Ask The Person You’re Dating for a Credit Report?

Ask your potential spouse for a credit report?

Money is one of the most common reasons for a couple divorcing. Thus, it’s important to be with someone who is compatible with your idea of financial prudence. That said, would you go as far as asking your potential spouse for a credit report? Pastor Jim weighs in.

Would you like to see a Credit Report for someone you are considering dating? Would you provide a Credit Report if someone asked you in consideration of building a relationship?

Sadly too many single adults have made poor choices, or been impacted by the choices of others, that place them in poor financial condition. The force to connect sometimes prompts people to take risk beyond reason. The results are more often than not devastating to their financial health. I strongly encourage singles to stop before taking financial risks and seek wise counsel before taking the plunge. If this were true, would it not be prudent to obtain a financial report before entering into a possible relationship?

Should you obtain a credit report before entering into a possible relationship?

Logically I would agree and believe that it would save some big heartache. I do believe that at some point as the relationship turns to serious consideration any financial difficulties need to be surfaced. This is part of honesty and integrity upon which healthy relationships are built. Building a: Honest Profile

“Microwave mode”


Yet, to provide a Credit Report after a few emails or even a few dates is too clinical and troubles me. Such quick action on deep choices is moving in a microwave mode of building relationships. It has become very acceptable to consider love or even marriage after one or two emails and a few phone calls. This is not love or serious consideration but moving from a reference of need and gratification. Emotions are wonderful but when that is the only diet the relationship will die much like the physical body would respond to a pure diet of sugar.

Practical considerations

There is a very practical caution about providing Credit Reports to others. Every Credit Report contains the social security number. Even on Christian dating sites, many participants are either married or playing a self-serving game. I am very concerned that there would be those, men and women, which would use this approach to gain social security numbers so that they can steal your identity and credit. NEVER provide your social security number to anyone, especially via the Internet.

What is the motivation?

The request for a Credit Report may be a wise and prudent move. However, it raises more questions as to motivation. If it is done purely as a screening device to cull out potential dates, I find this self-serving on the one requesting such action. If it is a mutually agreed action between two individuals who have taken the time to get to know each other over several months and used as a part of solidifying their relationship, so be it. However, if one does not tell you the truth, is a piece of paper going to make a difference?

God will lead you to the truth…

I have reached the conclusion that there are other elements of a truthful interaction that will surface the promptings to tell you that something is not right. If sex and self-gratification are not part of the interactions, God’s Spirit will lead you to the truth at a much deeper level than a Credit Report will provide.

Pastor Jim

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  1. Although it is important to be on the same page financially. I can see how people might be hesitant to give up that kind of information.

  2. Learning each others’ financial world views is important in dating. Knowing the financial situation before getting married is also important. Giving a credit report to someone before trust has been built, before you’ve actually met the person, is very unwise.

    But if there’s something on his credit report that shows he’s been lying to me, he’d better watch out.

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