God’s Own Plans for Erin and Matt.

Gods Own Plans For Love
Gods Own Plans for a couple’s lives.

When Erin and Matt joined ChristianCafe.com, they were just curious and, according to them, a little bored:-) But God’s own plans for each of them have changed their lives forever. You can find more about their incredible journey about meeting online and how ChristianCafe.com was able to connect them.

Matt and I met at the end of October 2009.  

I had joined ChristianCafe.com the day before my birthday after hearing about it from a friend. Matt joined the following weekend. Neither of us had a good reason for joining…we were just curious and a little bored. God definitely had His own plans…. Matt started by sending a very sweet email. We later progressed to phone calls. After spending an average of 3 hours a day on the phone with each other, Matt came to Alaska so we could meet for the first time.

Eric & Matt enjoying each others company

By the end of his short three-day visit, we had knew we were meant for each other! Three weeks later we met in Oregon–Matt proposed as soon as I walked off the plane in the Portland airport! Our weekend was spent with his parents in southern Oregon planning our Oregon wedding. After spending Christmas with my parents and visiting Matt’s friends in Colorado, he made the huge move to Alaska.

God's own plans for their wedding

We were married on May 22, 2010, seven months after finding each other. Thank you ChristianCafe.com for introducing us!

Love Testimonial

(After 10 years passed, we received an update from Erin & Matt. God has blessed them immensely (remember, God’s own plans were still at work) and we’re overjoyed with such a blessing and we feel proud to be part of God’s own plan for this incredible couple. They (and we) couldn’t have done it without God’s perfect plan for them.)

Thank you Christian Cafe for your platform.

Thank you Christian Cafe for your platform – without it, I’m not certain our paths would have crossed!  

Nearly eleven years ago, I met my husband Matt on Christian Cafe. We were both on the free trial, but that was all it took! We just celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary in May 2020. We’ve added a couple of “Cafe Kids”, as well – two little boys, now ages 5 and 3.

We love telling the story of how we met, got engaged, how Matt moved to Alaska (where I lived when we met), and had a mutual friend, and how God’s hand was so evident in all of it – it’s quite a story and a great testimony to God’s perfect plan! He continues to bless us and we see His work in our lives through every year we spend together.

Dear reader, would you like to read other uplifting testimonials? We have lots (and lots!). Please see a previous blog post we did about how ChristianCafe.com helped: see Laura and Chad’s Testimonial

Erinc & Matt: We’re now celebrating our 10-year anniversary and 2 “Cafe Babies”!

Erin & Matt family

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