Life Cycle: Have you passed it or are you re-taking the exam?

A ‘Life Cycle’ in a Christian context is about ways for God to teach and show us how to grow our faith. Dr. Jim demonstrates that not falling for the same mistake twice is a way we can grow in our Christian life.

Life Cycle

Life Cycle

God shares His knowledge and love all around us. This week I was listening to Joyce Meyer when she made an interesting statement. ‘Are you passing the exam and moving on in your life, or are you having to retake the same test?’ What an awesome question about our life cycle.

I truly believe that God desires for us to have success and joy in our lives. Too often this is not the experience that comes our way. While James Chapter 1 tells us that God does not tempt us, it continues by saying that He does allow many trials to come our way. Why? Because God wants us to grow to be more like Christ, as the Bible shares in Romans 8:29.

Repeating Life Cycles

Do you have a repeated life cycle? Do you find the same things happening to you over and over? While there could be several reasons for this happening, I suspect and have found in my counseling that it is often due to the fact that we do not learn our ‘lessons’ and ‘pass the test’ to move on.

Do some homework. Set some time aside and ask God to reveal to you any repeated life cycle in your life. Spend time with His Spirit to think about what the lesson may be that God is wanting for you to learn. I have seen some significant breakthroughs when single adults make this discovery.

Life Cycle and searching for a soulmate

What does this have to do with relationships or finding a mate? I suggest that it has everything to do with God guiding and blessing you in all areas of your life. Will it guarantee a mate? Not necessarily but it certainly removes a major hurdle and allows God’s Spirit to move freely in your life. You will either follow God’s power to guide your life, or settle for your own limited power. I encourage you to choose the time and time again tested one.

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How many times do you wish to take the same exam? It is not unusual to find that one has to take the same exam a few times to learn the lessons well. However, to spend a lifetime taking the same tests over and over again is an unnecessary pain.

If you are not able to discern or understand the repeated cycles in your life, I would encourage you to visit with your pastor or a trained counselor. This lesson is too important to learn to ignore. May God’s Spirit speak to you and illuminate your mind with the wisdom and knowledge that He wants you to possess.

Dr. Jim

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  1. I am going through the cycle again and again, always repeating several things in my life. I never realized that God was teaching me. Now I know that if I was repeating it, I’m not approved,I need to ask God to help me, because it hurts a lot to suffer in a relationship.

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