Christian Testimony - August 2004

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 Congratulations to our Dream Wedding contest winners: Jen and Jeff who were married August 14, 2004.  

A man hugs a beautiful woman who smiles in the kitchen

Jeff and Jen ecstatic to have found each other

A romantic date leads to a kiss in a horse draw carriage

Jeff and Jen sharing their last moments as singles

A happy groom cuts the cake with his new Christian bride

Jeff and Jen cutting the wedding cake

Laughing bride tries in vain to avoid getting wedding cake on her face

Having some laughs with the wedding cake

Christian performer sings and plays at a Christian wedding

Steven Curtis Chapman performing his love song - "I Will Be Here"

ChristianCafe president interviewed for TV show at a wedding president Sam being interviewed for "An American Wedding" launched a contest in 2003 to encourage members to "seek" and "find" the person with whom they will make that lifetime commitment of marriage.

Many couples entered the draw and Jeff and Jen won! They received a fully paid for wedding and honeymoon, compliments of MT Media and their partners.

Included in the dream wedding was a pre-wedding horse-drawn carriage ride, wedding dress and tuxedo, rings, flowers, hair/makeup, photographer and a fully catered reception with DJ. Plus, a honeymoon!

Here are photos of the winning couple, whose wedding was featured live in the reality TV show "An American Wedding".

Jen {Maryland} and Jeff {Maryland} August 2004

[Editor's note: See March 2004 testimonial for the announcement as contest winners]

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 One love - two countries :)  

International Christian singles meet and hug on a warm summer day

Don't Darrin and Kelly look so happy to be engaged!

My fiance and I met on in April 2003 and met for the first time in July 2003. We were engaged that first weekend of meeting in person.

Darrin and I both lived in different countries, he in Canada and I in the United States. It made for a very expensive courtship. We flew back and forth until I moved to Canada to be nearer to him.

Our wedding is only a few short months away, November 2004. We know that God blessed this relationship from the beginning and we thank His wisdom and grace daily. Our faith is what keeps us so strong and so in love.

Darrin and I love telling others how we met, and we encourage our single friends to try

Darrin {Canada} & Kelly {United States} August 2004

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 We are enjoying a wonderful and God-centered marriage.  

A pretty woman hugs her new groom as they sit in the bridal car and smile

A look of complete satisfaction and joy on the faces of Glenn and Jeanne!

Glenn and I would like to thank you for the service that you provide. We met on in March, 2003 and were married June 19th, 2004.

Thanks again,!

Glenn & Jeanne August 2004

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 We lived only 20 miles apart in Florida but were going to different churches and never would have met without help from the Ultimate Matchmaker using  

Online dating brought this happy Christian couple together on their wedding day

Larry and Susie have been inseparable since meeting

Larry and I met on on October 20, 2003. We have been inseparable since our first face-to-face meeting two days after our first online chat on

On July 17, 2004 we were married in Charlotte, North Carolina. The minister officiating our ceremony said it was the most beautiful he'd ever done because of our joy.

We thank God for bringing us together. We are soul mates that look forward to sharing a life of ministry.

Thank you!

Larry-engineerlme355 {Florida} & Susie-agentlespirit702 {Florida} August 2004

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 I was skeptical that I would actually meet my wife on the Internet but the Lord had a plan for Amy and me.  

A handsome man cuddles outdoors with a pretty Christian woman

Rob is no longer skeptical - he met beautiful Amy!

Thank you for providing an Internet site for Christian singles.

Back in January I met a beautiful woman on As we got to know each other I discovered that her true beauty was in her genuine and sincere devotion to Christ.

We are planning to be married this December. The Lord used to bring us together.

Praise God.

Rob-jeepsoul699 & Amy August 2004

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 I met some wonderful, quality men on the Cafe, but just never the "right one", until NOW!  

A man tries to lift a beautiful woman up with one arm

Barbie waited for chemistry and found it in Lee!

Our wedding - October 9th! Praise the Lord and THANK YOU,! I have been single for 13 years, raising my four children and just making a living.

So many of my friends would tell me, "You're WAY TOO PICKY, Barbie!", but I guess I just knew there was someone special out there and when I met him, I would know!

