The Honest Profile on a Dating site.

The Honest Dating Profile

Dr. Jim shares a quick word regarding honesty in your online dating profile.

Babies anyone?

The question of wanting children in a marriage is one that many single adults face, one way or another. It is an area that I encourage every single adult to give a great deal of thought to before they go onto the Internet to write a profile, much less begin to interact with others.

The emails that usually come to me are from women who are older and either do not wish to have a child (or more children) or are not able to have children. They share with me how many men will either string them along and then toss them aside at their pleasure over this topic OR will drop them like a hot potato when they find that the woman will not be having a child. This is a very hurtful practice and one that brings unnecessary pain and rejection to a sister in Christ.

Your Dating Profile: It’s Not To Set A Trap

The purpose of a Profile is not to set a trap or to place bait for a catch. You should place all significant items of your considerations into the profile – especially if having children is or is not important to you – men and women.

When you read this or learn this fact about another person, please proceed with caution and consideration. I am not saying that you should be forced to have or not have, just be loving and thoughtful of the other person’s feelings. If you had placed this point into your Profile, this is one difficulty that likely will not have arisen.

The words found in John 13:35 come to mind:

By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

I suggest you must be loving before you can find the love that you desire so much.

Dr. Jim

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  1. I am a pastor, how can i get a wife that has the zeal to work with christ with the whole of her heart and to carry on the gospel to the nation.

  2. i am a pastor how can i know and get a wife That has the zeal to work with God with the whole of her heart in carrying on the gospel to the nation

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