Real Love! What does real love mean?

real love
What is the meaning of real love? How can we honor Jesus’ sacrifice for all of us at Easter? What is the meaning of God’s love for humanity? Dr. Jim gives some insight about how Christians should honor Christ’s sacrifice this Easter. As Easter begins, let’s not forget that nothing speaks more clearly of God’s Love than the Cross!

Real love

The night was still and dry, as only it can be on the desert. It was so quiet with only a dog barking in the distance. The 33 year old single man had not slept all night as he wrestled with anguish in what he knew was about to take place when the sun came up. It would be a shameful day, one filled with great pain and rejection – a day he did not deserve.

Suddenly the glow of a candle faintly threw its glow across his room. He could hear voices down the hall as men were awakening and rising to the day’s activities. He found himself holding his breath as he awaited the beginning of the day of days.

A few moments later guards appeared at his door and began shouting insults at him. He bowed his head in prayer, asking God to give him the strength for the day.

What took place next is a matter of history. What would cause a man who possessed the power to change water into wine, to heal leprosy, to cast out demons with a word, and even to raise a dead man to life – to submit himself to the insults and pain of some egocentric people without a whimper? All He had to do was just say the word and thousands of angels would have suddenly appeared and struck everyone dead! Why?

Love – Real Love.

Love – real love. This man was Jesus – a man who chose to experience life in EVERY way that you and I experience it. Yet – while in human form, He was still the Son of God and could perform miracles. He had it all – but chose not to use it for His own needs. Why?

Can you describe real, total love?

I suggest that Jesus had experienced this total, intimate, all consuming love with His Father. This love was so powerful that it was the motivation to empower Christ to do what He had to do. Jesus knew of His Father’s love for his creation – mankind. This love became His love and the fuel of His life.

What should you be thankful for?

Now let’s bring this to reality for you and me. When Jesus was about to walk out of His cell that morning, He had the picture of you in His mind. Though you had not been born at that moment in history, Christ knew that you would be – knew ALL the experiences that would be yours, knew your strengths and weaknesses, and also knew of the times you would reject Him. STILL – He chose to not just humble himself, but to submit Himself to torture and ridicule and then death by a horrible means to bring you a gift of love.

You are loved – REALLY loved!

As you and I walk out of our rooms this Easter, let us remember Christ walking out of that cell that morning – by choice. Feel the love that He is sending through His Spirit to encourage you and walk with you through ALL of your experiences. Make the choice to embrace the Father’s love as Christ did and let it become the force that motivates you in your choices for the future. You ARE loved – REALLY loved!

“Happy Easter!”

Dr. Jim

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