Getting the same results?

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When Christian singles decide to make changes in their lives, where they should expect the changes to come from, what should be their focus and where should they be searching for satisfaction? Dating advice for those looking to improve themselves to be able to be the best for their future spouse.

Getting the same results?

A definition of stupidity is ‘doing the same things the same way and expecting different results!’ That is a strong statement but I invite you to REALLY think about it. Do you find yourself dreaming of a different life but you have not done any deep changes to contribute toward this change?

Life has a way of numbing us from reality. There are plenty of hurts and struggles that bathe us in disappointments to harden our views. In fact, if you are over the age of 21 I suggest that it is impossible for you to have a completely objective view of yourself. It is called conditioning and everyone experiences it.

What is your greatest Hope?

If it requires anything or anyone outside of you then it is beyond your control. In fact I would be so bold to state that if you think that anything outside of yourself is necessary for you to find happiness and peace you are being deceived. Yes, others can make major contributions to our lives but no one is necessary for you to experience peace and joy.

How have you been going about approaching the changes you want in your life? A dating recommendation.

You have plenty of input from the world telling you what you should expect and how to go about it. The premise behind the world’s push is to make you feel inferior and incomplete. IF you are filling your life with approaches that you are learning from the world you will only achieve the object of the world’s goals – to keep you dissatisfied and searching. There is no way to be satisfied for that is the last thing that the ‘world’ wants you to be.

If you really would like to have different results and change, I have a recommendation for you. Sit down and consider how you are currently approaching your life. Are you mostly dealing with ‘surface’ things and not paying attention to the underlying foundational issues? Do you find yourself running your life and only going to God when the results are not what you want? Here is a secret for you: God’s ways and promises do not work for part-time Christians. God’s ways really do not make ‘sense’ to us if we stop and approach His principles the way we have been trained by the world.

Consider what God tells us:

Proverbs 3:5

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

Here is another factor to help you determine whether or not you are using God’s principles in seeking the best results in your life. Is your focus on you – or on God? Ouch! That one always brings things into perspective.

Proverbs 3:6

Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track.

Where is your focus? A dating guidance for singles.

Allow me to share some thoughts that come to mind as you consider how you are going about seeing results in your life:

  • Is your focus on being all you can be as a great friend, or on finding a mate?
  • Do you place more attention on the surface features such as the physical or on character and deep friendship?
  • Are you a needy person who’s ‘driven’ to fill those needs? Or are your needs met and you have some wants but they are not in control?

Most of us have lost our identity and are seeking to find it in others. That is another subject and I will be addressing that in the near future.

I am asking God’s Spirit to use this little piece to prompt you to get serious about how you are approaching life. God really wants you to experience the victories and joy that you desire. However, He is limited in working in your life because you are not using the tools, principles, and His power on a committed, consistent basis.

You have tried it your way for a LONG time. Don’t you think you owe it to God and yourself to take out the creator’s manual and do it His way?

Pastor Jim

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