It was Lee! I saw his picture on last December and noticed it first because he had his Weimerainer dog standing beside him. I grew up with those dogs and really love them too! Then I read his profile and sensed his love for the Lord and his heart for missions, so I wrote to him. He wrote back and that began our relationship. After hundreds of emails and over 500 hours on the phone, we met on April 21st.

I flew to Nevada to help him move out of a house he had just sold, so our first date was loading a U-Haul, but we did it with huge smiles on our faces and had a blast!!

What an awesome man!! I think we both knew, standing there in baggage claim at the airport, that God had something very special for us! We sensed it before, but needed to meet to know if there would be that "chemistry" between us, and there was, BIG TIME!!

We are honoring the Lord in our relationship, putting Him first, and continue to read the Word and pray together and over the phone when we are apart. I consider Lee a very special gift from the Lord and am looking forward to October 9th, the day I will become his wife!

Thanks again for this service. Thank you Jesus! Thank you Lee!

Barbie-barbie979 & Lee August 2004

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 We both had the pain and betrayal of divorce and broken families but God knew what was waiting for us when we put it into His hands.  

Happy Christian man wraps his arms around his love who looks very pleased

Colin and Kelly aren't letting go of each other!

God is absolutely in control, ALL the time.

I met my fiance through on January 13th, 2004, and our wedding is scheduled for January 8th, 2005 in the United Kingdom. Our miracle is even more special because we met over 3000 miles apart in different countries!

I was living in the USA and investigating a Christian organization in Birmingham, England. I decided to see if any other folks in the Birmingham area knew of this missionary group and my (now) fiance responded to my query.

Within 2 weeks, I had arrived in the UK. However, as God is always awesome, before I even left the USA, He had let me know that Colin "was the one, he was my soul-mate, and if we did things right, it would be very, very good". I knew that I was in love with Colin and that he was the one for me.

I have met his family in the UK and we've just returned from the USA, and he's met my family. I was just granted my 'fiancee visa', which I needed to re-enter the UK, in order to get married here, another confirmation that God is really in charge here. He can make a way when there seems to be no way!

We give ALL glory and honor to God for His goodness and mercy, and faithfulness in both our lives; there's no limit to what God can do!

Kelly-soldout859 {North Carolina} & Colin-craigbenson484 {United Kingdom} August 2004

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 Our first date was on Feb 8th, and as they say, "The rest is history".  

A pretty Christian bride in a beautiful wedding dress poses on the grass with her new Christian husband

Susan and Jeremy very happy to found each other!

Jeremy and I met in ChristianCafe in January 2003. Jeremy proposed on October 31st, and we were married on June 5th 2004!

People are always amazed that we met on the Internet, and we are very happy to tell them that it was through the grace of the Lord and that we are together!

Susan & Jeremy August 2004

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English Christians meet online and then in person, looking very pleased together

Within a week John and Debbie knew - now they're married!

Everyone Take Notice, because God can work in mysterious ways!

Debbie and I met in the Cafe over 2 years ago. Within a week we knew!

We married in April 2003, and we are so very happy. Enclosed is a photo of our wedding.

John-jules870 {Lincoln, England} & Debbie-aerynsun711 {England} August 2004

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 We just started to write and never stopped!  

Happy Born Again Christians sitting together after marrying

A location mix up led to a very happy Wendy and Owen marrying!

Blended Christian family laugh together at the wedding

Family - "the 4 of us"

We wish to thank for your site.

Somehow when I asked to unarchive my profile in September 2003 after being dormant for a while, I was listed as still living in New Jersey instead of Iowa where I'd since moved, so Owen wrote to me in September 2003 as he lived in New York.

[Editor: God knows what He is doing, He engineered that location mix up, not us!].

We arranged a first meeting in January 2004, when Owen came to Iowa. Owen not only met me but also my two daughters (one adopted from India and the other from China) and my parents.

He actually stayed at my parents' house for the week! In March I flew to New York to see Owen. There I meet his family and his church family. Owen proposed while I was in NY.

We planned a wedding for June 26, 2004 and then went on an Alaskan cruise for our honeymoon.

We now live in NY.

