Christian Movie Reviews

Christian Movie Reviews

Everyone loves movies – or so it seems. That said, it’s sometimes difficult to select movies that meet Christian values – whether choosing them for yourself to watch, or for your family. There are a number of really great ‘Christian movie reviews’ sites that review all types of movies from, yes, a Christian perspective.

They review movies for how great (or awful!) they are – as any movie reviewer would do – but also include information that Christians (and parents from all walks of life, for that matter) care about. This means they’ll point out if the movie includes things like inappropriate language, violence, sexuality, substance abuse and the like.

So, if you want to pick a movie that you’re confident in letting your children watch unsupervised, or even to help you pick a positive and ‘clean’ movie for yourself to watch, there are a number of Christian movie review sites that can help. We’ve compiled some of the best, below.

» Plugged In Online is a Focus on the Family project. Of note, this Christian movie review site breaks down the various positive and negative elements into sections for easy reading. For example, ‘Violent Content’ and ‘Crude or Profane Language’. Movie reviews start with the ‘Positive Elements’ and then go into the rest.

» Christianity Today provides great Christian movie reviews, especially since they incorporate ‘Talk About It’ discussion starters that are a set of questions that discuss parts of the movie from a Christian perspective. For example ‘How do you react to the revenge angle in the film? How do your thoughts about revenge differ? What does the Bible say about revenge?‘ Also included is ‘The Family Corner’ which discusses non-Christian-like content that is found in the film. It doesn’t get too much into specifics on this aspect (unlike other sites), but it’s enough to give you and idea of what to expect.

» CBN provides movie reviews from a Christian perspective placing most of the Christian commentary directly in the main part of the review.

» also provides Christian movie reviews. Along with your typical movie review, they also provide a ‘Moral Rating’ and indicate every swear word and ‘objectionable’ moment – from a Christian perspective. Scripture is referred to throughout the review to support statements. They provide a very thorough movie review.

» Movieguide is not Christian per se, but provides a ‘Family guide to movies’. So, you won’t see scripture quoted or specific references to Christianity, but it is still a good resource for finding out if a movie is something you would want to watch, or something you would want your children to watch. Along with a review of the movie itself, it also states every incident of ‘non-family’ viewing that occurs. There is also a scale for Language, Violence, Sex and Nudity.

The above sites should give you a good idea of whether certain movies are something that you feel are appropriate to watch, keeping in mind your Christian values. They’re also up to date, reviewing the latest in box office movies, so you can check these out before heading out to the theater tonight!

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    1. I found online they have really good wholesome movies, both modern and some from the 80s on scriptural topics e.g All the kings Horses, Pamela’s prayer etc
      I think they are encouraging too.

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