Online Dating – A Guide for Single Parents

A guide for single parents
A guide for single parents

With this article, you’ll discover how single parents can navigate the challenges of parenthood while seeking a new romantic relationship. It also explores the benefits of online dating and offers guidance to find the perfect match. Biblical wisdom and practical advice will empower you to balance the responsibilities and prioritize the children while embracing the journey of love.

The Unique Challenges of Single Parenthood

Single parenthood comes with its own set of challenges that can make pursuing a new romantic relationship seem daunting. Juggling the responsibilities of raising children, working, and managing a household alone can be overwhelming. Amidst these demands, finding the time and energy for dating becomes a significant obstacle.

I keep having sexual activity in dating.

Sexual activity
Sexual activity

I keep having sexual activity in dating, even when I intend not to do so. What can I do?

Email after email comes across my screen with one variation or another of the same scenario. It is how a Christian single adult felt strongly about not having sexual activity in their dating, but ended up having sex anyway. The emails continue with a consistent pattern to them. The story unfolds how the relationship began to turn for the worse after having sexual activity. The relationship often ends after only one such activity, or sometimes slowly grinds on with continuing damage to each party.

Questions to Ask to a Guy: A Christian Single Woman’s Guide.

Questions to ask to a guy
Questions to ask to a guy whom you want to date.

As a Christian single woman, finding a potential match who shares your faith and values can be a challenge. Online dating can be a great way to connect with like-minded individuals, but it’s important to know what questions to ask to a guy to get to know him and ensure that he aligns with your beliefs and goals. Also in this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on what to ask a potential match on a Christian dating website.

Love Connection: Questions to Ask Single Ladies.

Love Connection

Start your love connection here! As a Christian single man, it’s important to find a woman who shares your faith and values. And more so her love for our Lord Jesus. When using a dating platform such as, there are certain questions you can ask other singles to ensure that you are on the same page when it comes to your faith in Christ.

In this blog post, we will discuss what questions a Christian single man should ask a potential match on a dating website and how to show that you are dedicated to finding a woman who loves Jesus as much as you do.

Finding a Godly Spouse

godly spouse
Searching for a Godly spouse

Finding a Godly spouse on a Christian dating site can be an exciting, at times challenging, but also rewarding, experience. It’s important to remember that, as Christians, we are called to seek God’s Will in all aspects of our lives, including our relationships. With all that in mind, here are a few tips for finding a God-fearing spouse on a Christian dating site, such as

5 Tips to find a Godly spouse:

5 Questions For New Relationships.

Question For New Relationship
5 Questions For New Relationship

Today’s quest post is from Oscar Collins.

5 Questions Christians Should Ask Before Entering a New Relationship

Accepting an invitation for a first, second, or third date is thrilling. You could grow closer to your partner and find your future spouse – but will they also be your spiritual partner? Matching your spiritual beliefs sets the foundation for a healthy relationship.

How do I convince my ex-spouse to take me back?

Take Me Back
Take Me Back

Take Me Back: Many of you join me in knowing what it is like to make a serious mistake and lose a relationship. This is even more significant when it is a marriage. You made a bad choice, you committed a sin, but now you have embraced your error and God is restoring you. You know that you have changed. But those whom you have hurt are just not giving you a chance to prove that you have changed.

Good Customer Service: America’s Best Award – Again!

Best Customer Service Newsweek
America’s Best Customer Service Newsweek (by Statista)

Newsweek magazine just announced their annual “American’s Best Customer Service Award” and has ranked #3 in their “Online Dating Sites” category, out of all dating sites online today, whether religious or secular. For 5 years in a row now we’ve been recognized in the best customer care category for online dating!  (We’ve been ranked #1 & #2 twice each and #3 once). It is such a joy for us to be recognized for our ministry / business. Above all, our goal is to continue to provide excellent service for many years to come!

5 consecutive years in the “America’s Best Customer Care Award of the Year”

Newsweek, using the excellent polling company, Statista, have a yearly Award for companies that provide the Best Customer Service to their clients and members.

What are ‘blockages’ that can negatively affect a single adult’s life?

What are ‘blockages’ that can negatively affect a single adult’s life?

Dr. Jim shows us the psychological blockages that should be avoided that some singles build around themselves after painful experiences and behavioral patterns that some develop. He also gives insight into what you should do to discern the ‘real’ cause of these blockages.

Blockages and the impact on your life

In response to an article that I wrote about dating at an older age (Dating For Older Adults), a person wrote asking me to elaborate on what I meant by ‘blockages’ that can negatively affect a person’s life. This is an area that relates to many single adults.

One And Only

One and Only
My One And Only

Searching for your “one and only”

Do you feel, as you’re searching for your One and Only, that you’re the only one who is pursuing your search in a Godly fashion? I can assure you that you are NOT alone if you do.

I wish that this were not so, but unfortunately, our world is filled with sinners. Even though you have chosen to use a Christian Internet site, you are still relating to sinners. It would be awesome if when we became Christians we no longer sinned. Thank God, though, that He has given us the power over sin through the Holy Spirit and our obeying His guidance.

Yes, it is mostly a lonely search to approach any part of living as a Christian. There are a number of scriptures that come to mind such as Matthew 7:13-14. “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.’ This is the way walking in this world is, even for the Christian seeking their one and only.