Thanks again! Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 37:4

Wendy-wendy266 {Iowa} & Owen-dougo355 {New York State} August 2004

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 I thank God for, because it led me to my best friend, my love of my life, my crazy comedian, my godly man, my perfect match!  

Attractive Christian couple from NY smile together at their outdoor wedding

Rachel beaming with her perfect match, Jeff!

A groom laughs as he stands under a one way sign with his pretty bride

Only one way for Rachel and Jeff - marriage!

It was a little over two years ago that Jeff & I met on I was new to New York and living just outside the City with my, then 6 year old, daughter Chloe.

Jeff invited me to his church, which became our family in New York.

We were married July 3, 2004 at our wonderful little church. It was a wedding only the Lord could orchestrate.

Thank you! Thank you Jesus!

Rachel-callalilly564 {New York} & Jeff {New York} August 2004

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 Praise God for His inexpressible gift!  

Illinois Christian man marries his love on the beach

Joe found his inexpressible gift in Nancy

We are writing to share our joy with you all by posting this testimonial and a photo of our wedding day on August 7, 2004 against the backdrop of the beautiful lake shore and cityscape of Chicago.

We "met" briefly on after reading each other's profile. We started corresponding via Quick Message on the site for a while, then privately through our home email; within a few weeks Joe called me on the phone, and after calling every day for a few months, we planned our first face to face visit.

Although we lived 800 miles apart and never anticipated that a long distance relationship would last, we felt it was the Lord's Hand that brought us together. We carried on a long distance committed relationship for over a year. We served together in the ministry which Joe leads in his church in Chicago and found that we had the same intensity of desire to serve the Lord in this way. We considered ourselves equally yoked in our love for Him and for our calling to serve Him. Our dreams and goals, to be fully submitted to Him wherever He leads, were identical.

We stuck together in our resolve to allow the Lord to be glorified in our lives despite some very hard circumstances in our families.

God saw fit to bring us together to love each other and serve Him for the rest of our lives together. We joyfully anticipate the fruit which can only come from hearts yielded fully to Him, whether that be in our own hearts, or in the transformation of hearts that we touch by acknowledging His name.

Thank you, Lord, and thank you, and all the wonderful single brothers and sisters who crossed our paths.

I recommend above all other sites to my single friends for the friendship and fellowship that can be had online. God bless you all.

Joe {Illinois} & Nancy August 2004

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 We have told all of our friends about  

My fiance and I are getting married on August 7th. We met on Christian Cafe back in September 2003. Thank you for providing this service to Christian singles.

Brigette-nursegirl728 & Brian-briank0891 {Florida} August 2004

 It was a love at first sight story after meeting for the first time.  

My wife and I have been married now over a year and a half. We met through and got to know each other before meeting in person for about 4 months. We would just like to thank the people at for the site.

Joe-josband614 {Michigan} August 2004

 I have met the most Beautiful woman of my dreams.  

We started writing in March 2004. God has truly blessed my search for a friend, partner, companion, wife. I proposed on bended knees June 04. Yes our God and Heavenly Father continues with modern miracles even today, only if we open our eyes and ears and stay still.

We are equally Yoked. This is a page out of King Authur and Knights of the Round Table. I L.J. Pledge Excalibur to Star Lady of the Lake. My white light bright light first Star I see tonight. Yes Camelot does exist.

God will bless your searches and may He fulfil your dreams, and reward your faith.

When the Dream is Big enough, The Facts don't Count.

Louis-bww543 {Virginia} August 2004

 The more I listen to her the more I miss her.  

I would like to thank you for such a wonderful site. I have met a great woman. We live in different states but I am going to meet her in a couple of months. We talk on the phone every day.

Thank you again.

Steve-sentrex136 {Arizona} August 2004

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 I must have contacted over fifty women during my three month subscription. Finally I met the one whom I would marry.  

Thank you for introducing me to my new wife Felicia.

We messaged on your system for a few days, then moved it to regular email. After a week we were calling each other in the evenings. A couple of months later we met in person. We dated for almost a year before deciding to get married.

I believe that God can use a tool like the Internet to bring people together in a way that was never possible before. Thanks again

P.S. By the way, while I was clearly looking for a wife, Felicia was only looking for online pen-pals. Somehow we put it together.

