The Biggest Voice: When God talks to you.

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Everyone has an internal voice that we hear in our heads daily. The question is, is this a positive or negative voice? Pastor Jim explores this issue and provides advice on how to interpret that voice within.

Your Internal Voice

You and I have it and we have heard it over and over again. No matter how much noise may be exploding around us, we never have any trouble hearing it clearly. It is our internal voice and it carries on a dialogue with us every waking moment. The question is not if we hear this voice, but what is the voice saying? It has a direct connection to our spirit and is fed a steady diet of whatever has gone on in our lives – over time. I would go so far as to say that it is the voice of experiences. More accurately, it is the voice of the perception of our experiences.

What we hear serves to dictate our behavior and attitude. If we perceive injury or injustice, it will feed that perspective with the aim of keeping us stuck. While there are many positive voices, my reading is that the negative voices are the ones that often make the largest impact on our lives.

What Is Your Voice Telling You?

When you get up in the morning, what do you hear? When you leave for work, or arrive at the job, what is the voice saying? When you relate to others, what voice do you hear? When you think about others, especially past relationships, what voice do you hear?

If your voice(s) is/are fueling anger, doubt, or fears you are stuck and not able to move forward – at least to the fullness you could move.

Why do you put up with such voices? It is because it is the path of least resistance. It is seemingly easier to wallow in pity or anger than to accept the consequences and make a choice to move in a healthy and positive way.

What if you are not aware of such voices? Here is a question to determine if you have such a voice. Is there an area in your life that you have continually experienced disappointment? Begin to describe that area and see what voice(s) show up. The language that will emanate will be of complaint, anger, and focus on the action of others. You have no control over the actions of another, but total control over yours and the responses that you make.

How To Change Your Internal Dialogue

Write down these internal voices that are keeping you stuck and unfulfilled. Build awareness around this voice, or voices, so that you will begin to recognize them when they occur. A simple example is a voice that says you cannot do something. When you become aware that it is playing a significant role in your life, purpose to remove it. How?

When you hear the voice “you can’t do that” turn it around and say, “I can do this!” Repeat it over and over again into your spirit. Begin to imagine what it will look like when you do it, and focus on that visual picture. The internal voice is the voice of the spirit.

The spirit is automatic and feeds the internal voice to do what it “believes” you really want to accomplish. A repetition and visual picture of what will change the diet to the spirit, and the spirit will feed a new and healthy internal voice.

Feeding Your Spirit

Have you head the expression “she or he is feeding their own prophecy?” This is why one that says they can, and one that says they cannot are usually both correct.

Where Is God?

This relates to what the Bible describes as believing. Mark 9:23b shares “All things are possible to him who believes.” This is not positive thinking. I describe positive thinking as thinking something will happen without following the principles to create the possibility.

Partner with God’s Spirit to feed your spirit with the beliefs that God shares abundantly with you. Then your internal voices will change to move you in more powerful, loving, and fulfilling ways.

You are always going to have internal voices. Which ones will you choose to feed?

Pastor Jim

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  1. The Lord is promting me foward because He is good and faithful.
    The Holy Spirit wants my best in spite of it all.
    I love Jesus He is my everything. And the best is jet to come! Amen!!

  2. Thank you Pastor Jim, may God bless you. You really touch my spiritual person and with your readings am changing !

    Stay Blessed…

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