What does your face say about you?

your face: Remember to smile!

Dr. Jim talks about your outward appearance when trying to meet other people (i.e. smile!) — Remember this in your dating site photos as well — show yourself in a positive light!

The face is the primary vehicle for non-verbal communication

The face is an interesting aspect of our physical appearance. Think for one moment what it would be like to try to know someone else without being able to see his or her face. It is the primary vehicle for non-verbal communication. The position squint of the eyes, the turn of the mouth, the wrinkling of the forehead can make a big difference in understanding the spirit behind the actual words.

What do people see in your face? Let’s say you are walking around the office, out with friends or family, or in a singles gathering – is there a communication getting there before ‘you are?’

The expression ‘poker face’ comes to mind. This is the term used to define someone who does not show their emotions, or the normal emotional response, in their facial expressions.

Life can be very challenging at times and really get us down. When we are ‘focused’ on our problems, too often we walk around wearing a frown or looking downtrodden.

Smiles = return smiles

How about the positive? I challenge you that the next time you see someone, put on a great big smile on your face and hold it. See how they respond. I think that you will see that smiles are contagious. A genuine smile is automatically returned the vast majority of the time with a big smile.

A smile welcomes being approached / interaction

Single adults will often focus on themselves and their problems. Without meaning to do so, they send a wave of negative communication out in all directions. Let’s be direct, why would someone be prompted to get to know you if all they saw on your face was a frown or harsher look?

See your blessings!

I am not suggesting that you be unreal and dismiss your problems. I am suggesting that you should not be focusing on the problems, as that will ‘take over’ your life for sure if you do so. The true cause of problems needs to be recognized and a solution sought. But to dwell only on problems is not healthy and will quickly create an out-of-balance life. Find a way to put your problems into a healthy perspective so that you will be able to see the blessings that you have as well.

Are you projecting a positive image?

Realize how much your internal attitude is being worn on your face. Are you as attractive as you can be? Are you projecting the image that you would find attractive if you were another person?

I encourage you to wear a (genuine) smile on your face and see if you experience a more fulfilling day. People do not migrate to sad people, but happy ones.

Dr. Jim

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  1. “Single adults will often focus on themselves and their problems. Without meaning to do so, they send a wave of negative communication out in all directions.”

    So single adults are self-absorbed and negative people. Do you think comments like that are going to prompt your single readers to smile?

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