Christian Testimony - May 2012

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 I have found the love of my life!  

Anjee and Adrian married in October 2011

An interracial couple smile and hug while leaning against a tree

A collage of a Christian couple holding hands, getting married and acting silly

Anjee and Adrian are both very happy with the outcome :)

My husband was referred to by one of his friends, who also met his wife in

Because his friend's relationship was so successful and full of joy, my husband decided to join

He first winked at me in December 2010. Through our honest correspondence, our attraction with each other grew stronger and we've learned that we share the same values.

We met in person last April 2011 in the Philippines and got engaged. Then I flew to Australia to spend some time with him and his family last July 2011. Both of our families are very happy with our relationship and they have given us their full support.

We went back to the Philippines and were married in October 2011. Some people considered ours a whirlwind romance and so it is, but my husband and I are very happy about the outcome.

Putting God as the centre of our relationship and trusting each other, we know that we can handle any challenges that will come our way.

Thank you for being the door of opportunity for us. May you bring more joy and hope to lots of people on your site and keep up the good work! God bless you!

Anjee-garamond800 {Philippines} & Adrian-adrian331 {New South Wales, Australia} May 2012

 I wanted to thank God for, which made it possible to find my perfect match.  

A beautiful couple look pensive as they sit together at their wedding

Lena and David look dashing on their wedding day

Father of the bride gives her daughter away to her new husband, who lovingly holds her hand

Lena and David were married in El Salvador

A beautiful Christian couple pose for the cameras outdoors after marrying

Lena and David beam for the camera!

A married couple sit and receive their blessing at their wedding

Lena and David make the marriage official

I never ever thought I would find my future hubby online but God uses crazy ways sometimes to accomplish his will so I just wanted to express my thanks to you also!

David and I started chatting on on Sept 13, 2010. At that time he was living in San Francisco (visiting his Parents) and I was living in Canada.

About 4 months after getting to know each other over the internet and text messaging 24/7 we decided to meet in person.

We met on Dec 8 2010 for the first time and fell in love immediately even though we had already fallen in love while we were chatting =) After dating long distance for about 8 months we got engaged and on Jan 8 2012 we got married in El Salvador.

We now live in El Salvador since my husband is Salvadorean and it's not that easy to get a Visa for him for Canada but we are working on it and we know God has perfect plans for us!!

Lena-faithfirst606 {Manitoba} & David-skydiver665 {California} May 2012

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 Only 2.8 miles apart...who knew!  

An ecstatic bride and groom from Michigan wave to the camera above after marrying

Matt and Ericka lived just 2.8 miles apart but had never met prior to joining

I met the woman of my dreams on in October of 2010!

I had sent her an email earlier that summer to say hello and introduce myself, but we never connected. My subscription ran out shortly there after and I decided not to renew it.

Fast forward to the fall, I received an email from that they were having a free communication weekend. I decided to give it one last shot!

And low and behold, when I signed back in, I had just received an email response from her the day before! Keep in mind, this is months later! God had a plan!

We connected via email that weekend and then began talking on the phone the following week. We would talk for hours and hours about everything from our kids, our families, favorite tv shows and even her missing hamster!

Our first date was Saturday, October 30, 2010. We met at a local restaurant for dinner. We had such a great time at dinner and decided to watch a movie afterwards. We could not stop talking during the movie and actually got "Shooshed"? by the people in front of us. Ha!

We ended the night with some coffee at a local diner and got to watch all of the creepy Halloween people at the restaurant. A night I will never forget!

I knew that God had sent the woman I was supposed to be with for the rest of my life! I asked her to marry me on the top of the Tower of Americas in San Antonio, TX on April 30th, 2011 (6 month anniversary from when we met) and thank the Lord she said YES!!!

We got married on September 17th, 2011 in the church that I grew up in surrounded by close family and friends! It was a prefect day! One of the best days of our lives and one we will never forget!

My wife has two boys, ages 8 and 9 and I also have two boys, ages 9 and 11. We are blessed to have a wonderful blended family. We have nicknamed our family, "SIX MIX"? and even have a personalized license plate!

At the time we met, we lived 2.8 miles from each other in the same town! We shopped at the same grocery store and video store. Our kids were in the same school district.

Thank you for being the tool that God used to bring us together!!!

Matt-spartyfan100 {Michigan} & Ericka-eam587 {Michigan} May 2012

 We would like to share our testimony.  

A woman leans into a man while holding his hand at a restaurant

Grace and John share a moment

Surrounded by wedding guests who are seated, a newly married couple give their wedding speech

Grace and John at their wedding

A Christian couple exchange rings

Grace says her wedding vows

A groom sees if the wedding ring fits nicely on his wife's finger

John puts the ring on Grace's finger

We are engaged.

Grace-gkelly230 {Brazil} & John May 2012

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 My husband and I met on and got happily married last December!  

A groom shouts for joy while holding his bride's hand

Mike shouts for joy after marrying Lindsay

A newly wedded Christian couple burst out laughing together outside

Mike and Lindsay can't contain their joy!

A groom ensures his new wife is comfortable outdoors while she leans near a fountain

Mike helps his beautiful bride as they pose

Wedding guests applaud a new bride and groom as they enter the reception hall

Congratulations all around for Mike and Lindsay

Lyndsay-tinkles334 {England} & Mike-blaxmon712 {England} May 2012

 Amy and I met on in April of 2010 and have been dating for two years.  

Former Christian single from Florida sits on the grass with his arms on a beautiful woman's shoulders

Brian and Amy met on in April 2010

A man laughs while seated a step above a pretty blonde woman

Brian and Amy, newly engaged, beam for the camera

We are so thankful to God from bring us into each others lives. We are getting married on July 21, 2012.

Thanks also to Christian Cafe for allowing us to meet. If it were not for this website it's not likely that we would have meet given the distance of where we both live.

Brian-musicman638 {Florida} & Amy-bookgirl883 {South Carolina} May 2012

[Editor's note: See July 2013 testimonial for a wedding photo as they approach their 1st anniversary.]

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 I met my husband on  

This month is our 4 year anniversary and we have a 2 year old daughter. We would like to thank you for being God's connection with others.

I am from Brazil, but was living in south Florida and he is from Tennessee.

Julia {Florida} May 2012 has the best Instant Messenger of any site I have yet to come in contact with.  

(I am on totally now - no other sites). I look at it this way - if someone thinks that they want to say something that may not agree with then maybe they should change themselves not their mode of conversation.

If was perfect the head office would be heaven not earth. So complain not.

Marilyn-pageone136 {Manitoba} May 2012

[Editor's note: See March 2011 testimonial for more praise from Marilyn!]

 Thank you for your fantastic Christian site that you have created.  

It was simple to use and it allowed me to find a wonderful Christian lady. We are engaged and in the near future we will be married.

Thanks again for your awesome work in creating this site.

Atter-ocean777 {Ontario} & Cecilia May 2012
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 I met someone on and am now married.  

So thank you very much!!! There was absolutely no way of meeting my husband on the street in one of the countries either he or I have been to.

Thanks to you I met him on

Willemien-twothrees687 {South Africa} May 2012

 A Marriage Success Story!  

I have found the pick-of-the-litter on your site! Thanks to you, Bramble and N4GWL will be married in two weeks.

Meeting someone 3,000 miles away was only possible because of your network.

Ron-n4gwl {Florida} & Laura-bramble502 {California} May 2012
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