Dare To Dream? How to expand your possibilities!

Dare To Dream

Dare to dream and reach what God’s plan is for your life! How you can find strength to start believing in yourself and see what God’s plans are for your life (even you don’t believe you can do it). When in doubt, look, pursue, and find out how you can reach your potential and bless others with your gifts.

Dare to dream? Do you know how to expand your possibilities?

Many years ago I was sitting in the office of my Pastor discussing a variety of topics relating to our church. I was the lay leader for this year as well as the owner of an independent insurance agency. The conversation turned to what was I thinking about for my future. At the age of 35 years old my life had already been a great personal success and I was not giving much thought to the future.

My pastor asked if I had ever considered serving on a denominational board, such as the Board of Trustees for Golden Gate Southern Baptist Theological Seminary? I assured him that I had never considered this and even thought such a consideration was way beyond the realm of possibility. At this time I did not have my college degree and told him that there was no way in this world that a graduate school would value anything in me. His response was that I was exactly the type of person that should be on the Board of Trustees. It was one of those conversations that greatly expanded my world of possibilities.

It was only a few years later that I found myself elected to the Board of Trustees for this Seminary near San Francisco, CA. I served on the Board for 7 years and either chaired one of the committees and/or was on the Executive Committee for most of those years.

“Being a child of God is that there are no limits to what He can or may do in my life”

This ‘adventure’ served to open my mind up to what God might have in store for me. I had always thought of myself as the ‘farm boy’ from Texas and was sensitive to my Southern accent. This along with some other childhood issues created a ‘reduced’ self-image. Even though I had realized some corporate and personal successes, I still had a lid on future possibilities.

Allow me to add one more element to this sharing to confirm my point of dare to dream. Over the next few years I was invited to serve on the Executive Committee for my State denomination and served as Chairman of that Board for one of my four years. I felt called into full-time service and served on the staff of a large church in Los Angeles where my gifts and experiences were used to new heights. It was in this ministry that I was honored with the Doctor of Divinity degree.

Why am I sharing this? I attended a certification seminar this last week with a major training company to large corporations. In this certification process I had the chance to revisit once again how I view my life and what keeps me going. I enjoyed reflecting how God and a caring Pastor opened doors of thinking for me that took me out of the ‘country’ into the ‘promised’ land.

Do You Dare to Dream?

How about you? Are you limiting your future by focusing on your past or something else? How is your self-image? Do you believe in your future?

I think that most awesome thing that I enjoy about being a child of God is that there are no limits to what He can or may do in my life. No matter what has happened to us, no matter what choices we have made or not made, God has a plan for each of our lives. Why has He left us on this earth?

I certainly know that life can be very challenging and often draining. So many things happen to us that are the result of someone else’s choices and impact us in a negative way. However, there is nothing – I say nothing – that can keep God from loving us and opening the doors to a world of possibilities beyond our wildest dreams.

“God has a plan for each of our lives.”

Where Is God When You Need Him?

Dare to dream – with God. If you do not have a dream, ask Him to give you one. Life should be lived with passion and hope. It is not a perfect world, as we have not YET arrived in Heaven. It is a world where God is with us and His dreams are for you.

Where or what is your focus? You have a choice. I encourage you to choose to find your future WITH God and His guidance to dare to dream.

Dr. Jim
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  1. Thank you and yes the best thing is to wait God’s timing. We need to pray and ask and He will answer the best always! Praise his Name!

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