Valentines Day is all about love.

valentines day

For this coming Valentines day don’t get discouraged because you don’t have a date. Here are some simple and good tips and suggestions about spending the most romantic day of the year – while not feeling discouraged and even jealous.

Valentines day is all about love.

It’s a day to celebrate love and romance. A date on Valentine’s day is like a first date. And it’s more likely to be the first romantic date you will share with your other half, when you meet the right person.

If you don’t have a date for this Valentines, don’t get discouraged; rather, be happy, and don’t feel obligated to go on a date, just because you don’t want to feel lonely. Love can happen when we least expect it. Get excited for things to come and for people you can meet while having fun with other single friends on this day of Love.

Suggestions on how to spend Valentine’s day

Other single friends of yours might feel the same way, so celebrate together, because even when you’re not in love, know that you are loved by our Lord and by your friends and family. Remember that half of all adults aren’t in a relationship, same as you.

When not in a relationship, Valentine’s day is a great day to meet other singles, as well. Participate in a party for single people and you might find your other half right there. But don’t go thinking about meeting someone, go to have a good time, because you don’t want to meet someone just for the sake of not being alone.

If a party is not for you, try to do something you love and enjoy; after all, this could be your day to fall in love with yourself.  You don’t need your other half to experience love. Love can start with you.

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Make your Valentine’s a happy day for others too.

Make your Valentines worth celebrating. Tell someone you love them! It can become an excuse to tell people you love them… How can that not work? Take care of your heart this Valentine’s day, and someone else’s, too.

Some singles think it’s depressing or it’s a dumb way to celebrate love – until they meet someone special. So, celebrate with great love on this special day for lovers (and future lovers – like yourself). Don’t let the Valentine’s blues interfere with this day of love. It can be a date to remember a little less about ourselves and give others a little more love that they are looking for.

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