One And Only

One and Only
My One And Only

Searching for your “one and only”

Do you feel, as you’re searching for your One and Only, that you’re the only one who is pursuing your search in a Godly fashion? I can assure you that you are NOT alone if you do.

I wish that this were not so, but unfortunately, our world is filled with sinners. Even though you have chosen to use a Christian Internet site, you are still relating to sinners. It would be awesome if when we became Christians we no longer sinned. Thank God, though, that He has given us the power over sin through the Holy Spirit and our obeying His guidance.

Yes, it is mostly a lonely search to approach any part of living as a Christian. There are a number of scriptures that come to mind such as Matthew 7:13-14. “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.’ This is the way walking in this world is, even for the Christian seeking their one and only.

However, I want to point out to you that when we do choose to walk this narrow path (even as singles), God is able to do some powerful things in and through us. There are some singles in the Bible who faced similar circumstances, and yet they came out not only as victorious but ones that God continues to use to inspire others.

Here are some that come to mind:

Daniel: Taken captive as a young teenage boy and carried off to a foreign land. He refused to take the ‘ways’ of his new land and took the narrow path. Do you think that this was an easy choice for him? Because he did make this choice, God gave great wisdom and leadership gifts to him. The King of the heathens even recognized this and set him up in great leadership. Even here Daniel had to continue to make choices for the narrow way, but not even lions could ‘eat his joy’!

Joseph: Talk about a dysfunctional family, Joseph was certainly a member of one. He was not without fault either as he was the spoiled brat/baby of the family. His brothers took him and sold him into slavery and he too was carried off to a foreign land. YET, he chose the teachings of his Father and was faithful to God. You can recall the temptations and trials that Joseph went through. Also, recall the ways in which God blessed him and set him up for a vital role in providing for His people.

Mary: Unwed mothers find it challenging in today’s world, but it could not be anywhere near the difficulty that Mary faced. Can you imagine the dream that Mary was given and then suddenly find herself pregnant? What were all the Jewish mothers going to say? Now there is a powerful force to reckon with! Mary did not run away and hide but embraced the path that God had chosen for her. You and I owe a huge debt to this Jewish girl who chose to let God use her.

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Get God involved when seeking your One and only.

What role does God wish for you? As you interact with others in your dating experience, Internet or otherwise, remember these singles from the Bible that had to make choices in their lives too. The same God who was with each of them, and many more, is with you right now.

Do not drop your standards and just marry a good person! Make God your partner as you seek to find all that God has in store for you. I do not know whether or not He has a “one and only” for you, but I do know that He cares immensely about all of you and the desires of your heart. I encourage you to trust Him with your life as other Christian singles have and are doing.

Dr. Jim

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  1. We must accept that as Christians we are at different stages of maturity. By that I mean you may not find a spouse at your level of maturity. If that be the case, let it be a remorseful sinner. Having said that, dishonesty, in any form, is a deal breaker. But suppose, your soul mate is bipolar? In many cases, bipolar victims are compulsive liars, reckless and hypersexual, what then? I raise this because I dated someone like that recently, by the grace of God, Iam still standing. It was the most traumatic experience of my life! In a way, I feel convicted by 1 Corinth 13?

  2. I really love to get someone who loves God more and he is ready to a good relationship which will be come a nice family

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