Christian Testimony - May 2008

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 To those of you that may be reading this testimony, does work!  

A couple kiss romantically by the ocean after marrying

Kasey and Drew prove works!

2 generations of Christians who were matched successfully pose together at a wedding in Mexico

Kasey and Drew were married in Mexico

I know you might be skeptical, but you really have nothing to lose by trying it out.

Drew and I met on our FREE TRIAL - Christmas night, 2006. Drew was 'dared' by his family to put a profile up and I had already posted mine a year prior and had no luck with any of the people I had met.

Drew's mother and step-dad had met on 5 years prior and knew that Drew could meet somebody special too! Sure enough, we came across each other's profiles after all our Christmas festivities were over.

We typed for 6+ hours and continued talking on phone and texting all week long. Drew finally convinced me to travel 5 hours - from Sacramento to San Luis Obispo, California - to see him, after I came back from holiday.

On January 4, 2007 we met for the first time on Pismo Beach. He danced with me on the beach and took me to a wonderful place called Splash Cafe! We had clam chowder in bread bowls :)

After a long weekend together, I thought I'd give the relationship a shot, even though it was long distance. We drove to see each other every weekend.

Drew says that he knew from the very moment we talked on the phone that I was the 'one', but I didn't know until several months after we had dated. I ended up moving to San Luis Obispo, to be closer to him, in May of 2007.

He proposed to me on September 5, 2007 and we got married Valentine's weekend - February 16th, 2008 in Ensenada, Mexico. We had 54 people come on our wedding cruise! It was an incredible time and God truly blessed the event.

I would just like to thank the Lord for providing It not only brought my in-laws together (who are still married and LOVING life!), but it brought me and my husband together. Praise God for

Let Him use it in your life today!

So in love...

Kasey-kylee398 {California} & Drew-crucifiedself266 {California} May 2008

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 In June 2007, we met on Christian Cafe and fell in love shortly after.  

A NY Christian couple hug tightly and laugh together by the water in April

Ruth and Isaac with smiles ear to ear!

We were both just trying out the site and then became paid members.

We found out that we lived not too far from each other. We spent several days and nights talking constantly and dated and decided to get married.

We were married April 2008.

We are both grateful to God for, where we met our lover for life.

Ruth- mamar856 {New York} & Isaac- isaac2876 {New York} May 2008

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 I want to thank for connecting me with the love of my life, in an amazing, incredible way!  

A woman with a big smile hugs a very happy man

Joshua is everything Rebeca was praying for and hoping for

A beautiful woman is hugged at a reception by an overjoyed man

Rebeca and Joshua's wedding day was the best day of her life!

Cute Christian couple smile together on their wedding day

Rebeca is so happy she waited for God's Best, Joshua!

He was living in Nebraska and I was in Florida. I had used for a few years and truly believed I could meet my husband via this site.

God is awesome.

Joshua first winked at me and then later he called me. After four phone calls God said to Him that I was the one.

He came to meet me in Orlando on September 11/07 and spend 2 weeks here. Joshua is everything that I was praying for and hoping for. The connection was incredible.

A month later Joshua moved here and on January 05, 2008 we got married here! It was the best day of my life! Our Bible verse is Hebrews 11:1 - "Faith is things we hoped for and believing the things we do not see, takes faith to walk in your purpose."

It's amazing that God used to help us find each other so far away but so close in heart. It's been 5 months since we got married and I'm so happy for what God has done and so happy that I waited for the Best God had for me.

Please be encouraged and never give up believing - that's really the key! God can do it - He did for us and we are very thankful to God and God bless!

Rebeca-rebeca656 {Florida} & Joshua- joshua877 {Nebraska} May 2008

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 We are now happily married, having met on while living 8,000 miles apart!  

A man leans back and laughs while hugging a woman who looks pleased to be with him

Kiri and Salvatore want everyone to know works!

Greetings to all of our friends on chat!!! It works !!!!

We were married in New Zealand on May 10th 2008.

Kiri-tlimras714 {New Zealand} & Salvatore-torry536 {Georgia, USA} May 2008

 My fiance and I would like to extend our heart-felt thanks to for being the vehicle that God has used to bring us together.  

Ontario Christian single in a baseball cap poses with a stunning woman from BC

Nikee and Rick beam with joy over their engagement

Rick and I began e-mailing each other on nearly a year ago and today we are engaged.

It actually all began with nothing more than a wink. We would like to remind those desiring a life mate that God says seek and ye shall find, so start seeking in the right places and remember to acknowledge God in all things so that He can direct your paths and make them straight.

Our wedding is set for next May. We wish you all the best in your searches and may God's blessing be poured upon you.

Nikee-victoria179 {British Columbia} & Richard-imacountryboy380 {Ontario} May 2008

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 I had met a few nice men through your website but none of them were 'Mr. Right'.  

A very happy interracial couple smile and laugh on their wedding day

Anne and Justin really hit it off the first day they met

A man in a tux stands arm in arm with his beautiful bride

Justin knew Anne was Mrs. Right, right away!

My membership was just about over (December 2006) and I had decided to take a break and not renew for a little while.

Just before it ended I came across Justin's profile and was intrigued. I lived in Hamilton and he lived in Toronto, Ontario - only about an hour away.

His profile sounded interesting so I decided to write him a short note. I didn't tell him that my membership was almost up - I left that in God's hands.

He wrote me back the very next day - and then we started to correspond regularly. Ever since then we spent many hours on the computer chatting or the phone talking.

He wanted to be romantic and meet on Valentine's day - but I didn't want to wait that long so we first met in late January of 2007. What a fun day we had - bowling, dinner and a movie. We really hit it off and neither of us wanted the day to end.

