Top Christian Songs of 2012

It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year already, but here we are again at the conclusion of yet another year, with lots of great music to reflect back upon. That’s right, it’s time for our annual list: the top Christian Songs of 2012! The ranking is provided by Billboard magazine (ranked by radio airplay audience impressions).

We hope this list of 2012’s best in Christian music will be a blessing to you!

#10 – Phillips, Craig & Dean – When The Stars Burn Down (Blessing & Honor)

#9 – Tenth Avenue North – Losing

#8 – Aaron Shust – My Hope Is In You

#7 – tobyMac – Me Without You

#6 – Sidewalk Prophets – Live Like That

#5 – MercyMe – The Hurt & The Healer

#4 – Matt Redman – 10,000 reasons (Bless The Lord)

#3 – Newsboys – God’s Not Dead (Like A Lion)

#2 – Jeremy Camp – Overcome

#1 – Building 429 – Where I Belong

This year’s Top Christian Songs of 2012 showed a return of some of the longstanding Christian bands/artists of years past like Mercy Me and Jeremy Camp. It’s also been a year of new songs, with powerful themes about the strength of God’s love for us and His incredible mercy and grace.

Did any of these songs speak to you in your life in a special way? Were any of your favorites missing from this top 10? Any guesses which bands/artists will make next year’s list? Let us know in the comments below! If you enjoyed this listing, please ‘like’ it below to share it with your friends.

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  1. Good compilation…. loved “where i belong”…gives me hope….something we all need in this miserable world :)

  2. Oh My Lord! God Bless you all. Amazingly awesome! More Christian songs and more declaration of Faith. Go On!!! Let the world hear our belonging to the ONLY TRUTH: JESUS-CHRIST! I am in tears. We are all HIS children! You are standing by the Lord and this is why HE will NEVER forsake YOU ALL! Just amazing!!!.

  3. I Any Love Christian music So I Love All The Songs On This Website.I Love Jesus Christ. I Love Jesus Christ..

  4. Jesus is awesome!!! We all bless you Lord!!! Be glorified through songs that we sing from our hearts Lord <333

  5. Awesome songs!!! Praise you Jesus! You are awesome God and you will be glorified by all nations around the world! Every Knee shall bow down before you Lord! We bless you <333

  6. All the band people, I believe all the bands shown above is not blessed. For example: If a patient gets fever, the doctor not only checks the fever but he will find from where it is coming from. The doctor will see the root.

    If you see the root of this bands you won’t see the holy spirit. These band people are trying to imitate the worldly music which is demonic. Don’t show yourself, lift JESUS up then he will lift you up.
    It doesn’t mean not to worship God with music. Some of my favorite bands.
    1) Hillsong.
    2) Jesus culture
    3) Don Moen
    4) Paul Baloche
    5) New creation Church.


  7. We all are saved by grace right? If you lead Eminem to Christ and
    He repents from sin, would you wish he change the way hesings or change the message in his music? Keep in mind what the bible say about new converts…”let anyone who comes to Christ remain as they are”

  8. If we are Christian, why do we judge others, are that blind? Lord have mercy on our souls.

  9. Awesome Christian music. Christian rock has great rhythm and lyrics. Good job….continue to find Jesus and the truth held within the Gospels. We need a song on The Gospel of John Chapter 6 about the greatness of Jesus’ body and blood for us to eat and drink!

  10. It’s easy to tell yourself that you are a christian but the life of a christian is not easy because you shall suffer persecution but in the end God is always there for you. Accept Jesus as your personal saviour and do the work like what Jesus did :) God be the Glory…. All is written in the Bible and no one is exempted… Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all shall be given unto u…

  11. god thank you for the life that you give god please\z bless my studies so that iam the top 1 in our class.

  12. Awesome God!!!! He doesn’t judge he brings liberty and freedom those who are under judgement are not ready to receive the love of Christ!He is waiting to receive you and pour his love into your life.Just like a Father waiting for his child to come home.

  13. Trust unto the Lord and he shall guide your path.
    seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and everything shall be added unto u.

    God bless all..!! :)

  14. Hi, I am Leon from “The Natives”. We are a Sydney-based collective of six songwriters that formed out of a 2 year Songwriting course at Hillsong College, we hail from all across the globe (South-Africa, Singapore,California, Seattle, Sydney, Tasmania & Switzerland) with a heart to bring strength to local churches everywhere, we are currently embarking on our debut worship album “Rumours of Hope”, that is releasing on iTunes tomorrow on the 12.Feb.

    If you would be interested to do a Review on our Album, it would be highly appreciated!

    Thank you!


    1. Dear Rosemary, which videos are timing out? I cannot locate a problem in the page. Could you try to refresh the page and try to load the videos again, refreshing the page might fix the “problem” on your end. Please let me know.

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