Christian Testimony - April 2012

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 Wedding date set!  

An English Christian couple holds hands in a beautiful garden

Mike and Rema beam with joy over their engagement

Last year we notified you that we were happily together and at the end of last year we were engaged.

We are due to marry in August and we wanted to thank you for helping us come together and bring our faith together - with the help of God of course!

We are very happy and attach a picture - we shall send you a wedding photo later in the year! Thank you very much again.

Mike-michaelp905 {England} & Rema-amera139 {England} April 2012

[Editor's note: See November 2011 testimonial for their engagement announcement and January 2013 for their wedding update]

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 Successful match in 2000 !  

A former Canadian Christian single man sits with his Mexican wife and their 2 children

Amaranta and Leon successfully matched 12 years ago

A Christian couple in love kiss in a field

Amaranta and Leon proudly show off their 2 "Cafe Babies"!

I met my Husband on in the early part of 2000. I had travelled to Canada previously from Mexico and Leon had been travelling to Mexico for winter vacations.

We don't even recall which one of us first saw the other's profile and tried to make contact, but in any event, we started to chat with each other, exchange photos and spent time getting acquainted.

In the fall of 2000, Leon booked tickets to come to Mexico on another winter vacation and decided to stop and visit me as the first place on his tour.

Long story short, when our eyes met in person for the first time on the 21st of December, we knew that God had brought us together. We had felt a strong connection through our communication via but wanted to protect our hearts in case reality was different.

Obviously 2000 was before internet dating was considered really ok so we tried to maintain a sense of friendship only till we could meet in person.

Looking back, it was the fact that we communicated without physical contact for most of 10 months and did so honestly that enabled us to move with confidence with what followed.

Leon proposed to me on the 4th of January, 2001, just 15 days after we met in person. On the 14th of July, 2001, I came to Canada and married Leon.

It has a been a God-breathed plan and we now have 2 amazing children aged 6 and 9. Thanks be to God and

Amaranta {Mexico} & Leon {Canada} April 2012

 We have been thinking for quite a while to write to you to thank you for allowing God to use you in bringing our lives together.  

Newlyweds sit on the grass leaning against each other

Ioana and Andy all smiles for the camera

A woman is overcome with laughter as her husband tells a joke

Thumbs up for Ioana and Andy who are happily married

Our love story has been a marvelous journey into God's love.

Ioana-soph969 {England} & Andy April 2012

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 I want to thank you for being instrumental in helping meet my fiancee.  

Our wedding date is April 21, 2012.

Michael-mkrobin {North Dakota} April 2012 is really good.  

I have met quality contacts and I think that is good. The Lord bless you and your ministry. I am still new to online dating but I think you are a blessing.

Pauline-robin948 {France} April 2012
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 To Sam, whom I met at one of the singles' gatherings (June 2011 - North of Toronto) and the rest of the staff:  

I would like to thank you for a most wonderful ride over the last two years.

It has been fun using your site to meet different women. To talk, email, and to converse with. I enjoyed reading the profiles and seeing the possibilities that might have been.

And although I never met that special one for me, I still thank you that I found you as a Christian dating site. Also, I appreciate that you offer some free time (Valentine's Day - the week before).

Edward-jonnyquest934 {Ontario} April 2012

 Finally I have come across a Dating website the Lord would be proud of.  

All other Christian site which are as expensive or even more expensive than secular ones should take a cue from you guys.

funkymusician621 {Ontario} April 2012
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