Cohabitation: Why You Should Not

Cohabitation?Have you thought about cohabitation? Are you doing so to ‘test it out’ to see if marriage will work? Are you doing it to save on rent? A few months ago we posted some advice from Pastor Jim regarding living together before marriage where he lists many reasons why cohabitation is not a good idea – for both Christians and non-Christians.

In a related piece, the Daily Broadcast focused on Christian singles and this very topic. Lisa Anderson of Boundless was in the studio to discuss Cohabitation – living together before marriage.

We encourage you to watch the full video below, but here are some highlights of the interview:

  • As high as 60% of single people cohabit;
  • Many are ‘testing the idea of marriage’;
  • Millennials have a very high view of marriage – unlike the “Boomer” generation;
  • Millennials want to “do marriage right” and thus many live together beforehand to test it out;
  • For singles looking to save money on rent, there are other options – as outlined in the video by Lisa.

The video also mentions some statistics regarding cohabitation:

  • higher rates of domestic violence;
  • higher rates of divorce;
  • higher likelihood of staying in bad relationships.

We encourage you to view the entire interview – and feel free to share and comment below.

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