A picture is worth a thousand words.

A picture is worth a thousand words

With this new blog post: “A picture is worth a thousand words”, we’re having our  former members of ChristianCafe.com, Laura and Chad, speak a little about their “true love” story.  We want to inspire other singles and have them become a part of our growing number of members who’ve started a relationship via our dating website.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

There’s nothing quite like writing a blog about how a couple who wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for ChristianCafe.com! Such affirmation makes us, as mere people behind the scenes, as proud as we can be. We see God’s Hands in our daily work of helping match singles online.

With this wonderful testimonial (and thousands of others), we know that God has been working and guiding us since the inception of ChristianCafe.com. We see our Christian dating site as a tool for couples, just like Laura and Chad, to meet online.

We present this testimonial as part of our way to show you that ChristianCafe.com has helped over 50,000 single Christians meet and connect with their mates. We’d like to encourage you to read and feel inspired about how a dating website can change your life forever. And, how a single person, just like you, was able to search, connect, and start a relationship via the Internet that ended in marriage.

“I was hooked. I’d even wake up at 6:00am on a SATURDAY to chat with him in real time.”

From single to married.

Laura is a Christian blogger and she’s written a blog post about how she and her now husband, Chad, met while using ChristianCafe.com.

As she starts her own blog post: “They say a picture is worth a thousand words“…. After seen their wedding photo one can only imagine how exciting their house must be and how true the statement above is for this very happy couple!

Does a Christian dating website work?

God used ChristianCafe.com to get this couple together and thousands of others. If you’re still not sure if you should use dating services online, or even thinking about forgetting dating online for good, please take a moment and read through Laura’s blog post for encouragement.

“Oh and I tell everyone that the money I spent on your site was the best money I ever spent”

Read her story first hand, and how taking the first step and how ChristianCafe.com is worth every cent. As she told us: “…Oh and I tell everyone that the money I spent on your site was the best money I ever spent…”. What a great statement for those of us at ChristianCafe.com!

Simply put, we know that what we do works. ChristianCafe.com has been a blessing to thousands of Christian singles who met their spouse or met dear friends on our dating website. We have thousands of testimonials from former members of ChristianCafe.com on our testimonial pages. The list goes on and on about how if it wasn’t for our site, they never would have met, or how they met great friends, or had a fantastic time at the forums, or just a little note to show their appreciation for what we do.

Please read about Laura and Chad wonderful love story at Laura’s blog at:

Happily Ever After

Laura final words of encouragement:

“So dear reader, if you are contemplating doing the online dating thing–I know, it can be pretty intimidating–set standards and keep them high, but also keep an open mind.

I promise you’ll be glad you did.😉


Ours final words:

If you’re single and still not sure if a dating website can help you find and match with your soulmate, we have lots of living proof that online dating works. We encourage you not to waste anymore time deciding if you should or shouldn’t look for a mate online or try Internet dating. 50,000 Christian singles are proof that it works. What ChristianCafe.com had to offer Laura and Chad can also could offer you the same thing! Free Trial.

Congratulations Laura and Chad. May God bless your lives continually!

“I promise you’ll be glad you did”

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