Houston Christian Singles Connect – With Father’s Approval

The Houston Chronicle has a nice story about a couple who met on ChristianCafe.com! It wasn’t the most traditional route, however. After meeting on ChristianCafe.com one of the fathers did a bit of screening to see what the young man was all about. Here’s an excerpt:

After Jaron’s quick response, they e-mailed incessantly through the site about their families, faith and parallel backgrounds (Hailey, 28, is from a family of three girls; Jaron, 32, is one of three boys). The virtual pen-pals were also simultaneously reading the book Sacred Romance either by fate, coincidence or what they call “the magic and mystery” of their introduction.

“We saved all our e-mails, printed them out. I’d wake up to these books of e-mails,” Jaron remembers, calling the conversations “pretty intense.”

Still, Hailey didn’t trust herself to make a commitment.

So she asked her dad, Galen Ackerman, if he’d talk to Jaron. The father and daughter had shared a long-standing joke about him ultimately choosing her husband-to-be, but neither one could have predicted this.

Because Jaron wanted Hailey to be comfortable meeting him, he barely drew a breath before calling her dad.

Read the full story for more.

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