel that there is nothing else that I can do on my own, I just turn it over to the Lord and am always so happy and surprised about what God can do with what looks like a mess at the time! It's our time!

Karla {Florida} & Paul-spiritntruth169 {Florida} August 2006

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