Christian Testimony - January 2010

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 Thank you, for the setting you created to bring us together in September 2007.  

Online dating was easy for these senior Christians who look joyful on their wedding night

Luke and Susan on their wedding night

Wedding photo joy from a smiling interracial couple who hug and laugh together

Could Luke and Susan's smiles be any bigger!

We married in February 2008 and have experienced a wonderful marriage for nearly 2 years.

The process was safe, pleasant, and easy. Our life verse is Ephesians 3:20-21.

Here we are on our wedding night.

Luke-katosan120 {Michigan} & Susan-gerisusan639 {Idaho} January 2010

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 Because of, 8 months ago I met my prince charming.  

An overjoyed woman presses her cheek to a handsome man's while they both smile

Like her family, Addie met her prince charming, Nigel, on

Christian woman smiles while a man wraps his arms around her near the ocean

Don't Addie and Nigel make a great couple!

I am writing to express my immense gratitude for your site.

My sister signed me up in mid march of 2009 after watching me stumble and give my heart to men that in the end, did not have my best interest at heart.

She decided to step in and provide her own two cents. Her mother in law and sister in law had both found success with, so she believed in the power of like-minded beliefs.

The first attempt did not yield much fruit and I left a bit disappointed, although I did appreciate much of being re-exposed to kind centered people.

On my second attempt I had much better luck. I met many nice people and when you all had a spring sale I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for the service.

That membership was one of the best blessings that have come into my life.

I noticed Nigel many times before I winked at him. There was magnetism and kindness in his face that I noticed from the get go. Thank goodness for winks!

From the moment of his first reply, I felt the kindness come off the page and steal bits of my heart. From there, emails got more frequent, thoughts often, and eventually we both fought technology for a chance to "chat".

Eventual phone calls have worked their way into our daily routine, where my heart is all the more awed. Nigel continues to impress me as a man of great depth of substance. It turns out that he and I share beliefs on "cake baking" and compass reliance in this crazy world.

He is one who makes the world better simply because he is. He makes my heavy days lighter, and the challenges not so challenging. He reminds me to be thankful for the small things and that goodness and excitement are all around us.

He has moved me to tears with his kindness and silly laughter with his sense of humor. We have bridged the gap between an American "What" and the Canadian equivalent "Sorry?". He has also reminded me of the power of patience and prayer, and the great insight of God.

God knows His timing and plans and I should trust them. Because of that timing and kindness, I find myself here thanking you for being a conduit to bring Nigel to me. The adventure has just begun for is and I can't wait to see where our adventure takes us!

Since the writing of these testimonials in May, the love story has only continued to blossom. After emails, hours and hours on the phone and videoconferencing, 4th of July weekend Nigel came to meet me.

Little did I know my life would change forever.

Not only did Nigel come with suitcases, he came with a gorgeous ring. Over the next few months, there were many trips back and forth, over 343 emails and hours and hours of phone calls.

Due to the immigration issues, Nigel and I decided that we would have a courthouse wedding in the end of August. There is a more formal church wedding to follow in California in July of 2010 with friends and family.

This past September, I left my job and moved to Canada. Now, 3 months later, we are getting ready for our first holidays together.

Without your site, this may never have happened! We are ever so grateful!

Addie-adebelle109 {Georgia} & Nigel-nigelk683 {Ontario January 2010

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 After a slew of not-so-great relationships, I decided to give internet dating a shot.  

Birthday date turns to proposal for these Christian singles who cuddle

Chris and his wife-to-be's lives were changed by

I'd only ever heard jokes and horror stories, but I figured, if it's a Christian site, it might be worth a look.

I live in California, and so I was looking in California for my mate. One day my friend suggested I look outside of California as well.

I thought about it, but pretty much dismissed it. The next day, I noticed that a very pretty girl had looked at my profile, so I had a look at hers. She was funny, beautiful, and clearly very smart ... but she was all the way across the country in Connecticut.

At the end of her profile, she stated that she preferred traditional gender roles, and so, wanted the man to make the first move.

I went ahead and sent her a message, figuring I might be able to make a new friend in Christ. Two days later, she replied that she was happy I'd written her; she was hoping I would, because she thought that my personality was the most interesting of those she'd seen on the site.

The next day, which was February 24 of 2008, we spoke on the instant messenger. It was the last day of my trial membership on the site. The conversation ended up lasting 7 hours.

I knew right then that this was FAR more than a friendship, and signed up for a full membership.

In June of that year, I went to Connecticut to visit her. We had an amazing time, and fell even more in love. Later that same year, in September, she moved out to California to be with me.

I have never had so a wonderful relationship with anyone. We complement each other so well ... and our love just grows stronger every day.

In June of 2009, I proposed after a romantic date in anticipation of her birthday ... she accepted. We're now engaged and scheduled to be married August 1st of 2010.

If it weren't for, I would not have found my wife-to-be. ChristianCafe has changed my life, and the life of my son. Thank you SO MUCH!!