We started dating - he claims he knew I was the one long before I realized it.... On July 7, 2007 he got down on one knee at the beach and proposed - of course I accepted!!

We were married on November 30, 2007 - it was a beautiful day - we couldn't have asked for anything better!!!

We are now expecting our first child in late October of this year. When he/she is born we will post a picture of our Cafe baby! Thanks - even though we only lived an hour apart - we would never have met if it hadn't been for your services.

Anne-Channie378 {Ontario} & Justin-Oceanpacific {Ontario} July 2008

[Editor's note: See November 2008 to read about their "Cafe Baby" !]

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 I am married now and God has really opened up so many doors for the both of us.  

After Bible College in Colorado Springs, Colo. I went home to spend time with family back in Kansas.

I spent about a year and a half before I met Maria on She is from NY but moved here to Florida. I received a message from her which said that she was interested in meeting me sometime if I was still interested.

I have family in Palm Harbor that moved from Colorado and decided that it was time I spend some time down there and hopefully meet Maria.

When I did we fell in love right at first sight. Not only because of physical attraction but also because of spiritual attraction. Anyway, we dated for over a year and we stood in agreement that God opened the door for us and ever since then it has been great!

There's been up's and down's but for the most part the best is still yet to come. Thank you so much. If it wasn't for you we wouldn't be together.

Vic-amazingagape521 {Florida} & Maria {Florida} May 2008

 Our first date was fishing and the second date was a baseball game.  

Who could ask for more? Me! That's who.

I found the love of my life at We have almost everything in common, we share thoughts, plans, dreams and faith.

By the way I proposed about a week ago and we have set the date of our wedding for August the 16th this year.

Thank you!

John-johnniet641 {California} May 2008

 Barb & I would like to thank you for being the opportunity we needed to make connection  

Thank you very much!!!

Barb & Al-al379 May 2008

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 My family, who are not believers, had been telling me that I needed to get married.  

My reply was "I've been praying and now I wait. God's got it covered. I don't know if He'll bring me someone tomorrow or ten years from now. He'll know when I'm ready."

I had been praying for God's direction. My husband and I met on in April of 2007. My husband had moved here from Texas two years ago.

He had no family here and was about to move back the month we met. He had been praying for a wife with a friend for about a month.

We met on your website in April and married in October of 2007. Our marriage was a great testimony to both of our families. It showed them that God was in control and He wants the absolute best for us. All we have to do is love and trust him.

God's timing is perfect.

Rick-stiles {Arizona} & Amanda-ladybug746 {Arizona} May 2008

 I just wanted to thank you for helping me find someone very special in my life.  

I have recommended your site to friends and think it is a wonderful place for Christians to meet other Christians. God Bless.

Rachel-MJ943 {North Carolina} May 2008

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 When I first got on in June of 2007 I didn't think I would ever find anyone on  

But then about a week after being on here I got an e-mail from a girl named Victoria from Missouri.

Now I'm from Texas so I never thought we would never meet. We had so much in common it was incredible. After a long time of talking I decided to go up there and finally meet the girl I thought I would never meet because of our distance.

I originally planned on going up there in March but I decided I couldn't wait anymore so I went up there in the beginning of January.

It was magical!

We had such a wonderful time!!! She came down to visit me a short time later and needless to say when I went back up there I proposed to her on April 12! And she said yes!

I thank God everyday that He brought us together and also to for because of this site I have met the girl of my dreams! And if it wasn't for this website I probably wouldn't have met my soon to be wife! Thanks again and God bless!

Mark {Texas} & Victoria {Missouri} May 2008

 I think the is by far one of the best operations out there.  

Some sites may be free, but there are no rules for conduct on them and that is scary.

Furthermore, there is no screening of pics posted. Not very good! Argh! Kudos to owners Sam and Philip for this site.

Penny-pen510 {Alberta} May 2008

 I must tell you is awesome and very very easy friendly to use...VERY EASY!  

Clearly gives you much info before you even ask a single question. I must tell you, you're so much better than [another singles site] and many more ....been on 5 sites and NONE compared to this site..... it is Christian as it says it is (not as many others).....only if other sites would have values as you do.

[Another singles site] is about 10 years behind you all in finding and sharing with others singles in the way you look to share and connect with others to meet so many new using an elementary class to a well polished college class. is an awesome site and I WISH EVERY SINGLE KNEW OF IT. Thanks for being #1 let others know it as I do! Fan,

Tom-southernboy676 {Pennsylvania} May 2008

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Already a member? Sign in here. introduced me to some of my dearest friends (male & female) and eventually to my wonderful husband.  

Danny and I met online the summer of 2004, met face to face a few months later, and were married the end of that November.

It has been an incredible match. We complement each other very well, but most importantly, we accept each other "as is" and completely enjoy each day.

Nearly 4 years later and we're even more in love today than that first "oh my gosh, I love him" love!

Patti-praisinghim162 & Danny-justoldenough280 May 2008

[Editor's note: See August 2004 to read their first impressions!]

 Presently (and prayerfully for the rest of my life), I am married to Danny, whom I met on  

So I thank you guys. Were it not for you, I wouldn't have met my wonderful husband.

I have referred - and continue to do so - a lot of people to because it worked for me. A million thanks.

Ruth-ruth943 & Danny May 2008

 Many thanks - I have found a very special man.  

I enjoyed my time with you. My son and his wife who met here have been happily married for four years now!

Keep up the good work. God Bless you all.

Margaret-seranade853 {Alberta} May 2008

 I am engaged now to a man that I met through  

We're planning our wedding and it is set for 08-23-08.

Ashley-ashleyj415 {Minnesota} May 2008

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