Single for Christmas? How to Survive Questions from the Family

Still Single for Christmas?

Single for Christmas?  Another Christmas is upon us. You’ll likely be traveling to be with family and extended family during the holidays. If you’re single the dreaded questions about your singleness no doubt will be asked by one of your family members. Likely by more than one, to be honest. Especially by Aunt Mabel.

So, how to survive the interrogation about being single for Christmas? Andrew Hess, research associate for Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family, has a created his Top Ten list of “Ways to Dodge Questions About Singleness This Christmas“.

Our favorites:

  • With a blank stare, slowly whisper, “I…have…no…idea…”
  • Have key siblings and cousins spread a family rumor you were one of the Powerball winners.
  • “I’m not supposed to talk about it until after the court date…”

Read the rest about “Single for Christmas” over at Boundless!
Now you can spend Christmas without feeling lonely or guilty. Just be happy and enjoy your singleness season.

Merry Christmas!

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