Personality Test For Couples.

Personality Test
A personality test is a great way for couples who are thinking about marriage to ensure that they are objectively perceiving and communicating in all major areas of their relationship.  When searching for a better and more accurate information about your other half, having a personality test is a great way to find out the “success rate” for your future marriage. Dr. Jim explains why premarital counseling should be taken with such personality tests.

Is there a personality test or something similar that couples can take to ensure they are compatible?

An email was received this week stating that he understood that opposites are supposed to attract, but how does one know if they are too opposite? This is a great question. Some differences are healthy in a relationship, but too much, especially in significant areas, can be disastrous. How does one receive an accurate and objective feedback in the major areas of a relationship?

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A great personality test for Christian couples

I have a strong recommendation in this area for your consideration. Dr. David Olson (Life Innovations, Inc.) and his colleagues have develop a premarital inventory that is an excellent tool for trained counsellors and clergy to use in helping a couple understand where they are in major areas of a relationship. Over 50,000 counsellors and clergy in the US are currently using this inventory and over 3,000,000 couples have taken it.

“Some differences are healthy in a relationship”

The major areas covered in this inventory are:

  1. Idealistic Distortion
  2. Leisure Activities
  3. Marriage Expectations
  4. Sexual Relationship
  5. Marriage Satisfaction
  6. Children/Parenting
  7. Personality Issues
  8. Family & Friends
  9. Communications
  10. Role Relationship
  11. Conflict Resolution
  12. Spiritual Beliefs
  13. Financial Management

I personally use this with my premarital counselling and have found it very accurate and helpful. It is not designed to tell you whether or not you should be married, but to ensure that you are objectively perceiving and communicating in all major areas of a relationship.

Dr. Olson and I have discussed making these inventories available via the Internet, but his previous experience has proven this not to be viable at this time. The inventories can only be taken when the couple is personally with a certified counsellor or clergy. Only the counsellor or clergy knows the identity of the couple and Life Innovation only receives a number for identification.

Where do we go to start our personality test?

If you are in a relationship, or know someone who is, and would like to have the benefit of this premarital inventory, please go to Personality Test and type in your zip code or go to the State where you live. If you live in Canada or other parts of the world, you can contact Life Innovations via their web site for a listing of certified counsellors in your area.

Note: There is a fee for this inventory and it varies from counsellor to counsellor. You will need to contact the counsellor or clergy near you to obtain the pricing.

I recommend that EVERY couple who possibly can take this inventory at the point in their relationship where they are becoming serious. The information and insights that it will provide will prove extremely valuable as you build a firm foundation for you future.

Dr. Jim
Author of “Guide to Successful Online Christian Dating”

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