Christopher August 2004

 Nice to see a Christian site promoting Christians getting together.  

pil985 {New South Wales, Australia} August 2004

 When I joined in April 2002, I did not expect to find my future wife here.  

In fact I met my wife that same month, April 2002, and we got married in October 2002.

After two years we are still together and we have a wonderful son, 4 months old.

Christos-christos622 {Greece} and Olga August 2004

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 Awesome God/Awesome Site.  

Thank you for the opportunity to meet some new Christian friends and also the love of my life.

I got an email about and figured I'd try it out. I came mostly to find some good Christian friends, not expecting to find anything more, but then one fine day I was searching profiles when I came across the profile of such a wonderful woman, now my girlfriend Julie.

I never thought I'd find someone quite so much like me but through Christian Cafe I have, and I'm happy to say that I believe that she may be the one that God has planned for me.

I love your site and I hope it shall last as long as we are living on this earth.

Jackson-actionjcer419 {Pennsylvania} and Julie-eyeblieve332 {New York} August 2004

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 She is an awesome gift from God, and I eagerly await and enjoy the journey He is providing for us now and in the future.  

I am writing to you to personally thank you for providing a forum for believers to use to meet, converse and hopefully find that special someone that God has planned for them.

I am extremely blessed to be able to say that I have met a wonderful woman on your site, who has truly captured my heart.

Yesterday I cancelled my membership with your service. I did so only because I want to be able to dedicate all of my God given energies to pursue the love of the woman He has placed into my life.

With His grace I pray that this relationship will be totally honoring to Him and worthy of His never ending blessings. Once again I thank you for developing, which in my case has been, and in many other cases will be used by God to draw His people together.

In His Name,

John-jjsil364 August 2004

 I want to thank you for the wonderful site you have.  

I have found so much more here to value than just seeking a mate.

The Post a Prayer feature has especially been helpful for me during this difficult time.

I just recently had a bad situation and need all the strength I can get to make it through. In reading others' prayers, I find I am very touched and feel a closeness to the others on that I do not normally feel in my everyday life for people outside my family and friends.

God bless you and keep you.

Rachelle-celestialsparkler689 {Washington State} August 2004

 I'm very happy to say that I was one of those single Christians up until last September, when through your site I found the most beautiful Angel.  

I want to say a huge big Thank You for all the good your site brings to single Christians all over the world. Thanks to you we are now planning our wedding for next year. I believe what you have created truly has God at the centre, and through Him you're bringing believers together to strengthen and increase His Kingdom.

I know from my personal experience that God is at work through your Cafe. I came across a profile which really called out to me. The words that were there just leapt off the screen and touched me in an unbelievable way. Thankfully this wonderful Christian lady, Oksana, replied to my message.

In our search we had both put that we lived in central England. We found that we live less than a mile apart from each other! What's more amazing is that we could have lived opposite each other on the same street, because Oksana and her friends had actually viewed a house across the street from me.

Our love has grown over the past months and on 16th May 2004 Oksana and I got engaged. As you may have guessed by Oksana's name, she is from Lithuania, so that is where we plan to get married next year.

Thanks again to you for providing, and to our Father God for bringing us together, and to our Lord Jesus Christ for showing us real love; you've made us both very very happy.

May God bless you richly. Your brother in Christ Jesus.

Matthew-mattninenine388 {Birmingham, England} & Oksana {Lithuania} August 2004

 Jim and I met here on, corresponded, talked on the phone, met and married.  

Julianne-julianne805 {Florida} August 2004

[Editor's note: See April 2007 for a confirmation things are still going well!]

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 It's been 34 years since I had to ask someone for a date.  

When I was on a worldly site, I was not impressed. I've met more nice people through your Christian service.

A member sent me a message asking: "Just Old Enough For What?" I answered, and things progressed from there. We are to meet at LAX (Los Angeles Airport) as she passes through there to New Zealand to bring home her daughter who is a missionary.

[Editor: They met, see next testimonial!]

This early spring I had rededicated myself to my Lord, and started praying harder for a mate. I've traveled all over the world, and all over the U.S. looking for another place to live, and while traveling I've been looking for that special someone. It wasn't until I gave myself back to the Lord and started reading His Word that all this has come about.

