Newsweek Ranks #1 in Customer Care AGAIN!


Customer Care Newsweek. #1 America Best Dating Online Site Category

Newsweek magazine just announced their annual “Best Customer Service Award” and was ranked #1 AGAIN in their “Online Dating Sites” category.  Being recognized in the best customer care category for online dating for 4 consecutive years is something we’re really proud of. That’s because our members are our top priority!

America’s Best Customer Care Award of the Year, Yet Again!

The well known magazine Newsweek worked with Statista, a respected global data research firm, to identify companies online that consistently provide the Best Customer Service to their members. was ranked in the top position, once again.  In the past 4 years, we have been ranked #3, #2, and #1 (twice).

Why doesn’t God bring a spouse into my life?

Why isn’t God bringing me a spouse?

Are you one of those singles who have a hard time understanding why God hasn’t brought you your future spouse yet? Dr. Jim writes about finding help when loneliness takes over.

Dear Jim: Paul says it is better to marry than to ‘burn’ with passion. If this is true, then why doesn’t God bring a spouse into my life?

Christian singles are awesome people. They so desire to live their life for God and be filled with His Spirit, but they are often filled with the passion for a spouse. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 7 that it is a moral challenge to not marry and therefore it is good that one does. If this is true, then why does God not provide a mate for everyone who desires one?!

Addicted to Pornography.

Pornography and the Christian singles today.

Dr. Jim illustrates how damaging addition can be, even moreso with sexual addiction.   What should the Christian single do if they find themselves trapped in this devastating addition?  

Dear Jim: What advice do you have for an attraction to pornography on the Internet?

Today I enjoyed lunch with a long time Christian friend who is an Elder in the church I attend. In the course of our conversation he shared about an experience at a recent Church Men’s retreat. The men were asked to complete a survey. One of the questions asked was if they had participated in any form of pornography in the past 30 days. 70% of the men replied YES!!!

Abusive relationship

Abusive Relationship
When you are caught up in an abusive relationship

If you find yourself in what you consider to be an abusive relationship, it is VERY important that you seek professional counselling. If necessary for safety, the LAW ENFORCEMENT (POLICE) should be brought into the picture for action.

Dear Jim: Is divorce an option to me if I come from an abusive relationship?

Life becomes very trying at times and some of us have had more than our share of difficulties. One of the most challenging is when one lives in an abusive relationship. I have found that what one calls ‘abusive’ is not necessarily the same as the definition of another.

Bible verses that helped me during the darkest hours.

Bible Verses
Bible Verses

Here are some great Bible verses for those who are seeking forgiveness. And, ones showing how the Bible can help us overcome our guilt and struggles. In this blog post, Dr. Jim shows which verses he used when he was struggling and feeling guilty for his past sins.

Resources in the Scriptures

The Bible came to be a steady diet of encouragement and grace during the darkest hours of my journey.  I felt worthless and lonely beyond description.  In spite of my “feelings”, God was reaching out to me and had wonderful words that my thirsty soul longed to hear. 

Satan often visited me and reminded me of my “sins”, especially that I had committed adultery.  I memorized the following sets of Bible verses verbatim.  Whenever I felt “under attack”, I would begin to say them out loud – one after the other.  When I finished, Satan was no where to be found!  There was not one time that this did not work for me.  

How to forgive yourself

forgive yourself
How to forgive yourself

Dear Jim: I have fallen and had sex outside of marriage. Can I ever be pure again and forgive myself?

So many emails are received from singles, men and women, sharing that they have fallen into sex in a relationship and now feel unclean and ashamed. They had no intention of doing this, but in a moment of dropping their guard, they quickly fell into the trap.

Age gap relationships. Dating someone much younger.

Age Gap Relationships
Age gap relationships

Dear Jim: Is it wrong to date someone of a much younger age?

This questioned is raised from time to time in an email from a single. The question about age gap relationships is either about men dating younger women or women dating younger men. Does the Bible have anything to say about this? No – there is no scripture that says Christians should not do this. Cultures may vary around the world on this, but God has no instructions in His Word that says anything about age and relationships.

5 Dating Questions To Ask

Dating Questions
5 dating questions to ask while dating someone.

Today’s blog post 5 dating questions to ask is by guest writer, Lauren Groff.

Lauren provides some great insights about what you should be asking when dating someone. Asking questions and finding out who they are and what their relationships with others are like will help you determine if that relationship is worth pursuing.

5 Dating Questions To Ask

As a Christian, dating often comes with additional challenges. You’re looking for compatibility on a deeper level, a mixture of attraction and spiritual connection. Finding a partner with the right moral values takes work. There’s a delicate line to walk in Christian dating – nobody wants to be quizzed about their fundamental beliefs on a first date, but you don’t want to waste your time with the wrong person!

How does God describe what sex is?

What sex is?
What sex is

Dear Jim: How does God describe what sex is?

Singles have wrestled with this question, in one form or another, since the beginning of time, I suspect. In another article, I have shared ‘why does God say not to have sex outside of marriage? (You can find this earlier article here: Sex Outside Marriage.

I often receive emails asking just how far can one go before it becomes sex outside of marriage?

Let’s begin with what Christ shared when He was on earth. Matthew 5:27-28 states the following:

‘You have heard that it was said, Thou shall not commit adultery: but I say unto you, that every one that looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart.’

Happy Easter, Singles!

Happy Easter

Singles can sometimes feel lonely or disappointed about not having met their perfect match yet. Our blog post today takes a slightly different approach on this. It’s about the impact of Jesus’ actions in the world and in our own lives. And, that we shouldn’t take for granted the plans He has for each one of us.

Happy Easter

Given that our God is Love, when we find God, we also find love. We can love others better when we love God first. As the Bible says: “We love because He first loved us” (I John 4:19).