Chris-nogzor995 {California} & anastasia948 {Connecticut} January 2010

 I can not imagine my life without my soul mate I met on  

Romantic dinner date for a Christian couple at a restaurant

Dale with his sweet and caring Nina

She is sweet, caring, humble and absolutely stunning.

We spent Christmas together for our first meeting after emailing since Sept. 2009. We got more serious around mid November and started talking on the phone every night (for hours) all of December.

I took a handcrafted Trinity know engagement ring from Ireland with me and after traveling for a day to get to Toronto I proposed at 2:34 in the morning (the day after Christmas although I tried getting it out before midnight).

Monday morning she told me she accepted and we needed to get an international calling card to call her mum and dad in Russia.

There are little things that God had his hand in all through this. No less than a dozen times we should NOT have even met. I probably would not even have "picked" my Nina had I met her in person at first.

HE picked her because He knows what's best. She is everything I could ever ask for. God IS good; all the time (even when we don't really understand).

Dale-selah245 {Maine} & Nina {Ontario} January 2010

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 We were both searching our hearts and trying to find the plan God had in store for us.  

Beautiful date on bridge

Michael and Jennifer had their ideal first date

Senior Christian couple kiss on a bridge

Michael and Jennifer recently celebrated their 1st anniversary!

Senior Christians no longer single are shown smiling at each other on their relaxed wedding day

Michael and Jennifer married on the beach

I saw Jennifer's profile and gave her a wink. Initially I felt like she might not respond and when she did the rest is beautiful history.

We chatted via the IM through and then proceeded to communicate via the phone.

Logistically God had it all planned out. We met in California and our first date was a walk on the beach and talking. It truly was very romantic and what we both had described in our profiles as an ideal 1st meeting really did come true.

From there it only improved. We courted long distance for 5 months before taking a leap of faith, by me moving to California.

We were married on the beach Dec 31st 2008 to end an old year and to start a new one together. It has been a truly awesome blessing finding your site and how God's hand prevailed in our life.

We celebrate our one year anniversary and we could not be happier and give credit for us meeting (through God, that is).

Life is full of surprises and it is amazing how God blesses us and gives us so many new chances at starting over again. Thank you and Praise God for what you have striven to do through this site. Amen!!

Michael-rockiesfan188 {Wyoming} & Jennifer-wasamngirl431 {California} January 2010

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 By the Lord's providence, my wife and I met on on May 7, 2009.  

Big smiles on wedding day for this happy couple

Jonathan is grinning from ear to ear after finding Rebecca!

It all started when my future wife winked at was her first day on the site on her 10 day free trial.

By principle I typically do not email girls back who first contact me, but for some reason I felt the Lord telling me to email this girl back.

This girl had everything going against her, she was from Montreal, younger than 28, blonde hair, taller than me; and yet for some reason I felt compelled to write to her.

That first night we chatted for 3 hours. A week later we met in person. By June 22nd we were engaged and we started planning our wedding.

On September 19th, 2009 we were married and now we are expecting our first child. We couldn't be happier. The Lord has truly blessed us and we hope and pray that others will be blessed in the same way.

Jonathan-doublej266 {Ontario} & Rebecca-blondhead260 {Quebec} January 2010

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 I met my husband on your site, and we have been married for 8 wonderful months!  

Felice-happyone640 {New York} January 2010

 I apologize for the delay in letting you know that through I met and married a wonderful Godly man 3 years ago!  

God has truly had His hand on our lives and we have spent 3 fabulous years travelling and working on mission trips.

In speaking with you over the years, you had said there were believers on and I am thankful we had that conversation as it is true.

May God continue to bless you and have a Happy and Prosperous Happy New Year.

Morgan-morgan429 {British Columbia} January 2010

 I have no complaints on how you run your business. I think you do a bang up job!  

James-wendel938 {Wisconsin} January 2010

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 It is with great joy that I share with you that God has blessed me with the love of a wonderful Christian man.  

On December 25, 2009, Paul asked me to marry him and gave me a beautiful engagement ring.

It was a joy and honor to tell him yes.

We have not yet set the date. Rejoice with me in this great gift of love, this blessing that God provided.

Linda-Kansascowgirl278 {Kansas} & Paul-coldwings910 {North Carolina} January 2010

 I thank you so much for blocking 'abusive' people - I feel so much more protected.  

And thank you for making this site a multi-level of contact: from pen pals to romance and everything in between!

AND best of all a prayer line.

This way, there is no pressure looking for a soul mate and if there is no one - at least money invested is not wasted as there is always the prayer line and offers of travel.

Rosina-musiotunya680 {Florida} January 2010

 Thanks for bringing my husband and me together.  

I was a little afraid I guess when I created my profile, and was not sure about continuing.

However a male member sent me a message and we connected. It was, to say the least, a tumultuous friendship that finally turned out for God's glory.

We are married and seeing to do His Will as a couple. In this world that needs God's love, we thank God for, for offering Christians a worldwide chance to meet fellow Christians.

Anonymous January 2010

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