So again, I thank you. She is my Princess, and I am her Prince. It's quite the success story, and full of love.

Danny-justoldenough280 {US} & Patti-rapunzelreturns561 {Washington State} August 2004

[Editor's note: The next testimonial is from Patti. And see May 2008 for a wedding update!

 Whether we spend the rest of our lives together or as forever friends, I want to thank for the opportunity to meet a wonderful, Godly man.  

Thank you for providing an incredible opportunity for Christians to meet, date and if it is God's will, to marry and build a life together. Your profile questions demand introspection and clarity in the type of partner one is seeking, and caused me to reevaluate my own life and exactly what I had to offer a prospective mate.

Several years ago I was on the Cafe, and although I didn't find "Mr Right", I did correspond with and even dated enough men that my vision of my perfect mate was made clearer. I also met men, and women, from all over the world who have become life-long friends. We may not meet face-to-face until heaven, but we have become a network of powerful prayer warriors.

Recently one profile I found captivating was that of "Just Old Enough". [Editor: Danny-justoldenough280, See previous testimonial!] His experiences, adventures, hobbies and desires mirrored my own so much that I felt I could "cut and paste" much of his profile into my own. We sent a few tentative emails, and it became obvious that the possibilities I saw in his profile were very real.

Then I had a 12-hour layover at LAX (Los Angeles Airport) on my journey from Seattle to Auckland, NZ. Danny met me at the terminal wearing his white cowboy hat and offering a beautiful rose. We spent the day together, attended church, I met one of his sons and his family, and we enjoyed the sunset as we stood together on Seal Beach Pier. It was a wonderful day!

We are currently 12,000 miles apart, all part of God's perfect timing, and will see each other again face-to-face in mid-September.

God bless you for all that you do.

Patti-rapunzelreturns561 {Washington State} & Danny-justoldenough280 {US} August 2004

[Editor's note: The previous testimonial is from Danny. And see May 2008 for a wedding update!

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 I have met a wonderful man from Texas and we are engaged to be married on October 16, 2004.  

Thank you for having this great site for Christians! Many Blessings,

Rosalee-roz730 {Missouri} August 2004

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 We are the best of friends and enjoy each other immensely.  

We each found ourselves drawn to, really just wanting to find a good Christian friend with whom we shared a lot in common.

After about a month of emailing, instant messaging, etc.we decided to meet at a local non-denominational church, where we continued to grow closer to GOD and each other.

As time progressed, we felt the leading of GOD tremendously in our lives and in our children's lives, to marry and become a blended family that GOD was putting together. There have been ups and downs along the way, which are expected when combining two families, but in the grand scheme of things, our marriage has been a wonderful union in which we are growing with each other day by day.

As our One Year Anniversary approaches we are extremely in love with GOD and each other. We are a family of eight, 4 girls and 2 boys, ranging from 3 yrs old to 14 years old and the children all live with us. It's kind of like the 'Brady Bunch' in some ways, but with a solid foundation at the center of the family and marriage, of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

We wanted to pass this Praise the Lord and testimonial along to the Cafe, to encourage others. Although there are many places one can find their best friend and possibly marriage partner, the Cafe was an instrumental tool in introducing us to each other.

One year and six children later =), one might ask if we would do this again. Our answer would be loud and clear, without hesitation, YES, YES, and YES!

We pray God's guidance in each of your lives and that no matter what you do, keep GOD at the center and let Him lead you. God will never leave you, nor forsake you, and He knows what is best for His children. In Christ,

Philip and Tracy August 2004

 It's so wonderful to know that you're marrying someone who shares in your faith.  

We wanted to write and let you folks know that we met using your service 6 months ago and are now engaged! is wonderful and more people should consider using it to meet fellow believers or perhaps their life partner!

Jennifer-jennygirl276 & Todd August 2004

 We just wanted to let you know our good news!  

I met my fiance on in September 2003, and while we have not yet set a date, there have been a lot of really exciting things happen in our relationship.

As soon as my fiance finds a job in the KC metro area here, we will be able to move on to bigger things; such as marriage.

Julie August 2004

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